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  1. Solicito me sea retirada la sanción por el mensaje puesto en español. No era mi intención infringir las normas, pues las desconocía, siempre pensé que se podía escribir en otro idioma, por lo tanto le ruego que admita mis disculpas pues tiene mi palabra que no volveré a publicar nada en ningún foro que no sea español. Gracias.

    Le ruego un poco de comprensión, por favor.

  2. MrConway

    FPS drops

    Oh sorry, in the same folder as the executable, just in the main folder.
  3. MrConway

    FPS drops

    I have some good news, our devs think they might have found a solution for the FPS issues. Please download the following zip file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wEqGgCh-D9B8Z9v1mkrxGsSMeDuf34bY/view?usp=sharing To apply the fix, you should: Download archive Unpack the archive Copy the "fps_fix" folder to the game directory, next to worldofwarships.exe Go to the directory fps_fix Launch apply-patch_eu.bat Select the "1. Apply Changes" option. Press any button To undo changes: Run the apply-patch_eu.bat Select the "2. Cancel changes" Press any button Important! In order for the fix to work correctly, the game must be without installed modification or running in safe mode. Please let us know if this helped with your issue so we can deploy it globally if successful.
  4. British CV Furious Stock bombers changed: Number of bombers in one attacking flight increased from 1 to 2; Plane regain time is lowered from 142 to 96 seconds; Size of the aiming ellipse is increased by 22% Top researchable bombers changed: Count of bombers in one attacking flight increased from 1 to 2; Size of the aiming ellipse is increased by 30% Top researchable torpedo bombers' torpedoes replaced by that of the stock ones: The damage is lowered from 5930 to 5200 The flooding chance is lowered from 51% to 45% Instead of 4 bomber attack runs you can make only 2, but each of them will be more effective and the squadron will spend less time under the AA fire. The size of the aiming ellipse was increased to take into account the addition of the second plane and the increased number of bombs being dropped. The torpedoes of the top torpedo-bombers were replaced as they demonstrated higher efficiency in comparison with other CVs. In addition, such a change compensates the increased bombers' damage. Azuma Azuma's AA was updated in 0.8.1, it was tested and we are ready to show you the final state of the ship's AA defense: AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second - 519, hit probability - 83%, action zone 0.1-1.9 km; AA defense long-range: number of explosions in a salvo - 8, damage within an explosion - 1470, continuous damage per second - 260, hit probability - 88%, action zone 1.9-5.8 km; AA sector reinforcement - 25%, sector reinforcement and reinforcement shift time - 10 s. Azuma's AA now has high continuous damage in the short ranges and dangerous explosions from the 1.9 km range.
  5. MrConway

    kicked again from server tonight

    Unsure, but I have reported it and we'll investigate!
  6. MrConway

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Check out the PTS today, it includes new AA changes.
  7. MrConway

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    This. I have long since gotten used to it - its almost a forum feature now That's not what this is about or ever was about. We don't like having unbalanced ships in game and for the most part we have avoided it. But balancing isn't an easy process and mistakes do happen. Now we just have to live with them, but we certainly don't intend to make more. We didn't go back on our words. We said we wanted to test this change and asked for your feedback about it.
  8. MrConway


    Yes, we notified everyone of the compensation, you can see the announcement here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/announcement/66-server-issues-1203-1303-compensation-info/
  9. MrConway

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    Like the official forum for instance? We really are posting our devblogs everywhere now ;)
  10. Post colour fixed, sorry guys
  11. MrConway

    FPS drops

    Of course, and if this suggestion didn't work for you, please contact our support for further investigation. Interesting, I'll pass it on to our QA guys and we'll take a look. Yes, I generally am careful with that. But if you check the linked page, Microsoft specifically said that this update has caused verified issues in some games and advocates removing it as a solution. We had some reports from players who said this solution helped them. I am not trying to assign blame, I'm trying to help troubleshoot while we investigate.
  12. MrConway

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Sorry, but we cannot share that information. The publicly available information is present on those 3rd party sites that pull them directly from our API.
  13. MrConway


    Please reach out to customer support, they can help you resolve that issue. There is nothing we can do regarding statistics, but we are of course looking into compensation for everyone affected. I think it is a combination of issues, but we are working hard on increasing server stability - this is not an acceptable situation for us.
  14. MrConway

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    This is really not a widespread issue from what we have seen, but we can monitor the situation. But with even-tier CVs having been removed, +1/-1 is sometimes the only choice for some players.
  15. MrConway


    We didn't have any server issues Sunday, don't think this is connected to be honest.