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  1. MrConway

    Anleitung für Twitch Drops in 0.8.10

    So schlimm finde ich das nicht formuliert um erhlich zu sein. Als kleiner Tipp von mir am Rande: Twitch die ganze Zeit laufen lassen um einen Epischen Drop zu bekommen hilft nicht, es reicht wenn man einmal taeglich mal ne Weile schaut um die Chance zu haben. Das Geruecht mit dem gemuteten Browsertab ist ein Geruecht, das hat darauf keinen Einfluss. Und bezueglich der Mission hat @Klopirat recht, die Schiffe kannst du jetzt ganz normal erspielen. Ausserdem haben wir die Mission extra lange angesetzt damit alle die Chance haben sie abzuschliessen. :)
  2. MrConway

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.8.10

    Natuerlich kann man mit einzelnen Screenshots immer "belegen" dass irgendeine Klasse oder Schiff zu viel oder zu wenig verdient. Das Einkommen haengt von vielen verschiedenen Faktoren ab, einzelne Gefechtsberichte sind da nicht aussagend. Fakt ist, das Traeger vor dem Update mehr Credits und XP (im Durchschnitt) bekommen haben als alle anderen Klassen, weshalb wir das Einkommen verringern mussten.
  3. MrConway

    18.5km range "feature"

    Since we fixed it in less than a day I think the damage was minimal, but it was definitely one of the more fun bugs we have had
  4. MrConway

    ☆ WG's secret and El2aZeR true identity ★

    I am always watching
  5. You can check in the recruiting station rules: https://friends.worldofwarships.eu/en/about Generally you need to bare in mind that there will be a delay of at least 30 days and you will need at least two recruits to be able to get cashback.
  6. Bonne nouvelle ! Pendant toute la durée de la version 0.8.10, nous conserverons les baisses de prix dans la boutique Premium, comme annoncé précédemment. Notez que ces baisses de prix s'appliquent à tous les articles trouvés dans la boutique Premium, en revanche vous verrez l'impact le plus important sur les articles les moins chers.
  7. MrConway

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Good news! For the duration of 0.8.10 we will be keeping the price decreases in the Premium Shop, as previously announced here. Just a quick reminder that these price decreases apply to all items found in the Premium Shop, but you’ll see the biggest impact on the cheaper items.
  8. We already spread generous incentives for people to try the game, but as with all things the difficulty lies in actually getting someone to download and install the game, which is why we love the concept of a recruitment program. Regarding your request for bigger coop battles, we'll see what we can do in future. There are some changes coming to coop in any case :)
  9. MrConway

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    We generally don't like making ships that are not accessible after the first roll-out, so you can definitely expect Benham to make a re-appearance. Unfortunately I can't tell you yet how or when she will be available again - stay tuned!
  10. How will and can  WG help the CC comply to the new rules ?  

    I am not a CC and does not seek to be one but I enjoy the content. My fear is that  the regulation will impact a lot of CCs and reduce the content available negatively both for WoWS ( Tanks too). My hope is that WG use some resources to help the CC to adapt .


  11. MrConway

    In port "Community Chat" has been broken for months now...

    We know this situation isn't great - our apologies. The bug is in our backlog, but we hope to have it addressed within the next few updates. To fix it will require an update of the entire chat backend, which is why it has taken some time.
  12. MrConway

    "Infernal Camo" is Lame

    We like giving the ability to earn cool cosmetics and if you don't like them you are absolutely not forced to use them, but that of course also includes the bonuses that they bring. With the current system it is not possible to separate these.
  13. MrConway

    CV Rework Discussion

    It seems that even though we are on page 472, I still need to reiterate that CVs will not be removed. CVs in the current state are mostly fine and should be OK once we figure out how to nerf @El2aZeR specifically.
  14. MrConway

    Smash Pumpkins Event

    I personally am not a fan of the event as it encourages people to play very differently in random battles to get the kill on the designated account. While I also like aspects, I think it would result in a lot of frustration through aspects that you guys often complain about: Kill missions RNG Have to get in battle with the account Have to be on the right flank to fight the account Have to sink the ship being piloted by the account Changed meta People will change the way they play to get the kill I'm sure we could find a lot of volunteers to take part, but that is not the reason I don't want to do this - hope you understand. Its a global event, but I'm not going to give you any undue hints here ;)
  15. MrConway

    Ram rasputin, Ram that guy, Ram...R-A-M... Ram

    Just as a little update: More than 10% of the attempts on super hard have been managing to get 5 stars, so it seems very achievable!