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  1. Pete_SB

    Time to get real

    Going to purge my port of all paper ships, except the ships that I have to play through to reach the real ship. So, Soviet BB's to tier 4, then that line is done. Town class British cruisers, and first two heavy cruisers, then 2 lines done. Only ship I miss is the Nicholas, but I'll hapily play the Brit And Japanese dd's instead. Two premium Japanese BB's gone too, not that I'll miss them. Time to start getting real'ish.
  2. Pete_SB

    Blyskawica buff incoming.

    I really don't get a concealment mod on t8+ ships, wtf is it, give your crew some hacksaws to chop the masts off, shove bogroll down the smoke stacks to cut down the smoke??
  3. Pete_SB

    Gameplay is now a joke

    The thing I hate is my Cleveland, used to be a fairly tough tier 6 cruiser, now relegated to an island humping radar bot at tier 8.
  4. Pete_SB

    Link to what happens

    From NA forums on what happens in next patch for your UK destroyers https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/172645-psa-british-early-access-destroyers-final-call/
  5. Pete_SB

    FILO is looking for YOU!

    App sent
  6. Pete_SB


    How about we get torps on the belfast too?
  7. Re activated my swtor account
  8. Pete_SB

    Current matchmaking

    Dear WG, Your current matchmaking is the worst it's ever been. I don't know who devised this, but he/she should be given a blanket and a cardboard box and asked to look for another job. Play tier 1 to 4 and you are a special snowflake, Tier 5??, well open up, time to be dumped on. This MM was wholeheartedly the stupidest idea to come from the chimps, umm, wait a minute do you employ chimps?
  9. Pete_SB

    British Cruiser pain

    The British cruisers are like marmite, love or hate. After the awesome Black Swan, things went a bit down hill. started spending free exp to get through them, then grinding the Emerald to the Leander. The Leander at first I didn't like, then it clicked, the playstyle became at one with me. The Leander is a keeper and the mighty Fiji will for ever be in my dock. You know them awful British cruisers at lower tiers? Well, I also have an NA account and decided to play through them knowing what I know now. They are great ships, it's just so far outside the box for your normal HE cruiser spam that they are almost a different class. Play them, and get into the mindset of them, you will really enjoy them.
  10. Pete_SB

    Interface Changes Feedback

    I see that the ship carousel is now nationally alphabetical, why don't you change the tech tree order to match, and put the ARP ships in their own bit?
  11. Pete_SB

    RN Cruisers...

    The Emerald is seriously bad as all T5 ships are seriously bad now due to the matchmaking. On the plus point, your T5 squishy will never see a St Louis!
  12. Pete_SB

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    My greatest RN battle today was sailing in the Hipper.
  13. Pete_SB

    Kawachii missing her Torpedo's

    The problem with these tubes was water pressure. Launching sideways at 20knots the pressure on the torps at a 90 degree tangent was so great it was possible to jam these torps in the tubes. They had to slow the ship to fire them, around 10-12 knots. Not something I would do in my BB.
  14. Pete_SB

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    Made mine with a full secondary build, I'll take you to where the iron crosses grow