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  1. Purnylla

    Kobayashi Bonuses gone? (picture included)

    The discount only applies to ships without permacamo. Since you've already got a permacamo, you 'used' the discount. Doesn't matter wether you bought the permacamo or received it in an event or mission. See this topic https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/162631-public-test-permacamo-prices/
  2. Purnylla

    Game freezes while loading

    Since it seems to be a problem with the Daily Rewards, I'll check back tomorrow if it happens again.
  3. Purnylla

    Game freezes while loading

    I had expected the intergrity check & repair to uninstall those, but apparently it didn't. But either way, mods didn't change, so that wouldn't explain why they suddenly would cause problems.
  4. Purnylla

    Why keeping ships?

    I'm keeping all my techtree ships of tier V and higher for snowflakes. And I'm keeping all my premium ships, even the low tiers. That makes credit earning a tad harder, but that's just another good reason to play with the premium ships I've collected. Credit earning goes considerably faster once you've obtain your first high-tier premium ship.
  5. Purnylla

    Game freezes while loading

    Ok, it seems that it doesn't entirely freeze, but it really lags like 30 seconds during the fade-in of the Daily Rewards screen for some reason... No clue why, I never experienced this kind of thing before. I know armory and news can be slow, but never had problems with Daily Rewards.
  6. I didn't change anything on my setup, no hardware/software changes, played WoWs fine yesterday, but today, it freezes at the Daily Rewards screen. Tried starting it again, but no succes. Did a integrity check & repair via the game launcher but yet the same result. Anyone has any clues as to what's going on and how I can get my game working again? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Purnylla

    Second Opinion Request

    A carrier can see when his active squadron has been spotted. With the average squadron having a fairly large detection radius, that still leaves quite a large area, but at least you know something is out there... That's all I can think of.
  8. Purnylla

    Connection issue

    Same. WG tells me to check my own internet connection, but I'm fairly sure my own internet connection is working just fine.
  9. Purnylla

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    Haven't checked bonuses, but as far as I know, there's only one kind of permabonus available for each ship. I don't think there's a discount on those (aside from the minus 200 doubloons, if I understand things correctly).
  10. Purnylla

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    "Discount" makes it sound like WG are doing you a favor. But yes, it's on a ship per ship basis.
  11. Purnylla

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    They're generally not for sale. Some tier 5 ships have permacamos available, but it usually starts from tier 6 and upwards. Tiers 1-4 have no permacamos available, usually.
  12. Purnylla

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    Not just with premium ships. We don't have much influence what drops from our Distant Voyages containers, or those Transformer containers that might drop some very ugly permacamo... the only option would be to leave those containers unopened...
  13. Purnylla

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    As far as I know, yes. Same as they are before, yes. No "discount" because you already own a permanent camouflage (since every premium ship comes with one). As far as I know, at least. Didn't check camo prices on premium ships to be honest.
  14. Purnylla

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    Well, admittedly, it's the same in the current system. Whenever you buy a 2nd camo, you won't benefit from any extra economic bonuses. But history aside, from a new players perspective, unfamiliar with the 'old' system, it's very odd to see prices of skins (because that's what camouflages essentially will be) rise just because you already own a skin. It's like a penalty for being a loyal skin collector. Imagine your 2nd Dasha commander would be more expensive to buy, because you already own a Dasha commander... Or any Black Friday black ship being more expensive for those of us who already own the regular version of the premium ship... That'd be odd, right? Because that's what's going to happen with the camouflages...
  15. Purnylla

    Public Test permacamo prices...

    No. The issue is that because I once received the K117 camo, the regular camo is now 25 times more expensive as it would've been if I hadn't received teh K117 camo. The pricing didn't actually change. It used to be 5000 doubloons for the bonus and skin, now it's 4800 doubloons for the bonus, and 200 doubloons for the skin.