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  1. MrConway

    Twitch Drops – Monstrous Edition: Week 4

    All contributors got to choose one of the four weeks to participate in, so you should see them in one of the coming weeks :) The idea of this is to encourage people to discover some of the other excellent streamers in our community.
  2. Is that true.

    We that can not complete the entire collection we are following twich for nothing?

  3. MrConway

    Results: Anzac Day

    This is not a remembrance of Gallipoli specifically, but an event dedicated to Anzac day, which is the most significant commemoration of military casualties and veterans in Australia and New Zealand. Gallipoli is mentioned in the article specifically because it is the origin of this commemoration. We intend no offense and I apologize if any has been caused. We'll take this feedback on board for articles like this in the future.
  4. Hallo Mr. Conway,


    ich freue mich immer wenn neue deutsche Schiffe den Weg ins Spiel bringen und war daher sehr erfreut zu hören, dass mit dem T7 Kreuzer WEIMAR ein weiteres Schiff die deutsche Flotte im Spiel bereichern soll.

    Leider habe ich jetzt erfahren, das die Reichweite der Hauptartillerie jetzt vor der Einführung schon von 15,4 km auf 13,3 km reduziert werden soll. Sorry, da das entzieht sich meinem Verständnis.
    Wir bewegen uns mit einem T7 Kreuzer in Gefechten mit T9er Gegnern deren Reichweite in den meisten Fällen 16km und mehr beträgt.
    Im Spiel sind bereits mit der Boise, der Atlanta und der Nuevo di Julio Schiffe die immer den Beweis liefern, dass man in Gefechten gegen T9 Gegnern chancenlos ist. Warum wiederholt man diesen Mist schon wieder??

    Wenn die WEIMAR tatsächlich zu stark sein sollten, so gebt der Hauptartillerie wenigsten die Stockreichweite des Forschungskreuzers der gleichen Stufe oder eine Stufe niedriger (... z. B. von der NUERNBERG = Stock 15km)und zieht nicht gleich 2,1km ab!!

    Ansonsten bringt Ihr wieder ein Schiff ohne Gefechtsperpektiven und höchsten fürs Sammler-Regal.


    Schönen Gruß



    1. Sea_Elf_55


      Im Spiel sind bereits mit der Boise, der Atlanta und der Nuevo di Julio Schiffe die immer den Beweis liefern, dass man in Gefechten gegen T9 Gegnern chancenlos ist.


      Hallo Mr. Conway,

      da kann ich Yossam nur beipflichten. Aus meinen Erfahrungen mit der Atlanta und der Julio kann ich berichten das ich mit diesen beiden T7ern in 9er Runden nur Dresche beziehe und evtl. 1 von 10 Runden überstehe. So gut ich auch die Atlanta finde, aber die Reichweite ist gelinde gesagt etwas für den Popo. Deshalb spiele ich sie sehr selten.



      Sea Elf

  5. MrConway

    ST, Axis vs Allies

    We conducted in in-depth analysis about whether the lack of radar one one side will present an issue and don't think it will, but that is also why we test :) We see tier 8 as a good starting point and if this event is successful there is nothing stopping us from exploring other tiers!
  6. MrConway


    I just wanted to jump in and clarify a few misconceptions and assumptions that are being passed around here regarding Flamu's removal from the CC program. I think if you have followed Flamu over the years, you should know that we have never sanctioned him for his opinion. The reason the Tweet in question was highlighted (as part of the issue), is that despite the many contacts he has to us, he never bothered to ask for confirmation before posting an incorrect assumption intended to rile up the community. The contributor program is a partnership between content creators and us and only works if both sides are interested in making it work. We do not have the wish or the capability to silence Flamu, he is free to keep making World of Warships content just like any other streamer. We did however choose not to promote and support him anymore. KoTS XII will not have CVs, information that is easily available on the KoTS discord and has been ever since the announcement about the handover was made.
  7. MrConway

    giveway winer

    You have mail ;)
  8. Das werden wir hoechstwahrscheinlich nicht aendern, da musst du dir schon Skills aussuchen. Wenn du sowieso nur Ccoop spielst, dann nimm doch einfach die empfohlenen Skills, dann dauert das auch nicht lange :)
  9. MrConway

    AFK Players in ranked

    Thats a terrible idea IMO, your team is already at a disadvantage with a player missing, why would you want them to waste time and shells on shooting a ship on their your own team?
  10. MrConway

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    I can confirm that your math is indeed correct, this is how the calculations work out. This does not however confirm whether there are innate balance issues with the skill, that is something that we are currently still investigating. We will be following up with a detailed dev-blog post on the skill rework and some of the specific skills and their impact once we have finished collecting and analyzing data. It is important to remember that we need to actually have the skills used for a while before we can draw conclusions either way.
  11. MrConway

    Reset account

    Any ships that are not tech-tree ships should remain on your account. If you want to make sure about a certain ship, just ask CS prior to confirming the wipe.
  12. First of all thanks for doing the right thing and reporting him to support. A temporary ban is certainly not the only tool in our arsenal and I have sent this particular report for a review to see if it needs to be escalated. If you come across cases where it appears that the unfair play is a constant thing or where there was clear intent behind it (announced in chat), please do feel free to escalate it to myself or one of the other staff members, preferably via PM. We will definitely check and see what can be done in each individual case as we don't want everyone's enjoyment to be ruined by a few bad apples. Thanks!
  13. MrConway

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    You're a brave man mentioning me in a math-heavy post I'll clarify with the dev-team and get back to you.
  14. Standard detectability is poor wording on our part, what it refers to is the concealment listed in port, including the modifiers from modules and captain skills, but without additional modifiers that you may be receiving in game from captains or buffs. As an example, my Yamato has 14.1km detectability when I go into battle and as long as there are no spotted enemies within 14.1 km, deadeye is active.
  15. MrConway

    When will be the next ranked season?

    There'll be detailed information on the next season towards the end of next week, I'll have to ask you for a bit more patience!