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  1. krhone

    Aspiranti Community Contributor

    Dai, Ola, non fare il cattivone. Perché, anzi non fai anche tu un canale, visto che giochi veramente bene!
  2. krhone

    how can I know the number of games played?

    Probably this is the problem, because i've played a lot of CO-Op battles. Thank Adwaranaut.
  3. krhone

    how can I know the number of games played?

    I asked this questione because initially, the number in my profile in game, gave me see incorrect. Later check it, thank you very much
  4. Someone in the other post talked about the number of games he has played, do you know how can I know this number?
  5. krhone

    Too much TK'ing ingame report system needed

    using torpedos is very difficoult prevent teamkill, in fact the torpedo goes fast and for 7 or more km. It's impossible to imagine the direction of all players so long.IMHO the solution is, if it's possible, that torpedos don't damage friends players but only enemies
  6. krhone

    Closed Beta Survey

  7. krhone

    how to exit from commander skill screen

    in fact but initially was impossible to exit, it was locked
  8. I point out I had trouble to get out of this mode, I went out just by clicking the random battles then entering port. I hope this message will be useful
  9. krhone


    Hallo guys! I'm here!!!!!! Today afternoon i'll download the game client and I will be operational this evening !!!! [edited]