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  1. Shipstacking in CW

    Very much this. Provide some replays and we'll look at it
  2. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    I'll bump it up to devs - luckily Hans wasn't hit :P
  3. Bug Reports

    Please activate the new camouflages in the port filter (cog to the bottom right of the carousel)
  4. Ranked Season

    You need to enable them in the port filter.
  5. Good video, keep it up gain some more subscribers and we will definitely have a space in our contributor program for you! Please enable the camouflages in your port filter (cog in the bottom right of the screen) and you will see them.
  6. General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    This might be working as intended, but I'll report it and see if we can make changes.
  7. Nope, we also need to have some time off :) We are aware of this - its a bug. It should be fixed with the next update and we are looking into what we can do for the people who still got a modification in 0.7.7. As we can pull the data from the server there is no need to contact support.
  8. The whole filter system is designed so that the filtered content is entirely invisible if selected. As we give out mission rewards that contain content some players don't want to see, this is the best way we have found to make sure they can enjoy the game the way they like :)
  9. Chime sound

    Honestly, I have no clue :(
  10. Luckily for you, there is a sympathetic friendly neighbourhood community manager on the lookout for these things :) You should have your ship shortly! I'll see what I can do, but it seems you spent the doubloons after the event ended.
  11. Rendering Ships - delayed & failing

    I suggest you guys head over to the public test server and have a look at the fix we are testing to reduce the rendering delay there - feedback is very appreciated.
  12. Unfortunately we have no such plans for now - I think when and if we do Dutch ships, we want to do them properly. Thanks for the suggestion though! I think you'll find I'm usually pretty good with providing information where I can - I just don't like to be definite until things are definite :)
  13. Suggestions thread

    I'll forward the suggestion re: premiums. Regarding the reviews - there are a wide variety of contributors out there, with very varying skills and competencies in the various ships. Find one that aligns with yours and you should be OK. Otherwise I can always only heartily recommend Littlewhitemouse's reviews: http://shipcomrade.com/?author=6
  14. The forum has a long memory - I just don't like being quoted at :P