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  1. Halloween Event 2018 (tomorrow)

    Wow, sounding the batsignal and then switching it off before I show up - not fair ;)
  2. You will definitely get your chance to contribute and test, but due to technical limitations we cannot invite everyone immediately. We also need to include both players that do play CVs and players that don't play CVs, as one of the issues we are trying to solve is the low popularity of the class. More people responded positively to the email than expected, so we had to postpone some of the invitations to a later wave - my apologies. If you received an email invite and opted in, we will include you as soon as possible.
  3. Unfortunately I have some bad news. During our last checks of the CV beta build, we found a couple of critical bugs. They are quite annoying, and we don’t want them to affect your hands-on experience with the new gameplay. We’ve already smashed one of the bugs, and the other is in process, but we still need to double check everything again and deliver the fixes to your test clients properly. This means that the beginning of CV test will be delayed - worst case scenario until tomorrow. We will update you here as soon as we have more information. Sorry for any inconvenience, and rest assured, we will launch the test as soon as we can!
  4. Sorry, there seem to be some improvements to make with the process. Not sure why the WoT clients are not detected, all warships instances definitely run through it. We needed to deploy this on a separate server or we would have pushed the update to all players running public test even if they don't have access to the test.
  5. Captains, Please leave any general feedback regarding Update 0.7.10 in this thread. Should your feedback concern one of the following topics, please leave it in the linked thread. Ranked Sprint Halloween - Previous Events Halloween - Terror of the Deep - Will become available October 31st Daily Shipments Matchmaker Improvements Interface Changes & Other Improvements A. Ovechkin Commanders Bug Reports As usual, a detailed list of the changes implemented in the update can be found on our portal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0710-halloween/
  6. Bug Reports

    Captains, Please share all bugs encountered in the public test of version 0.7.8 below, using the following template: 1. Description Clear and substantial description containing all necessary details. Example: the cruiser Aoba: scout is inoperable. 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. Example: 1. Select the cruiser Aoba 2. Enter the battle (Training or Random Battle). 3. Try to launch the scout. 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug. Example: When you press the scout activation button, you can hear the sound, but nothing actually happens. The aircraft stands still on the catapult. 4. Expected result In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present. Example: The scout has to be launched by the catapult. 5. Technical details Example: Bug time: about 19:30 (UTC).Replay (attempt at 01:00), python.log, DxDiag. If you encounter this error, please zip your ~\crashes\ folder, upload it to any online file storage and add the link to your report.
  7. A. Ovechkin Commanders

    Captains, Please leave any feedback regarding the Alexander Ovechkin Commanders here. More details can be found on the portal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/earn-your-greatness/
  8. Captains, Please leave any feedback regarding the interface changes (i.e. torpedo alert change) and other improvements here.
  9. Matchmaker Improvements

    Captains, Please leave any feedback regarding the new improvements to our Matchmaker here.
  10. Daily Shipments

    Captains, Please leave any feedback regarding the new Daily Shipments here.
  11. Captains, Please leave any feedback regarding the new "Terror of the Deep" Halloween mode here. We are particularly interested in what you think of the submarine mechanics! Please note: The mode will only be available October 31st!
  12. Halloween - Previous Events

    Captains, Please leave any feedback regarding the revamped Halloween modes from previous years in this thread.
  13. Ranked Sprint

    Captains, Please leave any feedback regarding the new Ranked Sprint in this thread. You can find all the details on Ranked Sprint on the portal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/ranked-sprint/
  14. No it is not, but there is usually a lull in posts as we focus on deploying the latest version. When work seriously starts on 0.7.11 you will see the posts popping back up - and there are some interesting ones coming :)
  15. Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    The difference between Hindenburg and Zao, in winrate, is 2,39%. This number represents 6.257 games, which isn't a small number. Actually, based on September stats the difference is ~1%. I'm sorry, are you quoting the numbers I posted? I think not, so what gives? If you quote different numbers, then please post a source. I am not, I am looking at the actual numbers, based on all games played. I am not a balancing expert and I don't make decisions about balancing, but in my opinion she is doing just fine. I also trust our balance team to make necessary changes if she really shows that she is falling behind.