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  1. Blue_sonic98

    I'm sick of chat ban

    I really hate it no matter what I say I always get a chat ban even if I say oh my team is great or noob or if I tell someone your gameplay is horrible they will report me and I get a chat ban I can't even say hahaha to the enemy when I kill them after a hard game because they will be triggered and report me as misbehavior in chat and they will decrease my karma I guess after this I must not talk and chat
  2. Blue_sonic98

    Nerf graff zeppelin

    You can call me noob or whatever you want but you don't understand a cv damaged my ship at the beginning of the match and took away 49k HP from my ship by dive bombers and torpedo bombers her torpedo bombers are hard to dodge because of a different layout and I used the Damage control party because I was spotted and 3 warships were aiming at me You can't call me noob because you don't think about anything I was low on HP. I think you like using overpowered units like graf zeppelin to win the games and this is why you are acting like I am a stupid gamer and this is why I died at the beginning of the match.
  3. Blue_sonic98

    Nerf graff zeppelin

    My Scharnhorst got rekt by a graff zeppelin in the beginning of the match I was going to stick with my teammates and a Nagato was near me and the graff zeppelin chose to attack me she did 19k damage on me by her big dive bombers squad and then destroyed me by her torpedo bombers I went to port when I checked the results of the battle it was a surprise for me: That graff zeppelin won a ton of achievements *edited*
  4. Blue_sonic98

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Can the players use her naval rockets?
  5. Blue_sonic98

    Selling Bismarck to get Fridrich?

    Don't sell your bismarck I think bismarck is the best german battleship.I had kurfurst and fredrick but thire guns are weaker than the guns of bismarck.this is why I sold those tier 9 and tier 10 battleships to get the bismarck back again.