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  1. Mr Conway

    I  bought a specific gaming PC to play this Game in February 2019.  Tonight while starting my first game my PC decided to stop working.  As luck would have it I have an old PC (Windows 7) that I put the game on and although slower it works.  I got the message that I had 3 pink tickets for leaving the game early.  I did not my PC died.  When I set up my backup PC and started Playning It told me I had an enforced error and it needed to close.  It did,  I started it and did a thourough system check and got it working again,  I was told when I got back into the game I had a further violation and i would turn pink for 10 battles.  I think this is unfair as these issues were completely outside of my control and I was told to contact you with my tale of woe.

    Allisona (Alex Allison)