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  1. I sent out invitations to the skype conversation yesterday evening, if you have not yet been invited, please send me a PM ASAP so we can get you sorted out!
  2. If you are looking to join a team to participate in one of the many tournaments being played in Europe, this is the place to post. Rules: Only one post per player is allowed in this thread. Please update your post if you are no longer interested or have found a team. Teams need to contact players via PM, only application posts are allowed here. Failure to follow any of the rules might lead to your post being removed. Please include the following information: Tournaments you are interested in (formats, tiers etc.). Times that you are available to play and frequency you are able to play. Experience in competitive play (if any). Ships available at your chosen tier. Languages spoken. It is also recommended to have your stats on the portal visible to ensure that teams can check out your performance in game.
  3. Very nice and incredibly impressive! If you happen to have trouble finding a place to put it up, let me know
  4. The participating teams are: From KoTS quarter-finals: Tora Tora Tora - [TTT] Odem Mortis - [OM] Unité Francophone - [UFR] Random picks: Flying Ducks - [FLYD] Italian Royal Navy - [_IRN_] Hungarian Naval Force - [HNF] Alliance- [ALN] Marine Division Experienced - [MDIVX] Nord Atlantik Blitz [NAB] Mad Pantsu - [CL4PT] Guys Who Dated Your Sister - [GDS] Total War Alliance - [-TWA-] ChinoStare 7 - [LOLIS] Pirates of Seven Seas - [YARR] VME Community - [VMEX] Vikings - [VKNGS] If anyone cannot play, please let me know ASAP so I can pick a replacement!
  5. You will be provided with separate tournament accounts and the region changer mod should indeed be sufficient, but please check it before the tournament starts. As for the smoke question, the answer is no. Only one ship that can have smoke equipped can be used, even if it doesn't have it equipped.
  6. That's a very good question, I'll discuss it with my colleagues and let you know.
  7. In this case each group of 30 players is its own separate clan. We will check that all players are in the same before accepting their application.
  8. Please be aware that this tournament was organized in a short time, the rules and regulations might therefore still contain some errors, as well as many typos If you have any questions please ask them here, I will try to respond when I can.
  9. To pass the time leading up to our next King of the Sea tournament, we decided to hold a small fun clan tournament together with our colleagues from the CIS region. It is going to be radically different and will serve as a fun experiment and test of the format. Tournament name - "4x4" Important features of this tournament: The tournament is held in 4x4 format. Each team has 4 main + 1 spare players. Tier 8 The tournament will be attended by 16 teams from the RU server side and 16 from EU server side Clans from each server can be represented by only one team. If there are not enough teams, the clans will be allowed to add another team. The tournament has 16 slots for EU teams, 12 of which will be given out by random draw after the registration period. Only complete applications with at least 4 players and a team name will be considered. (read the requirements in the Regulations) 4 slots are reserved for the King of the Sea semi-finalists, should they wish to participate. Games will be played on weekends (July 15-16, July 22-23). The Grand Final will be held on Wednesday (26.07) in the evening. To ensure fair and equal conditions, all participants will play on tournament accounts. Registration starts today. End of registration is 11/07/2017 (23:59 CEST). Battles will be held on the RU cluster. Sign up here (read the rules first!) All other details can be found in the detailed regulations.
  10. 0.6.8

    Please leave any general feedback on the public test of update 0.6.8 here. Should your feedback concern one of the following topics, please post it in the relevant linked thread: Bug Reports Dunkirk PvE Mission Dunkirk Collection Dunkirk Port Fast CommandsIn-game News Tier VII Ships - Rigging Modernizations Supercontainer Changes Permanent skin for Bismarck
  11. 0.6.8

    Please leave any feedback you have regarding the permanent Bismarck skin here - let us know if it was credited correctly when you finished the test campaign!
  12. 0.6.8

    Please leave any feedback you have regarding the changes to supercontainers here.
  13. 0.6.8

    Please leave any feedback you have regarding the changed Modernizations here.
  14. 0.6.8

    Please leave any feedback you have regarding the improved rigging on tier VII ships here. Do you think it is an improvement? Let us know!
  15. 0.6.8

    Please leave any feedback you have regarding the new in-game news here.