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  1. MrTrax

    Kitakami, more like zombiekami

    Often behind smoke and the times there was 2 in a team, it was a hell.. but if anyone just got a hit - she probably break ;) Would love to see her back
  2. MrTrax

    Aircraft turning radius

    Agree to both. Agility needs to be addressed on aircrafts. Dropping torps from mountain is also a nasty bug witch should be applied when you wish to do a auto or manual drop, you need more space to execute order basicly. Also, increase the range from init the start of deplyment to the drop it self to bit longer and with a maximal speed of 100kt for being able to drop the torpedo and after the drop go up and turn right or left and show the belley for the ship so we can use our AA a bit too.
  3. MrTrax

    Feedback on Flag Packages

    Why not offer flags for gold ingame as we can buy consumables and premium ships ?
  4. Let them pay for upgrades lost, camo, flags and repair of the ship (including ammo). An accident should be ok to pay if it happens each 500 battles, but not if you kill 4 people in the same game. Tier 8, 100k repair cost + 3x 22.500 upgrades + camo would be around clost to 700k creds lost in just one battle ( for 4x 8 Tiers ). Include stats about shooting on their own team and kills, some like to shoot on you just for fun, some go for killing. Players will automatic get reimbursed for flags. Be able to buy flags for credits, so the teamkiller have to buy them if he does not have the flag. ( be able to buy 1 flag at a time for silly credits instead of bundles pricing at the premium shop ) It would be nice if he ends up with negative credits and had to sell his ship to be able to continue playing ;) That's more fair play ..
  5. There is other places to download this mod as a normal zip file. Attaching the mod (4.0.6) you have to move the content from 4.0.6/ into 4.0.7/ since the wows is a new version. The documents are written in russia so that's why the text looks encrypted ;) Regardsdmgmtr_406.zip
  6. As subject says, Colorado can repair 330 hp / s while we know repair amount per second is 0.5% of the hulls HP. Either Colorado should have 66.000 hull or the Repair amount should be changed to 251 hp / s. It was easier to gain Dreadnought flags in this until I realize the repair amount was wrong.