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  1. kingzy2013

    Buff Alaska

    Honestly you should only be using HE against angled BBs anyway. Alaska is a cruiser hunter. It's not a HE DPM machine and thank fk there's not more HE spammers in the game...
  2. kingzy2013

    HMS Audacious - carpet bombers

    interesting find. i have to admit, the tx bombers seem very inaccurate. even through the circle bombs miss :) its amazing. might give t9 another try see if the drops tighten up.
  3. kingzy2013

    Stalingrad - Do i still get it?

    i would actually suggest wait. with new ships being announced you may have interest in one of those if they end up being for steel and quite sure atleast 1 will.
  4. kingzy2013

    Implacable - Worth upgrading the deck?

    honestly, its not worth buying imo. only increases hp, bit of aa and maneuvering.... well you dont need to be moving all that much and that tiny bit of AA wont make much difference. If you plan to keep the ship it may be worth it. but if your just rushing t10 then dont bother.
  5. kingzy2013

    Strongest AA for its tier

    id take a guess pretty much all USA / RN cruisers have pretty solid AA.
  6. kingzy2013

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    i certainly experience this a lot. Shells flying through super structures without registering as a hit. Hell one match today i was shooting from behind a island at a Cruiser and my shells were what appeared to be passing through the trees? on the island and hitting the ship. but no hits would register. its as if the shells actually "hit" the trees and only the animation not the actual "action of the shell?" was reaching the targeted ship.
  7. kingzy2013

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    i have also noticed that when taking off sometimes the squad will just do its own thing and not respond to controls so your forced to press F to recall it and ether wait for it or send a different squad. audacious's fighter planes can be out run by other CV's squads. Iv had it where the other CV will "kite" the fighters into an AA bubble of a team mate purely because of how dam slow audacious fighter are. Or they simply out run them enough to drop there own fighters to then chase and destroy my fighters. i also have had a fair few critical errors when pressing F to recall my bombers on the last strike if the animation isn't finished.
  8. kingzy2013


    t8 CV who was very good at collecting flak. i was in a GK and most of the planes shot down by actual AA. that shows how weak the fighters actually are. btw, cruisers have fighters to. but there AA is usually sufficient without them. this has absolutely nothing to do with buffing BBs...i was simply asking if other people think the fighter is worth using or not. not once did i mention buffing it?
  9. kingzy2013


    hey BB mains, can you guys let me know your opinions. i basically run fighters on all my bbs atm purely because of the amount of carriers in games. but even when i am focused and use the fighters, they seem very bad and easily get out-run. i was focused hard in this game below and the fighter was drunk clearly. other than being a deterrent, are you guys getting worth-while results with the fighters?
  10. kingzy2013

    Coal Ships In The Armory

    id wait. some nice new ships in the wood work one may end up being for coal. Somers / RU wooster.
  11. kingzy2013

    When will carriers be back on tree for GOLD

    the gold you have from the refund would not have been enough for a new one anyway. so you would have needed to spent real money regardless - granted, not as much.
  12. kingzy2013

    the answer for end camping?

    honestly, ether increase certain ships immunity to fire and HE spam. or nerf fire and HE spam. no one pushes because 2-3 HE spammers will melt you in 30 seconds while behind islands the entire time. WG litterally encourages island camping which forces people to stay at max range until the games decided then the "winning" Team will start a push.
  13. kingzy2013

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    not really an achievement. but gawd dam. it felt good to punish the almighty stalin.
  14. kingzy2013

    the "carry harder!" thread

    For once the carry actually payed off.
  15. kingzy2013

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    Had gk nearly 24 hours, my averages are up and down as I'm still getting used to when yo push when to wait etc. Had plenty of good games including a 7kill 234k damage game. The ship's good. Little bit to flammable. But generally it's fine. Accuracy just a bit trolly. Some times the stars align for a triple citidel but generally it's a bit wonky. Shots going into the water, over the ship with only a few hitting home. today iv played the GK alot and atleast 1-5 games ill dev strike a unsuspecting cruiser at 16-20km. sure monty could have done the same thing. but that just proves the accuracy can be good. its unreliable as each salvo varies. but you do get a good tight salvo every few shots.