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  1. CallicoJackRackham

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    Just fyi WG the ''Forward Bound'' camo for Nakhimov does not show up in the Camo section of the Captain's Logbook. (The camo's for Komsomolets, Serov, Pobeda and Chkalov do show up)
  2. CallicoJackRackham

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    How about adding some of the missing languages (languages not in the game as voiceover despite ships with that nationality being in the game), like Swedish, Thai and Indonesian. Or fixing the ranks and uniforms of the asian line. All captains have chinese names and wear completely fictional uniforms while the EU line has shown you can give a single line multiple language names, ranks and uniforms. I get that there is some politics behind the whole China/Taiwan thing but is that a reason to exclude Korean, Thai and Indonesian names ranks and uniforms?
  3. CallicoJackRackham

    Launch Day Calendar: September 2021

    So, WG. Is there any particular reason the price of Gallant is displayed in russian rubles on your EU site and serbian dinar in my game client instead of euro's like usual?
  4. CallicoJackRackham

    Weekly Combat Missions and New Rewards

    Karel Doorman, Conrad Helfrich or even Piet de Jong would all be fine by me. But as of now we have 3 ''special'' dutch commanders (de Ruyter, Hendriks and Janssen) but none of those have the usual historical commander features (the long pennant, special skills, signal flare and colored tracers) despite at least one of those (de Ruyter) being a historical commander.
  5. Thanks for clarification AmiralPotato.
  6. Errm WG, the mission says you get to choose between two empire or two alliance commanders yet your pictures show 2 empire commanders and 3 alliance commanders. So is this a typo or is one of the three alliance commanders exempt from this mission and if so, which one?
  7. CallicoJackRackham

    Weekly Combat Missions and New Rewards

    So WG we now have Klaas Janssen who is a commander along the lines of Jack Dunkirk, John Doe, and Vasily Znamensky. We also have Michiel de Ruyter who despite being a historical figure is set up in the same way. When will the dutch get a historical commander with all the usual features like found on Yamamoto, Sansonetti, Lutjens, Swirski etc. (colored tracers, broad pennant, signal flare)
  8. CallicoJackRackham

    Groningen, Submarines, and De Zeven Provinciën in the Dockyard

    It seems you guys were so hurried in copying Friesland into Groningen that you forgot the give Groningen a description. (her stat card shows her picture, stats, service year and number of ships in class but no description)
  9. CallicoJackRackham

    Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

    Could anyone from WG tell me why the ''buy any amount of dubloons'' option seems to be gone from the premium shop page?
  10. CallicoJackRackham

    Grand Battle not working

    I cant even enter right now. i only play during the day anyway.
  11. CallicoJackRackham

    Grand Battle not working

    still not fixed though. I have had this issue for days now. I wanted to get the mission done for the grand battles patch and flag, kinda hard when i cant play even 1 game in that mode
  12. CallicoJackRackham

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    This however mentions nothing about the commander. If i decide to exchange, do i get the commander of my friesland transferred? Do i get a new one with the exact same amount of skill points? That is what i want to know.
  13. CallicoJackRackham

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    @YabbaCoe I heard if you have Friesland you can at some point decide to switch it for Groningen, if i were to do that can i at least transfer my dutch commander to Groningen?
  14. CallicoJackRackham

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    Since with very few exceptions ships in game are usually named for the class' lead ship i just find it somewhat odd that the lead ship of the friesland class will stay with europe while her nation of origin will get one of her sisters. I know the only difference is in name and hull number but it just seemed somewhat strange to me.
  15. CallicoJackRackham

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    So if i understand correctly Friesland will NOT get moved over to the netherlands but will be removed from sale and a new ''copy'' Groningen will become available at the same price as Friesland? Why not change the hull number, nameplate and ingame name of the EU dd to Groningen and let the one in the netherlands tree be Friesland.