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  1. Purnylla

    Looking for Narai map image

    I guess you could call it a project. After doing Narai a few times with my clan (with mixed results), I decided to write down all the things I know (and tactics that seems to work for me). So far, the result is attached. Not saying this is the best tactic, or the only tactic that works well. But the tactic has worked well enough to get 5 stars most of the time. :P I guess I might as well share it here. :)
  2. Purnylla

    Looking for Narai map image

    Awesome! Thanks! :)
  3. Purnylla

    Looking for Narai map image

    Not really. I'm looking for the map. Like @DFens_666 linked me to, but cleaner and more pixels :P
  4. Purnylla

    Looking for Narai map image

    Yeah, that's worse than taking a screenshot. I had hoped for a better one.
  5. Can't find any on the wiki and a quick search on google didn't provide any either. Does anyone know where I can find a map of Operation Narai? Preferebly empty/clean and the higher the resolution the better. If not, I guess I best take a screenshot from within the game, only downside will be the spawn positions of players and convoy ships.
  6. Purnylla

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Ons bericht is al weer flink een paar pagina's verder gezonken, dus even tijd om deze weer even op te vissen. Als iemand interesse heeft in onze clan, dan horen we het graag :) Our message already has sunk a few pages, so it's time to fish it up again. If anyone is interested in our clan, we'd like to hear from you :)
  7. Oh that sound so awesome. I love my clan but PVE isn't very popular within my clan, unfortunately :P I'm not a fan of the German carriers. These AP rockets need good angling and even the slightest mountain could really throw off your aim. The bomb planes are quite annoying with their aiming circle all the way down. Of the premium T6 carriers, Ark Royal looked like the best ship for me. As for the cruisers, I do enjoy my London. Not a fan of Leander as it lacks HE shells. Would be fun to have a premium light cruiser with a faster reload time, although being squishy can be tricky. I found that in Narai I can do quite well with Atlanta. Although it's a light cruiser, it's not extremely squishy. I do not own PEF, Warspite or Arizona. Can't judge about those ships. I currently have no battleship I really enjoy playing in tier 6 operations. I'm looking for a premium ship because it earns some extra credits, and the downside of techtree ships is that the commander moves to the next tier ship once unlocked. My techtree tier 6 ships don't have skilled captains.
  8. Everyone except me. Although I won't complain. Didn't spend any money on the xmascontainers and still got a free Viribus Unitis. Not my favourite ship, but it's a freebie. :) I found that speed isn't really important in operations. Half of the time you're escorting some fleet at half speed anyways. I've used Izmail in a few operations, and while survivability is pretty good, I really hated the long reload time. The big guns were useful for the higher tier battleships, but not ideal for the many low tier cruisers and destroyers that you see in operations. HE spam isn't really much of an issue either IMO. In several operations there's a repair zone anyways to regain hitpoints. Plus I just like ships with many guns and quick loading times, which is why I like the German battleships. Even though PEF might not be the best ship, it does sound like the most enjoyable one and not a bad choice. As you say, most tier VI premium battleships are slow and heavy. I don't mind slow speed, but I'd dislike slow reload.
  9. Interesting topic, because I've been looking to get a few premium ships to play operations with. For tier 7 Narai I'm quite happy with my Atlanta and Scharnhorst. (I can really recommend both these ships for Narai and co-op). But I'm having a bit more trouble finding tier 6 ships to suit my playstyle in the tier 6 operations. I've recently bougth the Ark Royal which is a fun ship so far, not sure it's the best T6 CV for operations, but I do love those British carpet bombs. I'm enjoying the free London I got, it's a tad tankier than the average cruiser and the healing helps a bit, good HE shells for the lower tier enemy you often find in operations as well. Although the fire rate is a tad low. I might be interested in a light cruiser, similarish to Atlanta or Nürnberg, but premium T6. Now I'm still looking for a good battleship for tier 6 operations. I'd love something tankier and decent fire rate and fun secondaries, similarish to Scharnhorst. I've been browsing through wiki pages and as far as I understand Prinz Eitel Friedrich comes closest, with decent tankiness and still decent fire rate. None of the other premium battleships I've read about really sparked my interest. I've also did some operations in the Aigle I unlocked for coal, but with mixed success. I'm not that good with squishy boats. The fire rate is decent but the gun traverse can be a pain with a squishy ship without smoke that needs to be stay on the move. Plus these bots are quite good at aiming their shells. :P From the options OP mentioned, no clue. I'm not familiar with Perth and Duca D'aosta, but I dislike Graf Spee. I guess Graf Spee is a decent ship if you know how to play her, to me it's a ship that handles like a battleship but has the armor of a cruiser. I can't make Graf Spee work :P
  10. Purnylla

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Goed weekend allemaal! We hebben nog steeds plaats voor nieuwe leden :) Good weekend everybody! We still have room for new members :)
  11. Purnylla

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Graag wil ik iedereen er weer aan herinneren dat we nog steeds plaats hebben voor nieuwe leden :) I'd like to remind everyone we still have room for new members :)
  12. Purnylla

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    Volop activiteit in onze clan, maar altijd op zoek naar nieuwe leden. Spreekt de beschrijving in het eerste bericht boven aan je aan, laat het ons weten :) Plenty of activity on our clan, but always looking for new members. Do you like the description in the first post at the top, let us know :)
  13. Purnylla

    Flint or Pommern for Co-op?

    Flint could be useful for Operation Narai though. Could be fun in co-op, but Pommern is probably more efficient.
  14. Purnylla

    free anshan

    I currently could use a few credits. Any idea how many credits we can expect for current Anshan owners?
  15. Purnylla

    [GEUS] Recruiting! (Nederlandse Warships Clan)

    We hebben nog steeds plaatsen voor Nederlandstalige leden die interesse hebben. Spreekt de beschrijving in het eerste bericht boven aan je aan, laat het ons weten :) We still have space for Dutch speaking members who are interested. Do you like the description in the first post at the top, let us know :)