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  1. In last version of WOWS(0.7.2) special emblems are bugged for me. My emblem always gets reset to the normal one you got when the emblems just got introduced. Is there a way for me to save the emblem I chose or is it just a bug?

    1. chriscripps17


        since 0.7.2 2 times ive got this  before my email and password was already on screen and i just click connect  for 2 times today  i have retype out my email and password so wg have have some majour issues now and i hacve problem with wg not fixing   it  most game fixes wont happen till 0.7.3 and 0.7.4  why wait that long thats howwg are gonna bad name for them selves stupid and lazy wows2.thumb.png.ab8ce40312a4c5ee55891c9bc5ddbf93.pngwows.thumb.png.53f35471804e97e2e00c7096b8120e4f.png