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  1. Hurray hurray this is the way to go people,


    keep chasing the casual players away

    this game is getting worse patch after patch

    There is no more balance in this development at all

    you win 2 you lose 3 you win one you lose 2 you win 2 you lose 2 again

    this is not the way you threat people who are just looking for some entertainment and have an interest in naval history battleships

    Let us not speak about the lousy Christmas event they put together xD, that is just hilarious.

    An event organised should be for every player and not for the ones that can actually benefit from them.

    You knew about the country gamble restrictions, many many players didn´t had any chance for a nice ship drop at all, this is not OK at all

    Just stop running scripts on players accounts

    Don´t decide who can win or not, meaning do not interfear.

    If you organize something then organize for the entire community, otherwise just don´t organise at all

    A nice anti WG social media community will be set up soon to get the disappointed people playing this game have a say [edited]well, because support is pure crap

    No direct contact , only WG CC playing under one head

    Should be ashamed playing with peoples lifes , budgets etc......

    Enough is enough