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  1. MrConway

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    We have that, as Leo_Apollo pointed out :)
  2. MrConway

    Flint and others

    Nope, we said not sooner than 6 months, the exact time has not been decided yet. I cannot say yet unfortunately.
  3. Moin! Social distancing gibts hier bei uns gerade nicht mehr, mal sehen ob das so bleibt.
  4. MrConway

    How to get the snowflake bonus in 0.9.8

    We are considering a change here for future snowflake events, but this one will still work in the previous manner. I agree that it would be cool to be able to do it in randoms as well, without having the pressure to win.
  5. Es war heiss, was soll man machen :) Ich verstehe kein Wort...
  6. MrConway

    Something has changed with WoWs - graphics

    Please also send it if it is not visible on the replay :)
  7. MrConway

    Dunkirk crate and chance to get Gallant

    I remember writing a batch file at the shared school PCs and leaving a very conspicuous link to it on the desktop. The result was... interesting What was this thread about again?
  8. Hrhrhr.... Wenn wir mal wieder einen vollen Deutschen Zweig bringen, werden wir auch sicherlich solche Designs benutzen.
  9. MrConway

    Something has changed with WoWs - graphics

    Would you two kindly grab a replay and (if possible) a recording of the issue and submit it via ticket? Respond here when done and I'll forward it to our support team directly, because this doesn't sound great at all.
  10. MrConway

    World of Warships Merch bei Teespring

    Das kann ich auch gut verstehen, wir sind aber nunmal kein T-shirt hersteller, sondern ein Entwicklerstudio :) Wir haben keine Absicht mit solchem Merchandise ernsthaft Geld zu verdienen und haben diesen Shop nur euretwegen aufgemacht. Klar ist die jetztige Loesung doof, wir hoffen aber dass die das zum Ende des Jahres verbessern werden.
  11. MrConway

    Dunkirk crate and chance to get Gallant

    If I had a "read all" button, then I wouldn't mind :)
  12. We won't be able to just swoop in and make a change now. They have been released and it will take some time for us to have collected enough reliable data to make a decision on whether she needs any changes. We obviously pay close attention to newly released ships and should be able to catch any big imbalances automatically :)
  13. Da koennen wir leider nicht viel zu sagen gerade. Es werden sicherlich zukuenftig noch mehr Deutsche Schiffe kommen, wir sind noch lange nicht fertig :)
  14. MrConway

    Operation: Raptor Rescue

    Yes, because I reported it ;) Thanks for pinging me!