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  1. Greedy greedy... High tier games are already boring as hell, and now every schmuck with money will be able to ruin it a little bit more. On the brighter side, I have loaded AP in my Yamato.
  2. jure_eruj

    0.7.5 and new EULA

    And EULA like this is the most efficient way to stop me spending my money on this game.
  3. jure_eruj

    blyskawica; buy or no buy

    I have both. Love Leningrad, never play Blyska anymore since the stealth fire was removed. Leningrad is better in every aspect.
  4. jure_eruj

    Battle of Cape Esperance pt5

    Belfast FTW :-)
  5. jure_eruj

    another italian beauty on the way?

    You successfully reduced sales numbers by 90% too probably...
  6. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    Exactly. In that time you can retreat, heal, join your teammates for some AA cover and there is also a chance your CV will destroy enemy planes.
  7. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    Because, balance... :-)
  8. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    Nada, niente, nothing. Hard turn, changing speed, obviously not hard enough. Will try to hard break next time, thanks for the tip.
  9. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    And I am telling you WASD didn't help me one little bit. AP bombs mechanic as it is is totally retarded. Nothing, and I mean nothing (beside salvo of 10 torps if you are stupid or unlucky enough to catch them all) should delete a full health BB. Cruisers have speed, stealth (well, some of them) and agility to evade incoming AP shells from BBs to avoid one salvo deletion, BBs has none of that.
  10. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    That is punishment for showing broadside to a BB. You can easily avoid being oneshoted by angling (although in some rare cases this can fail). In a slow BB with big turning circle you can hardly avoid 15 AP bombs falling down on you.
  11. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    Can somebody explain to me how is this balanced? I am too stupid to apprehend WG's wisdom.
  12. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    So, you are calling me a liar? I was describing what happened to me. 100% Tirpitz went to 5% after a 3 squadron AP bomber attack. I was turning away from wave, changing speed and direction as much as possible and...booom, AP bombs working as planned by vodka consuming developers. I would understand up to 30% of HP pool gone in one wave attack, but to be able to oneshot full health BB is ridiculous. A little buff to DDs would easily solve the current BB meta, AP bombs are just retarded.
  13. jure_eruj

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    I really like this... I mean, nothing beats the feeling when no amount of wasd hacking in your tirpitz can help you against 3 squadrons of AP bombers who drop bombs on you and take away 95% of your HP. Working as planned WG?
  14. jure_eruj

    Way to many islands in game

    Even better, remove all maps beside Ocean. Your crying BB heart will probably love that.
  15. This game is starting to be a fricking joke. I suggest the [edited] in development team just remove CVs, DDs and cruisers and make this BB game only. 20 minutes of border hugging and sniping will surely do wonders for their income.