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    Looking for a team

  2. Moomiss

    Looking for a team

  3. Moomiss

    T-B-B The Beached Boys

    T-B-B The Beached Boys Who are we and what do we want! Mostly a group of friendly players some banter included. We love to play in divisions, obviously. we are currently recruiting for players willing to take part in Clan Wars. but anyone who is willing to come onto team speak regularly and have a laugh with us will be high on the target list for recruitment. Requirements! - A sense of humor - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Can endure Banter, lots of banter - Speak/understand English - TS3 - 18+ - Tier 8 Boat (Tier X+ is better) Generally we look at it on a personal basis. if you are willing to listen and learn? We might take you on anyways. Contact us! - Reply to this thread - Send a PM to "xX_Lon3wolf_Xx" Me "Moomiss" or "Hashersftw" in game.
  4. Moomiss

    Spooky Halloween Start

    well is probably best that you read and look at all the information before you post a response to a topic in future.
  5. Moomiss

    Spooky Halloween Start

    please stop posting here about the Halloween event this post isnt about the Halloween event.
  6. Moomiss

    Spooky Halloween Start

    im sorry to make you misunderstand tonight is Halloween and i have had a spooky weird event happen in a random battle hence the game replay to download and watch
  7. Moomiss

    Spooky Halloween Start

    I got blind shot for half my health at the start of the game, yes i was moving, yes i hadn't even been spotted, idk how common something like that is i would complain about illegal mods but not sure of anything like that being possible, i think i should go buy a lottery ticket. Replay Attached for Interested people 20171031_191456_PBSC107-Fiji_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  8. Moomiss

    Camouflage To Buy

    I see that Camouflages are on discount at the moment and i wonder if there is a way to buy Lots of them why they are cheap. and if not why not.
  9. Moomiss

    My Experience

    i also have as of yet to see a thread like this on world of tanks
  10. Moomiss

    My Experience

    As someone who played through the CBT and about 3 months of release and has just come back to playing as of last month I find this sums up my feelings of the game now. Everything is Overpowered,Everything is Under-powered. to be able to survive requires an extreme reliance on Team work especially when CV are evolved. Every little game Flaw/Mechanic is exploited to its maximum potential. Nothing is fair they seem to have achieved Balance in this game by making everything terrible. i never thought id be able to look at world of tanks and think you know what its not actually so bad in comparison. Idk where to go from here in Short Everything is Overpowered,Under-powered,Teamwork is Vital and Terrible,Everything is Exploited,Nothing is fair. Game Balance achieved through everything being terrible.
  11. Moomiss

    I have replay problem

    I Simply Don't Know
  12. Moomiss


    You cant Over Pen with HE and yes after i restarted the game i haven't had a problem would be good to know what caused it tho