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  1. jure_eruj

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    If you managed only 50k damage with haku, you obviously didn't play it right, iChase scored almost 170k damage just by BLINDLY droping torps in general direction of enemy.
  2. jure_eruj

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Or just remove CVs and besides few people who actually play them just to piss all other classes off, all other classes will be happy.
  3. jure_eruj

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Play a DD and come back with your opinion.
  4. And this is exactely the reason why not to buy premium ships. All this "balancing" will make freeriders happy, but people who pay for premium ships will stop buying them because they will know nerf hammer is already waiting. Sometimes it feels WG is deliberately trying to piss all their customers and kill this game.
  5. jure_eruj

    worst patch in wows

    Have you seen the numbers of complaints? Have you tried to play DDs and being perma spotted. Have you played Yamato and was abused with waves after waves of flying cancers torpedo bombers, being able to shoot 2 salvos against enemy and spent the rest of the time to unsuccessfully dodge before mentioned waves of planes? My guess is not, so stop writing nonsense.
  6. jure_eruj

    Not another CV thread.

    Wait and see what fix WG geniuses will implement after their last debacle. After that, you will be able to decide if AA build is smart or just waste of completely good captain points.
  7. jure_eruj

    A big thank you to WG...

    Yeah, I will look after her in Earie with my Yami :-)
  8. jure_eruj

    A big thank you to WG...

    1. you are completely right, bit in that case I will probably sleep on the couch for some time 2. love your avatar, Drug Tito FTW
  9. jure_eruj

    A big thank you to WG...

    Nah, I rarely play more than 1 hour a day, but that still pisses her off :-). Well, she won't have to be pissed about this shitbucket for some time.
  10. jure_eruj

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    Really, I wonder if it's for you "quite well" when full spec AA cruiser shots down only a plane or 2 while CV rape him to oblivion???
  11. jure_eruj

    A big thank you to WG...

    ... from my wife, because after this disastrous patch I almost stop playing the game. Little does little miss sunshine knows there is War Thunder around the corner.
  12. jure_eruj

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    HELL NO!!!
  13. jure_eruj


    This is why I reset all captains, will be playing War Thunder for next few weeks and then I'll check if the russian morons managed to fix this utter [edited].
  14. jure_eruj


    The best part, no skill needed for that. Just torp spamming and coming back with new squadron even before previous torps run out. [edited]unbelievable WG released this crap.
  15. jure_eruj


    Working as intended...This, comrade, is balance WG style. I wonder how WG geniouses will explain that. Probabčy by saying the statistics show everything is OK and we just imagine things. I say, hit them when it hurts, their wallets.