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  1. Cool dude. Plays really well. 10/10 would focus fire again! :3

    1. _Maou_


      Hehe of course,everyone likes to focus fire on a new British BB xD

  2. _Maou_

    Neptune the worse tier Ix ship in game do you agree?

    Lol that is a statement i cannot agree on. True Neptun isn't easy to play and requires situational awareness and planning ahead and if played correctly the ship is a pure beast.I mean firing 12 shells every 5 or so seconds coupled with 10 torpedoes on each side is bloody terriffic in my opinion...but the ship is truly fragile and can be killed instantly by BB and DD with HE decimate it...Plus if you add AA perks on her you shoot down planes like flies so... I find it a very fun ship and enjoy playing but then again it requires skill to play and there are games where you die instantly but i think it's a nice balance compared to it's pros
  3. _Maou_

    royal navy cruiser seaplanes

    Well you can use it from tier 5 to tier 8 but considering it's on smoke consumable...it's not adviseable xd.Smoke is truly a saving grace for British cruisers
  4. _Maou_

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    My assumption is that it will take about a month or two for her to arrive (testing,balancing and etc) so i believe she should be in our hands around the beginning of May I plan on buying her the first min she arrives haha
  5. _Maou_

    HMS Hood Teaser

    You realise that Hood had belt armour almost the same thickness as the "almighty" Bismarck ? What she lacked was decka armour (stern deck armour around the magazine to be percise). She was inferior to Bismarck and most modern ships in terms of armour but for a battlecruiser she boasted quite high level of armour...before you diss on the ship look at it before. Now how Wg will implement her and her armour scheme i have no idea and depending on their will she could range from completely crap armour to pretty decent armour...
  6. _Maou_

    New weapons poll

    Hmm i think mines would be pretty interesting since it would make dd playing more versatile and cruisers would be needed more in order to find those mines with radar and sonar maybe...but then depends on WG and as we all know they can be pretty unpredictable in that regard xd
  7. _Maou_

    New Soviet DD split

    Well i am more interested in this compensation which WG is talking about since i have udaloi and am keen to know how will they make everything work But all in all i think it sounds pretty nice...now RN BB pls xD
  8. _Maou_

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    I AM NOW AMONG THE GODS Thank you all for the add
  9. _Maou_

    Worst map in ranked - Poll

    You forgot "Two brothers"...i hate that map xd
  10. _Maou_


    Nah Wg confirmed the Bismarck will be a regular T8 BB and not a prem so no more topics like that but if you ask the BIsmarck as a regular cannot be much better than the Tirpitz since Tirpitz was actually better than the BIsmarck IRL and only possible answer would be maybe some German plans on upgrading them or some WG's buff or simply Tirpitz will stay better xd..( Prem vehicles are more balanced and weaker than the regular counterparts.)....cough..cough...bull****...
  11. _Maou_

    Battle of Jutland Flag

    I think that anyone owning The Grand Old Lady or the Campbeltown should get a chance to that flag and frankly the only reason i want that bundle is that silly flag xd..I think it would be the fairest if they gave us a chance (those who own either Warspite or Campbeltown or both) to be able to get that flag :/
  12. _Maou_


    Pls,you already have the Tirpitz which is a better version of Bismarck plus it is certain that most probably in the next month Bismarck will come as a regular German Battleship at tier 8 so be patient..While us British get nothing so please don't start topics like this xd. I would like to have my Hood but i guess Wg said no
  13. _Maou_

    warspite? nerfed in the last 14 months?

    Well i have been playing Warspite since the day one she arrived in the game and i can say with certainty that not only the other ships changed but the Warspite herself. I remember that before Warspite had a fairly decent armour whetever in tier 6 or 7 and in tier 8 it was ok and the armour itself was hard to citadel but...i believe around...4months ago...holy crapit has turned to crap. i play bb's the most and Warspite i play the most out of all the ships in game and now she is the only ship i have no bloody idea how to angle..I go to front i get citadel or 10 000 from any bb whetevr tier 5 or 8...if i go broadside i am dead or half hp and if i angle i get a citadel or MAYBE bounce but MAYBE. The ships have changed but so did the Grand lady herself and to be honest i think WG did a shitty job implementing her right from the start and by nerfing her even more i thin they did and even more and they say "balance" and "historical"....yeah...i would rather not comment on that one..But after managing to screw Warspite so much they decide to put a Tirpitz in the game...(a BB with torpedoes) which is by my opinion one of the most OP premiums by all stats and they Buff her in litterally ever update.. My opinion is that WG doesn't give a crapabout history nor about balance but only to make money.Tirpitz which is driven mostly by idiots is expensive and everyone would buy it( hey even i would but it's expensive as hell) and it will be buffed always because if not it would be winefest on forums about how "they ruined their ship" and so on..while Warspite is driven mostly by RN lovers and bb drivers and WG has clearly shown that they don't give a crapabout RN or their ships so they won't change it but will give new "balanced" "historical" soviet navy. But i have to say that even with ALL THOSE HANDICAPS (crappy armour,shitty range, percision nerf,AA nerf)..EVEN WITH ALL THAT Warspite still can make much money and can kill and fight back and i have games to prove it.
  14. _Maou_

    warspite offer april fool

    Well my advice should be that you have to think before you buy it. I bought the Warspite the first day she came out and i do not regret my offer at all. Warspite is a ship which is nowhere near like in real life and shouldn't be compared (because WG ) but as a tier 6 bb,if you are an experienced BB player and know how to play BB, she is. Her two only downsides are her horrific turret rotation (72 s..i mean Wg..reallly ? ) and her range which is 16 km which is OK but should have been bigger xd. if you know how to play her she is a beast ( then again you are team dependant and you shouldn't go rambo style in her xd, and Rng dependant ). But if you are a RN or British fun the she is a must have ship and you cannot go play RN ships without the Grand old Lady . And if you are concerned about her credit potential abiltiy here is a screenshot of one of my games with her. Hope the post was helpfull
  15. _Maou_

    HMS Campbeltown & USS Saipan

    So Wg finally got to the idea to give something British to sooth the raging public...Took them long enough.