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  1. jure_eruj

    no blame in quitting brawls

    Last 3 brawls I had in BB were all against CVs, in all of those games i fired exactly 0 shots against CVs because I didn't even see a single one of them. CVs sure had a lot of fun torping, bombing and rocketing, so luckily their little gentle souls weren't hurt. I mean, this is what WG wants, right? How the rest of us feel obviously doesn't matter a bit to WG because their spreadsheets show we are having fun. NO, WE DON'T, YOU DEAF [edited]. Oh, and guess what, when in 4th game a got CV again, I quit the game. As I have broken little CVs soul and kill his fun, punish me for that too.
  2. jure_eruj

    no blame in quitting brawls

    Well, when you meet CV in your BB with shitty AA, you can always just set course and make yourself a cup of tea while CV is chipping your HP away. Speaking just theoretically, of course.
  3. jure_eruj

    no blame in quitting brawls

    Is it really so hard for you to understand that playing 1:1 vs CV is no fun. If CV isn't a total idiot you can't even see him no matter what you do while CV is melting you in never ending waves of attacks? Do you even play your own game? Sometimes I really wonder.
  4. jure_eruj

    Official WG survey on 0.10.0

    No more responses permitted. I wonder why. I guess they can't swallow any more [edited]yous.
  5. jure_eruj

    Official WG survey on 0.10.0

    Why do they even bother, not that they will take into consideration anything we say.
  6. Because of crap like this, I play this tragedy of a game less and less and I completely stopped spending my money. And I don't intend to spend a single EUR ever again. Paying customer lost.
  7. jure_eruj

    Low FPS / stuttering after recent update?

    I get massive FPS drops and stutter too after last update. Previously game was running fone on medium setting, not it doesn't run even on ultra low.
  8. jure_eruj

    Santa's Containers: A Time of Gifts!

    I think I'll pass, I really don't need Makarov or Yudachi.
  9. jure_eruj

    Submarines are Coming

    Another stupid idea from WG. Why are you guys trying everything to destroy your own game? I mean seriously, what on earth is wrong with you?
  10. jure_eruj

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    If you managed only 50k damage with haku, you obviously didn't play it right, iChase scored almost 170k damage just by BLINDLY droping torps in general direction of enemy.
  11. jure_eruj

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Or just remove CVs and besides few people who actually play them just to piss all other classes off, all other classes will be happy.
  12. jure_eruj

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Play a DD and come back with your opinion.
  13. And this is exactely the reason why not to buy premium ships. All this "balancing" will make freeriders happy, but people who pay for premium ships will stop buying them because they will know nerf hammer is already waiting. Sometimes it feels WG is deliberately trying to piss all their customers and kill this game.
  14. jure_eruj

    worst patch in wows

    Have you seen the numbers of complaints? Have you tried to play DDs and being perma spotted. Have you played Yamato and was abused with waves after waves of flying cancers torpedo bombers, being able to shoot 2 salvos against enemy and spent the rest of the time to unsuccessfully dodge before mentioned waves of planes? My guess is not, so stop writing nonsense.
  15. jure_eruj

    Not another CV thread.

    Wait and see what fix WG geniuses will implement after their last debacle. After that, you will be able to decide if AA build is smart or just waste of completely good captain points.