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  1. kingzy2013

    the supercontainer value

    Wish i was getting 2000 coal per resource container :/
  2. kingzy2013

    Chill with the ban time please

    Makes me sad seeing WG folding to the snowflakes. If they can't handle criticism for playing like a "special person" they should of play my little pony. Honestly crap talking has been part of gaming forever. The fact people are getting huge bans because some snowflake spammed report is beyond sad.
  3. kingzy2013

    Border Surfers

    As crap as that is. once you miss the first shot and re-adjust to their new speed you shouldn't miss anymore than you normal would.
  4. kingzy2013

    By 2020, problems that WG cannot solve

    These cheats have been out for years. The aim assist crap won't help anyone above average really. Tho the shell landing one is more helpful. But they are detected because they alter the client... People use them, a month later they get banned. We should be considered lucky wows can't really be abused all that hard. Most games get it so much worse.
  5. kingzy2013

    wows freezes and "not responding"

    try putting the graphics to bare [edited]minimum see if that makes a difference. make sure you have nothing running to ensure your PC has enough resources to actually run.
  6. kingzy2013

    wows freezes and "not responding"

    Upgrade your RAM mate, 4Gb wont cut it. your operating system probably uses close to 2GB just in the background. Id wager a bet its bottle-necking. Honestly tho, i would generally recommend you buy a new PC in the near future if thats a possibility. to future proof your current PC for the next 2-4 years would probably cost as much as straight up buying a new build. 8GB of GOOD RAM bare minimum, i5 is generally fine. it will do the job but in the future it will need upgrading also. I7 9700k would be my choice if you stick to intel. make sure you get decent cooling system tho. Id also say upgrade your GPU to something like a 1080 TI minimum. ^^ Future proof it for a few years is better than upgrading crap every year and playing at bare minimum performance.
  7. kingzy2013

    Stream Gift (till 22h CEST)

    watched about 80% of the stream, unlinked my account at the start and re-linked like they suggested to do, didn't get the mission. honestly the fact they cant even get this right is atrocious.
  8. kingzy2013


    All i see is WG dub packs without any sales going? am i missing something here....?
  9. kingzy2013

    Account Support

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Good riddance
  10. kingzy2013

    My first 2 EU DDs, tier V and VI :((((((((

    honestly these things are a bit MEH. they play like shima. torps and wait. the guns are meh. you wont outgun any DDs with them other than perhaps shima etc. the torps are detected from space, hit low. anything not sailing straight will certainly easily avoid them unless @ point blank range. overall. the AA is enough to cause losses to a CV, but if it wants u dead, your dead. so overall, MEH line.
  11. kingzy2013

    Sea rendering issue

    repair worked, bit pissed i did everything but that. thanks for the suggestion bud.
  12. kingzy2013

    Sea rendering issue

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any clue how to fix this, not a massive issue so i dont want to bother support. turning the "sea quality" texture option to low sorts it out, but playing on low quality is crap. so yeah id like to get it sorted. so far, i have re-installed / updated mods, deleted mods to check if it was those, updated GPU and as of today done a fresh install.
  13. kingzy2013

    Thoughts about the new RU BB's

    you realise the T5 RU BB has the most OP armor scheme in the entire game - it can bounce yama shells off the bow. reload is slightly slower - you will lose a few salvos over the course of a match. that is made up by the pin - point accuracy you get at <10km while almost all other BBs will shotgun around you. tbh if you lose a brawl at <10km against another BB what isn't RU or perhaps german in the RU BBs its player error.
  14. maybe your BB went over a large wave as you shot due to your movement, resulting in the bad accuracy? jokes aside, it depends on the Ship some are just terribly unreliable even at close range. hell, Even yamato has Derp salvos at close range where all 6 shells just fly in separate directions.
  15. kingzy2013

    Thoughts about the new RU BB's

    T5 is the most OP thing since stalinbad. armor what can bounce yama shells at t5. not tried t6 t7 is good, not amazing. but good. the accuracy is sure noticeable <10km very tight groups - that said shooting bow on targets is still iffy and 2 - 3 shells will land. t8 is good. even when in a t10 game, i feel absolutely fine as long as i dont over - extend into flame - thrower land. i can quite happily bow tank / brawl other t10 bbs and dish out some decent damage and absorb quite a lot with the angled bow. only downside T8 has that slow Traverse :P