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  1. Lepi_Mija

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    This game is utter crap. Last 35 battles bad teams non stop, 29% win rate. My team's average win rate is like 40% vs enemy 55%. This game is so unbalanced it should be forbidden. It's a insult and joke. The same experience I had with ranked battles, 39 battles played and only 26% victories. I play this game long time now, but I think it's time to say to this shitty product good bye. Wargaming just doesn't care, the game is so unbalanced and broken, stupid people (like me) play it and give them money, the only real fix for this crap product is to uninstall it forever.
  2. Lepi_Mija


    So any DD is finished with 2 salvos from Smolensk. Hmm.. Talking about russian bias... Wargaming has an interesting way of driving away all non-Russian players from the game. I've lost interest playing any DD, it's a joke now. The game is broken. Meanwhile, new Italian cruisers are so underpowered, it's a travesty, of course, because they are not russian.
  3. Lepi_Mija

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Thank God that The Outer Worlds are available now... And also I prepurchased RDR 2 for PC... These 2 games I will play for at least a year or two.... Bye bye WOWS, broken game where you constantly lose because you get crappy win chances / team members all the time. Honestly I dont know why anbody play this crap disaster of a game. ADIOS!
  4. Lepi_Mija

    Ibuki missing a radar. (model)

    Ibuki is a joke. Tier 9 cruiser with just 39 000 HP and no radar and no armor. For comparison Genova Italian tier 5 cruiser has 30 100 HP. I think Wargaming's developers team has some serious issues.
  5. Lepi_Mija

    How to fix smolensk - an idea

    The most OP ship in the game. One salvo and whole tier 10 destroyer is gone. Of course it's Russian... Russian bias. Funny, because Russian navy was actually the worts navy of WW 2 and beyond. Don't vote for Trump, we will get more smolensks in the game. How about tier 10 BB Putin with 20 guns of 505 mm?
  6. Lepi_Mija

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I saw new Italian cruisers in action, they are so bad. It's a joke, really. They don't have a radar, they don't start fire, they do minimal damage... I feel pitty for players who play them. Of course, they are not Russian / Belarusian, that's why they are so bad lol.
  7. Lepi_Mija

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    "Fair fight" in Wargaming's games? That is a oxymoron. I have just bought Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC. Pretty soon I hope I will never play any World of Warships battle again. Or at least for a very, very long time. After that I am going back to Fallout 76 - even that game is pretty better that WOWS. Recently I played 40+ Ranked battles, lost 80% of them. Horrible, horrible, horrible win chances all the time. Horrific gameplay experience. This game has very f***** up match making. And what about power creep? Every hit from Mogador DD is starting a fire. All other DDs suddenly are totally useless. When they introduced Mogador, you can forget about all other DDs. 8 guns on a tier 9 destroyer with speed of 55 knots, every hit starts a fire. Yugumo, Shimakaze and all others DDs doesnt have any chance vs Mogador. I am so, so tired of this game and its flaws.
  8. Lepi_Mija

    Game is becoming a joke

    Well, who cares, they can delete all my posts and my profile, I don't mind. This forum is even worse then Reddit. It's so pathetic. I don't know why forum even exists if you can't express your opinion. I guess we all should be programmed bots and write only nice stuff about Wargaming, gameplay etc.
  9. Lepi_Mija

    Game is becoming a joke

    I am suprised that some of the moderators didn't close this topic yet and send you a "warning". Some of the moderators on this forum behave so patronizing, they are like Chinese state police, almost everything you say or write is "against forum rules", even when you just express your opinion without any insult. So much of the free speech lol. That's one of the reasons why I rarely post anything on this forum. So much frustrated persons with given power to ban or delete posts they don't like, so pathetic. Feel free to delete this or ban me, I don't care. Won't post much anyway.
  10. Almost every Tirpitz player is behaving like this: He goes very, very close to enemy team almost at the beginning of the game, shows big juicy broadside JUST TO LAUNCH TORPS OF 6 KM RANGE. Then he dies almost instantly, get citaled, a hundred fires etc. Should I even mention that released torps score zero hits. I really don't understand why Tirpitz players are so obsessed with torps. Your primary weapons are 8 main battery guns. Don't be burden to your team, it's really sad to watch such stupid behavior.
  11. Lepi_Mija

    Tier 8 ranked....

    Totally unplayable. MM is obviusly not random for ranked battles because I constantly get teams of players who seem like never played this game before. So I achieved 80% defeats in ranked battles. Very nice Wargaming, thank you. Time to uninstall again.
  12. Lepi_Mija

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    I have Texas, which is on paper very good, sturdy BB with awesome AA power. But I found out that some particular ships in game just attracts noob players for team mates and almost constant defeats... So Texas is one of my worst ships ever regarding gameplay satisfaction and win rates because no matter how well or bad I do, I will almost certainly lose. Sometimes I feel like Texas is almost "cursed" ship. Therefore I might try this "Viribus Unitis" or "Jugoslavija" BB. On paper it looks like a disaster, but in the game it just might do well.