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  1. 4 places left within the most relaxed Clan u'll find
  2. Cryptonizer

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. 1: Roma 2: Scharnhorst 3: Doubloons 4: Scharnhorst 5: Doubloons 6: Doubloons 7: Doubloons 8: I have both so pls Doubloons :) TY very much and have a nice Christmas holiday
  3. 8spots left, feel free to apply
  4. 10 places left, WE are making quick progress, already enjoying some bonuses
  5. First of all, welcome mate. Until Yesterday, we never thought of Clan Battles because this Clan is intended as a casual-play-as-before-without-obligations-clan. But now that the member count is "exploding" (almost ), we plan on giving it a try at least. And if it goes well, then maybe we can arrange something more. I do not remember if I already accepted you... Have a nice Weekend Cryptonizer
  6. Yeah, we realy want everyones gaming-time untouched as far as they want to. Am at work right now, Just sent an application and you will be accepted when im home. Have a nice day Cryptonizer
  7. Thank you for strenghtening our Community, cya (we already had a Talk Yesterday) Cryptonizer
  8. You are Welcome any Time Just search our Clan and sent an application. Looking forward to meeting you. Cryptonizer
  9. Just as a reminder: this Clan does not expect anything from you, but should you have a wish, Clan Battles, Events etc. we can definitely try to arrange something. Have a great day Cryptonizer
  10. 20 vacant places don't be shy, we already got all sorts of different friendly people. Cya, Cryptonizer
  11. Comfortably on our way to get enough oil for the 1st big Upgrade: 3% Bonus XP on a ship class, which we democraticaly vote on. Still room left for some of you who just wanna play as u did before, but in an easy-going Clan Have a nice Weekend Boys and Girls Cryptonizer
  12. We still have plenty of room for anyone who wants to participate in establishing a Clan base, we intend to first build a 3% xp-boost building. Lonewolf, casual gamer and drunken Pirates, all who just want to enjoy the Game with no need (but possible) to get socialy involved are welcome. Cryptonizer
  13. Hello Ladies and Gentleman, We are a small casual Clan (EU) just looking for other Players to enjoy the benefits of being a Clan member. You do not have to be socialy active nor do you need TeamSpeak/discord if you don't like. Just play your Game as always, earn oil via Containers and we together then build our base. If that is excactly your thing, being in a Clan with no comitment necessary , then plz join us Have a great day Best regards, Cryptonizer and mastercrux