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  1. So far I got: - Halloween camo x15 - Speed Flags x75 - Chapayev Alt Camo And it seems Soviet cruisers should be on sale during the weekend.
  2. Mav75

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Getting the Tactical Expertise (5-star the mission AND all must survive) with my Cleveland in Operation Aegis.
  3. Mav75

    New ships on the horizon!

    The Cesare looks gorgeous. Too bad she's a tier 5 making her unusable in Scenarios. The Chinese (Pan-Asian) it's bad. "I can't do anything in this ship!", "F**k no!" - Flamu With the Soviet I see the Clown Plague make a yet another move outside WoT. But at least here you're not forced to use it (hope I don't have to see it).
  4. Mav75

    2nd year collection

    Thanks! Got myself 1 collection bit, 10 Valentine's camo and 30 Julie Charlie flags. Incidentally THE most hardest collection bit to get "Will Now Have Stories" (Win a battle using the Shinonome).
  5. Mav75

    another italian beauty on the way?

    She's a gorgeous ship, too bad she's tier 5 as I can't use her in Scenarios. If she were a tier 6, I'd get her in a heartbeat as the gameplay looked fun when I whatched Flamu's vid of her.
  6. Mav75

    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    They did learn something: they didn't go with DMCA strikes against iChase, nor did they do the PR crap that the NA branch did towards SirFoch. So, they did learn something. It's not the lessons we would have wanted them to learn though.
  7. INVITE CODES with the following: World of Tanks: PZ. Kpfw. T 15 + 50% +Crew Level World of Warships: Ship Emden + Port / Garage Slot 7 Days Premium 500 Doubloons exclusive Lootboy Flag
  8. Use the web page, smartphone is optional on this one.
  9. Do what people wrote earlier and just log into their web page at looboy.de That's what I did.
  10. Thanks fo the heads up. No luck for me. Edit: Had some extra accounts and got it finally. Also have think 2 (?) Invite codes and will post them when I get home.
  11. Few additional suggestions. British: Captain Frederic John "Johnnie" Walker CB, DSO. Sank more U-boats than any other commander. Definite if there were subs in the game. French are a bit tricky due to the Vichy France thing. Admiral Emile Muselier, commander of the Free French Navy. Admiral Jean de Laborde. Chief of Naval Aviation, CO of the carrier Bearn. Scuttled the French fleet in Toulon. Stripped of his French military honours. Admiral Francois Darlan.
  12. Mav75

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    Would have preferred something like British DD's or CV's, Italian cruisers or French.
  13. Don't worry, they don't give commands to PO2's.
  14. USN: Captain Ernest E. Evans (USS Johnson, posthumous CMOH), a DD focused captain. Regia Marina: Inigo Campioni, Carlo Bergamini, Domenico Cavagnari (BB focused).
  15. Mav75

    How is your Dunkirk Collection going on?

    RNGesus favored me and I finished off without too much stress. Think I had enough duplicates for 2 trades.