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  1. PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Unfortunately the permanent camouflage will not be available before round 2 of the test launches, I have reported the items missing in the inventory.
  2. As it is a ship-specific camo, we would need to re-do it unfortunately. The Cleveland camo I am referring to is this one: Only the veterans will know it, it is exceedingly rare nowadays ;)
  3. PT 0.7.5 General Feedback

    It also says so in this thread, above next to the US Cruisers part ;)
  4. Z39 in Shop

    Sure I can. But as you already mentioned, all of these captains can be or could be obtained for free, so we do not see an issue with providing a counterpart for players who couldn't complete the missions in the shop. These are also not captains from permanent campaigns, but temporary ones.
  5. Captains, As we receive a lot of questions regarding the US cruiser split and how the changes will affect the ships in your port, you will find a rough breakdown here. As we already did with the Russian DD changes, we will make sure to do all changes in a way that you benefit from them. A ship to be replaced will remain available to the player in stock configuration on the new tier (In the Port if it was purchased or in the researched state if it was researched). The replacement ship will be added to the player's account together with a port slot (if the replaced ship has been purchased) or will become researched (if the replaced ship has been researched). Replacement of modules will be carried out by means of adding similar modules for the new ship to the player's account, or by reimbursement of their cost in XP (added to the new ship) and credits. For the replaced ship, its Commander's specialization will be changed to the ship of the corresponding tier in the main branch. For the second ship, a new Commander will be added to the player's account and bonus Commander XP. (This is based on the new ship's tier, not the original commander's level) If a purchased permanent camouflage was mounted on a ship to be replaced, it will remain mounted on this ship and a new permanent camouflage (for the added ship) will be added to the player's account. Exceptions: Permanent special camouflages for Cleveland and New Orleans will remain with the ships and will NOT appear for ships taking their place in the new tech tree. As these camouflages are specific to the model, they cannot easily be transferred or duplicated. There will be a detailed ship-by-ship breakdown in the upcoming patchnotes, but please feel free to ask any questions here.
  6. I Want My Right Click BACK!

    I am not sure why, but I can try to find out. In the meantime, the workaround posted by the awesome @Seeteufel looks promising :)
  7. That's a great idea, I didn't even realize it was hiding there ;)
  8. Tagging us is usually a good way to make sure of that, I personally note down good feedback and make sure to forward it :)
  9. Port chat ever going to get fixed?

    Who dares summon me!? Just kidding The UI issues are a sore point for us as well and something we really want to address as soon as we can free up the necessary dev time, until then there is little we can do :(
  10. 3 clan members in ranked battles

    We have no problem with people in the same clan counting down, and if we did it would be easy for them to leave the clan and do it anyway. The issue is when these people adjust their play-style to intentionally influence the match outcomes, feed or similar. If you spot this please send a report with replay to support and we will send them straight to Gulag.
  11. "Dark side" of WWII in Europe Marathon mission

    To be honest it looks like the system should do the discouraging for us. But it might be a good idea to look into this :)
  12. Chat ban - small change at least...

    As a general rule of advice, when taking to the forum complaining about a chat ban, make sure that your chat history is squeaky clean, or you will attract the attention of myself The simple fact is that even if all three members of a division report you, you will not be immediately chat banned. If they however push you over the threshold from other reports you have surely received for some of your colourful use of language, then there is little we can do. Having the ban apply everywhere is of course not ideal, but from a technical perspective that is the way the system currently works. Since this only negatively affects the people who break the rules, we are not terribly motivated to invest time into changing this. Cut down on your salt a little and it shouldn't happen again. :)
  13. Double punishment playing Dm. Donskoi

    Its obviously not working as intended, but hard for an automatic system to distinguish. Please send in a report to customer support with replays from both games so we can take a closer look. Ultimately I am not however sure if we will be able to distinguish an accidental deletion from an intentional suicide rush. But providing this doesn't happen several games in a row (it shouldn't) you will not receive the punishment, but only the warning.
  14. Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    Sorry I'm a bit late to the party in this thread but I did want to weigh in. This argument comes up whenever we do this kind of win-back promotion and I can understand how you feel being left out of this kind of promotion. The reality is that we are a free to play game, none of you are forced to pay any money to play and we frequently give everyone the chance to get free premium content through missions, marathons, campaigns and contests. We absolutely love all of you that spent money on supporting us and the game, our intention with these initiatives is definitely not to piss you off. But as all games, we need players. If we can encourage a veteran to come back to the game, play some ranked and hopefully rekindle his love for warships, we will do so even if it means giving away some free stuff. More players mean a healthier game which is good for all of us. What did you get for being active for the last three months - I hope you had fun playing our game! :) I cannot guarantee that you will get anything if you go AFK for any amount of time and I hope that if you enjoy playing World of Warships, you won't want to.