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  1. ...And its whispering "Stop playing battleships, tovarish." Is this something you guys see often?
  2. Nergigante

    PRAVDA Kai - Open Now! [KancollexGuP Community]

    This sounds like my kind of clan!
  3. Nergigante

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    I guess I stand corrected, thank you for this information I shall read more in-depth to it later.
  4. Nergigante

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    I never said that KM didn't have Radar FCS, the Japanese pretty much got their Radar from Germany.
  5. Nergigante

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    Lol? The Royal Navy was using Optics even after 1945 on their ships and the Americans only just discovered Radar Fire Control before the end of the war. The IJN were using radar fire control from the start of the war, meaning they were not "Far behind" they were in fact very much ahead of the RN and USN.
  6. Nergigante

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    >Warspite has the most accurate guns If you scale back kongous accuracy, Yamatos and Nagatos to her range, it works out the same if not better. Warspite also has little penetration values and very slow shell flight time. >Some of the most successful Japanese ships in the game are essentially british. Kongou had more than just Japanese armour, she had a complete rework to her fire control (brits used shitty optical, IJN used Radar) and her guns were changed to high velocity from derp guns with better shells. I guess you could say some of the IJN ships were "Inspired" by the Royal Navy, but it doesn't change the fact that most of them are utterly crap ships compared to what the Germans and Japanese had, or even late US Ships. >I'm getting a bit sick of half finished games This is not the type of game you call a "Finished" product because "it doesn't have the Royal navy in it" as they are constantly adding more content, this game, WoT or any F2P game that has ever expanding content could never really be considered "Finished" with regards to content.
  7. Nergigante

    Royal Navy - Not until 2017 comrade

    I'd rather they release more IJN and finish the KM tree, because I am not too fond of ships that explode all the time, have bad guns, poor armour, poor accuracy and (bias) look hideous, which is what the whole Royal Navy tree will pretty much consist of.
  8. Nergigante

    No Block Communications Option

    I seriously do not understand why this is not in the game yet, especially seeing how toxic people are in this game, and I figured looking at the WoT community too something like this should be mandatory to playing the game without losing your sanity.
  9. Nergigante

    Cannot start games or join divisions

    Having the same issue, and have had it for the passed few hours. Nothing I've tried has fixed the issue.
  10. Nergigante

    Training Room when I logged in. (Bug?)

    I have installed no mods.
  11. Nergigante

    Training Room when I logged in. (Bug?)

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this but its somewhat of a bug so I'll get to the point. When I logged into warships this morning and hit battle I was immediately put into a training room (can put bot teams, screenshot for example : http://gyazo.com/b3f4df2b1c68ea924fe036298aa25075 ), I thought it was new so I fiddled around with it, afterwards I was unable to re-select the training room and it didn't pop up again after I logged in. There was no option for it either, "Random Battle" and "Co-op" mode were only select-able but my battle type was empty. Did anyone else have this?
  12. Nergigante

    Yamato armour bug?

    That is true but that is below the belt (as for the upper belt I am not so sure), usually below the waterline (most ships have this issue) but when I am talking about getting citadel hit all too often, I mean shots going in through the sides and under the turrets where it's very thick. But I know now that this is a common issue among all ships so I shall leave this issue for now, I know the ship shouldn't be completely impervious but like I said, it should not be dying so quickly and easily. Have a good day.
  13. Nergigante

    Yamato armour bug?

    Yeah the RNG at close range is broken, the accuracy might as well be the same at all ranges the way it is now. Quite a few things need fixed before WG consider adding in more content.
  14. Nergigante

    Yamato armour bug?

    Pensacola wouldn't have been able to pen Yamato even at pistol range in real life, let alone doing full damage at 14km. It's clearly an armour bug. the 400mm of armour is around the entire Citadel with more armour layers, the real armour scheme is actually very impressive. Right now I don't think any of the armour is present but the deck. And you are right lots of the damage you do or whether you hit the target at max range is usually heavily RNG based which is irritating.
  15. Nergigante

    Yamato armour bug?

    This doesn't answer the question of "broken armour models" more so why I get hit more often. My issue lies in getting penetrated in a ship that was essentially invulnerable at medium-long range (in alpha apparently it worked fine). I'll keep that in mind, thanks.