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  1. HardCandy89

    Humor na dziś

    I to właśnie były te BBki, które faktycznie miały wpływ na wynik bitwy. Secondarkowe BBki i dobrze ustawiony Kreml/Władzio mogły bardzo się przysłużyć zespołowi choćby przez zblokowanie flanki czy wrogiego DD. Dziś niby wciąż mogą robić to samo, ale w zależności od RNG to w ogóle nie działa, albo działa niewystarczająco. WG chyba się samo z tymi BBkami zamotało ;)
  2. HardCandy89

    Best ships/tech tree lines for beginners?

    Taking the US BBs as a first BB line is the best thing you could do. Seriously. New Mex, Colorado and NC teach you going INTO the battle, good positioning and map awareness, as their full potential is on the "lower" mid range (under 15km). T6 and t7 are slow and you need to follow the team to be effective, as they have pretty short gun firing ranges (New Mex about 18.6 with the module). T8 North Carolina has a great concealment of 12.3 km (with camo paint on, module and captain's skill). As her bullets are very slow, any sniping is useless. You would rather go and use her concealment to shoot as close to the enemy as possible. In my personal opinion, a well played North Carolina is the best ship from the whole line. And... Maybe my opinion will not be so popular, but I think that the second line from this tree is not that bad. Actually, Minnesota is the best from it, her guns are so accurate that it makes her the best t9 tech tree BB. Definitely worth to give her a try.
  3. HardCandy89

    Static gameplay

    Well, I "love" such situations when taking my lovely North Carolina to the battle and seeing that I'm the top tier queen... Surprisingly often such battles are harder to carry than the t10 ones 😂
  4. HardCandy89

    Static gameplay

    I will definitely count all my Gaede battles to check with which tiers I was set up. Probably will do the same with Maas (but somehow I'm almost sure I'll have the same "fun and engaging" MM as you have in Skane right now... )
  5. HardCandy89

    Static gameplay

    That is the reason why you can see so many "random GK dudes" yoloing in early game and then trying to go reverse and tank. When it's already too late for them... I am still capable to push strongly in my GK, but the awareness of the "right moment to turn and kite for a while" is crucial. If one learns it (I guess I got it, but there are still some cases when I fail), they can make a huge impact on the game. And yes, the games with nice coop between players are so rare... But recently I had a couple of them, I always use the chat and try to engage with the teammates in conversation - when they start answering the battles tend to go much better. :)
  6. HardCandy89

    Static gameplay

    I will check some more battles, but it seems that we get to make the bottom tier more frequently as it was before (my clanmate told me about the same experience during his regrinds). From those "large spot" DDs I also have Blyska, but she is much faster and more "flexible" than Gaede, you can do *something* to the enemy DDs during the exchange and you can run away much quicker. But as you mentioned, the hits (even those from unexperienced CV players) hurt the most. One simply cannot dodge everything... Also in my experience, the middle tiers gameplay which used to be a big fun in comparison to rather static top tiers, has been getting more and more frustrating.
  7. HardCandy89

    Static gameplay

    I am regrinding the Z52 line to better learn the gameplay (it is a very difficult line for me), and recently I bought back Gaede. 2 games played, both of them with CV and against t8. I was forced to fight against Oland, Lightning, Fantasque. No chance to torp anything, as they were between me and the enemies, a gun fight against them was really hard (although I managed the exchanges with Fantasque and Oland thanks to my teammates support, the one with Lightning was lost completely). I can remember that my first grind of Gaede gave me much more fun and didn't seem so difficult. I wasn't that experienced at that time, moreover, I have 2 other "universal" DD lines (Gearing, Yueyang). What changed? Is it only caused by the presence of perma-spotting CVs, being a bottom tier with high spot and not that good guns, or something else?
  8. HardCandy89

    Whats your favourite Port?

    New York, Fjords, Hamburg. All because the great soundtrack which makes the choice of "only one" almost impossible.
  9. That wasn't a Tirpitz... That was a good, old Meme Derpitz.
  10. HardCandy89

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Aaaah I see! In the beginning I thought that you mean still the Wows Numbers page, but then I saw that this is a different address. But this is a good way to see how the performance improves or varies through longer periods. It's very interesting, thanks a lot.
  11. HardCandy89

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    How can I find it by myself for a given amount of time? :)
  12. HardCandy89

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Wows Numbers website shows your matches from the last 21 days, it's the maximum time distance in which you can check the performance in every ship you used, as far as I know. Just go there, find your profile and in the main table where you see your stats from "recently", 7 and 21 days, choose the option "details" (at the bottom of this main table) - a pop up window with all ships used in that time will open. I don't know how one can check the performance of every ship in a longer time frame than 21 days. But this is still a good way to see some trends for each ship you used.
  13. HardCandy89

    Which T10 ships are underpowered?

    Yes, fragile is the right word ;) when you want to play with radar, Smaland is indeed the best option for now (good AA, great guns, torps without restrictions). I like the YY very much so I won't abandon the ship, but I will never stop to contemplate whyyy WG did introduce that pointless nerf...
  14. HardCandy89

    Which T10 ships are underpowered?

    Maybe it's because she is a bit "thinner" than GK. Also, thanks to better shooting angles, you don't need to return from full broadside in her - maybe that's the reason? I have both Monty and GK, I love them both (I know, I'm a masochist :D). On Monty I have classic tank-concealment build, on GK a secodary-antifire-reload build (legendary mod & Luthjens in the way). GK definitely got much more situational and her performance strongly depends on the enemies setup (Thunderers & co.). But she still can do fine, I try to play carefully through the first phase of the game and get more aggressive later. Other ship that got powercrept is definitely Yueyang. She still can be a decent DD - I play her with smoke and adrenaline rush as a must. Good concealment of 5.8km, small size and great manouverability (did I write that word correctly?) help me in contesting other DDs, in certain situation also Hallands and Darings. I play as a "universal" DD so don't rely only on torps. But... I think that the reload nerf was really unnecessary in comparison later introduced lines (WG said YY is op - seriously? In this case Halland would be the same. Did she get guns reload nerf? Nope!). YY was well balanced and with her old reload. But I don't have any hopes that WG would come back to her old setup. It's bad, she is a really interesting DD. And what do you guys think?
  15. HardCandy89

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    Currently I have a hybrid secondary-antifire-reload (legendary speced) build, but... maybe should I try this out and become a meme, too? xD