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  1. Sensaia

    Happy 17th anniversary from WG

    Happy Bday WG, have a blast tonight with the party, tomorrow pls fix all the OPness
  2. Sensaia

    How do you like to fire your guns?

    Especially on the Arkansas and the Trolorado and even then 30% of them completely misses
  3. This is what most of the CV players do not get, its not only those UFO like planes trying to sink u it is also the other people that see a target pop up and start to shoot at it I am all for the CV class to be in the game, and in the 0.4.1 patch they will address the matchmaking hopefully for CV and other stuff. The main reason when i see those Asia Stats is the difference in Xp and probably credit gain that a CV player has over any other class, that is what i saw before the stats and now its kinda black on white In an Arcade game this all should be balanced out with some slight variations (dont want everything to be the same), and tbh the people that are making this game have all these stats but chose to wait i guess before doing something (dont know the thought process of them) I must confess tho that now that i am part of the Higher Tiers T8 and up these Bomber planes are not that of an issue anymore, they are still annoying and if u make a wrong move they will hurt u but not so much Going a bit off topic tho, Aerroon thank u for showing the world and anyone watching your videos that u can actually drop TBps from outside the border line and move planes invisibly outside the border Now I have to have eyes all around me 24/7 in the sky and on the playing field, Hope the Devs Get this exploit fixed rather soon ( an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game designer's) But for the rest, Bring it on OP CVs
  4. Sensaia

    Economy gone wrong

    Well it still in Beta this game, so u might want to chill out for a moment, they can always tweak the income/exp when they feel like it (or when they receive massive input from all their servers) but for now why dont u enjoy your favorite ships and make money in the process ?
  5. Sensaia

    HELP Installation stuck at 47%

    Please do not Hijack peoples threads about issues, but Warspite is a premium ship that is sometimes for sale in the wargaming store
  6. Google is your friend, also support and the faq's but the d3dx9_43.dll is something from DirectX download and run the Directx End-user installer from microsoft that will most likely fix your issue for DirectX 9c https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
  7. Sensaia

    periodic critical error

    u are the second person this week with this error Best that u send in a technical support ticket on the support page, together with a dxdiag of your system and the picture u took of it. they will help u further with this The error 0xc0000005 is generated when a application tries to access a memory location that it should not access.
  8. Sensaia

    Fix the bloody lag issues

    Only thing u can do besides putting it on a forum is make a ticket with costumer support with a screenshot of those ghost ships or even a replay when it happens all together with a dxdiag of your system I had some lag spike or rubber banding but nothing like ghost ships
  9. Sensaia

    CTRL button doesn't work

    yes deleting preferences,xml does the job, just to be safe u can make a backup and rename it pref_old and u can change some keys that are not involving ctrl
  10. Sensaia

    A bit worried about the population

    Sharana are there any public available stats for the EU server ?
  11. this is still an arcade game and u dont have to drag real life or historic facts into this only when its suits u, it took em 2 hours and 46 minutes to sink the Yamato, so translated into this game which is sped up by a factor of 3 this would mean that a CV can kill a Yamato in 55 minutes. (historic accuracy, something WG is very good at) and with an arcade game there needs to be balancing but i dont really care anymore, there is not 1 single dev that is looking at these forums and didnt hear one single official statement on these forums so the STATS will tell stuff lol
  12. Sensaia

    Invert Mouse - need response on if this is coming

    for all those people that dont know how google works http://superuser.com/questions/406502/how-can-i-reverse-mouse-movement-x-y-axis-system-wide-win-7-x64 Answer is found under the main post, the MouseInverter program works for win 7 x64 and is virus free (checked with Bullguard) Until WG decides to come up with something decent guess this will do
  13. This is just a small thing and not actually deserves a forum post but still why the difference in range on the Secondary guns and the AA They are the same 127 mm/38 Mk 32 10 x 2 on secondary its 4.5 kms on AA its 5 kms This is the same on the Amagi and apparently the only 2 ships that get that difference (edit: it also happens on the T6 BBs) Logic?
  14. Sensaia

    Economy gone wrong

    in the example i made before, without premium it was around 250k so with everything off around 90k that in a T8 BB which is awful but the most credits i made was in the T3 st louis and other cruiser and DDs
  15. Sensaia

    Software Crash

    Send it it as a technical ticket on the support page, together with a dxdiag of your system and the picture u took of it. The error 0xc0000005 is generated when a application tries to access a memory location that it should not access.