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  1. _CENTURION___

    Flugzeugträger B

    very nice work
  2. _CENTURION___

    Shipwreck Ark Royal

    Nice vid. And what is depicted on the ship in the first frame?
  3. _CENTURION___

    Longest gun hit on an enemy warship

    THX. You will be the fist who said about resources and web sites
  4. _CENTURION___

    Terible Twins ORP Dzik and ORP Sokół

    On a flag the ship is very well visible swastika
  5. Smederevac94, on 06 October 2013 - 10:05 PM, said: exactly :great: I am Argee
  6. _CENTURION___

    Krasnyi Krym

    You're right. So it is difficult to photograph.
  7. _CENTURION___

    I-400 Sen-Toku

    Pointless topic
  8. _CENTURION___

    Krasnyi Krym

    MR_Barbarossa, on 08 October 2013 - 01:35 PM, said: of course u do mate :teethhappy: Its Soviet/Russian ship Russian photo. Do you found this picture on the internet?
  9. _CENTURION___

    US Navy - Fletcher class destroyer

    Great post.One of the best topics on the forum. Beautiful design. A lot of pictures. More:
  10. _CENTURION___

    HMAS Australia (1911)

    Maybe you're right.I just expressed my opinion.
  11. _CENTURION___

    Greek Battleship Salamis

  12. _CENTURION___

    Krasnyi Krym

    Hmmm... On one of the picture i see Russian world.
  13. _CENTURION___

    HMS Amethyst ships cat wins Dickin Medal

    R.I.P. for heroes :honoring: :honoring:
  14. _CENTURION___

    Project battleship D.V Skvortsov (1906)

    And how well do you know Russian language?
  15. _CENTURION___

    Battle cruiser Averoff.

    http://forum.worldof...agship-gaverof/ More information. Videos in Greek Good info. Thanks. +