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  1. Dear Sir,


    I am writing this as an attempt to draw attention to a very special sailor that served from 25 August 1939 to 1 January 1944 when he was discharged due to paralysis from a transportation accident. He passed on 1 April 1944 in the Simon's Town Naval Hospital and buried with full naval honours. He was enlisted as a ordinary seaman but later promoted to Able Seaman. His name Just Nuisance. No this is not a joke. Please see the link below.




    In the spirit of Unsinkable Sam I thought that for interest he and his comrades that served for various navies during the second world war be remembered, like Bamse from the Norwegian Navy. And if there is any possibility to remember them in game so that their heroism, honor and courage that inspired many a sailor during that dark times, known as the second world war, not be lost.


    I know this is a long shot but please take it into consideration.


    Thank you