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  1. kingzy2013

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    i certainly experience this a lot. Shells flying through super structures without registering as a hit. Hell one match today i was shooting from behind a island at a Cruiser and my shells were what appeared to be passing through the trees? on the island and hitting the ship. but no hits would register. its as if the shells actually "hit" the trees and only the animation not the actual "action of the shell?" was reaching the targeted ship.
  2. kingzy2013

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    i have also noticed that when taking off sometimes the squad will just do its own thing and not respond to controls so your forced to press F to recall it and ether wait for it or send a different squad. audacious's fighter planes can be out run by other CV's squads. Iv had it where the other CV will "kite" the fighters into an AA bubble of a team mate purely because of how dam slow audacious fighter are. Or they simply out run them enough to drop there own fighters to then chase and destroy my fighters. i also have had a fair few critical errors when pressing F to recall my bombers on the last strike if the animation isn't finished.