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  1. Stingern

    Battling frustration as a CV player!.

    i agree with you mostly but the problem by being so close to the main attack force usualy means that our beloved CV becomes a EASY target in a sea of targets and we all know what happens then. But as you said, the closer you are, the quicker the turnaround is so the trick is to be as close as you can be without been seen or becoming that exp bullseye. unfurtunatly that means for the most part a good CV skipper will usualy be some distance behind the main force. but that doesnt mean that your AA cant be used by the CV if he/she is anny good in effect, give and take and be dynamic and respond to an ever evolving situation. or to follow sun tzu If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
  2. Stingern

    Battling frustration as a CV player!.

    Well, what i try to do is to have some waypoint up and down and hope that no DD sneaks past and with the dynamics of the game one side breaks and when that happens ill just go flank speed towards the largest friendly force that are left and support them. This is an example but we all need to be proactive and not becoming that easy target that DD skippers is looking for. but basicly as a CV you are snacks for a good DD skipper or a BB/CA if you are caught with you pants down. But for another great note, we got one CV escort PRO in our mist, "Volkano" something, something, drives a cleveland so you can always try to look him/her up
  3. Stingern

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    conscript in the royal Norwegian Navy back in 2006 as an able seaman and another 3 years as an NCO in the Army and national guard (full time) And my dads uncle was in the merchant marine during WW2 as a able seaman abord the SS Svein Jarl. His name was Kåre Guldbrandsen unfortunatly his ship was torpedoed in the night between 23 to 24 of february 1941 off iceland on his 12th convoy, and he was only 16 when he died. So i am almost twice the age of my hero. History of SS Svein Jarl I have been to the national arcive to look up on what exactly happend and alot of interesting stuff came up, one for instance is that first of all U 69 was creditet with the sinking but actualy my research tells me that U 95 was the villain since this was the only u-boat close to the last known possition and the diaries i have had my hands on says either that U 95 missed his intended target and heard a explotion afterwords and/or u 95 hit a "unidentifed ship in the stern. U 69 was one of the u boat`s unlucky enough to be harazed by the escort ships that was still in the area. But i have plans to visit the naval arcives in Kiel to maybe get my hands on the orginal war diaries from these two U boats Basicly, it was blowing up to a hurricane, SS Svein jarl was a stragler, the german knows about OB 288(convoy) and attacked it with a wolfpack just after the escort left it/the last escorts was about to. it tried to scatter but in the chaos the germans managed to sink 8 merchants. And when the action was about to be finished our straggler SS Svein jarl entered the battlefield and was then sunk becoming the 9th victim. "Fun fact" about these guys is that once their ship was sunk the pay stopped so when or if they were rescued the days they now was on another ship was taken out of the salary so many of those guys came back owing money to the company, AND they still went out again. And for my family, the dident now if my dads uncle was sunk by a mine or torpedo or nothing so just by chance i found out that there was a new SS Svein jarl who was sunk by a Mine off creece after the war in 1946 so i have a feling that some kind of mix uphappened there. Sry for the history lesson guys but i hope you enjoied it at much as me And for me i have dive on some german DD`s in Narvik, Wilhelm heidkamp was one of them, walke on the keel of Georg Thiele. And dived on the site where tirpitz, "the lonely queen of the north" was sunk. Becide that my family have a cabin close to Oscarsborg and Askholmen where Blucher, one of the most beutifull ships i now off lies and the farm were the survivors from Blucher who swimmed towards mainland was internd on the morning og 9th april 1940 was and it still exist!. ill stop now because i can keep it up for ages.
  4. Stingern

    Huge problems with Aircraft carriers

    Hi guys, i made a post that can maybe help those who feel themself helpless against everyone from a banana fly to adolf galland Tactic, tactic and tactic
  5. Hi again I must say that my fellow skippers learn fast and are dodging torpedoes left and right like its a kung fu flick. But we got all something to learn and we carrier captains are no different there. So, my fellow flat top skippers! have y`all doing? I have noticed, cruising along in my cv that plains have become extremly easy to shoot down. every turn my fighter squadrons comes back with kills like it is going out of style, 20-40 enemy kills a round easy indifferent if its an enemy langley or lexington for that matter. So, if i can humbly give some advice since it is a shame that cv skippers just starts raging in chat when they see a higher tier brethren. So what can i do when the enemy has a tier 15 "death star"? i must be doomed! Well, not at all, first of all, START MOVING!! how many times do i se a CV just hides behind an island near the cap circel. This is how the europeans must have felt when they discovered the Dodo i can imagine. keep your [edited]in open water or at least scout nearby islands regurely so no one can creep up on you( i am looking in your direction DD`s). so now i am moving but torpedo planes are still coming and my fightergroup are no where to be seen becauce they got shot down by a blind guy with a sling shot. Well first of all, dont let your fighters loose and expect that they will shoot down everything. My target choice early in the game is primerly enemy fighters, and i do this not by using my own fighters to win the fight, my fighters are more of a mopping up crew. Let me explain, when i see a fighter group i now know one thing, where they are!, so now i can start pushing my attack groups on paths that dont go near them and maybe get me that nice juicy flat top who thinks that an island is a nice hiding spot. And what else do i do, i start baiting them with my own fighter group. faint attack, or attack enemy strike groups for that matter, but what i want to see happen is that you try to chase me over my teammates and start to take casualties or my own carrier for that matter are excellent in this role. And priorityes your target, fire on those groups that are near to you/that not have released their weapons yet. You do this by selcting your carrier and mouseclick on the group you want to give to davy jones. One or two is all that i need before the odds comes very in my favour( since now it is 6 vs4) and suddenly you have lost all of yours and im only down 1 or 2. you dont need to be good in math to see where this is going. And after i wave or two, skippers start raging on "OP fighters" and from then on start playing defencive like you are on the receiving end of the great marianas turkey shoot. And yes, if you do this right you can win against players with better tier than you. But you just are shooting down fighters? that is not teamplay you douce, protect me from everything!!! Ill do my best, but you have your goal like i have mine. Think of it that my goal is air superiority, i want it possible for my team to dictate on whats happening in the air and if i do this right the enemy carriers from then on are basicly just exp Pinata`s for you my BB friend. And i am not sure but i am about 90% sure. In an dogfight, you air group can take friendly fire so dont start one in the middel of a group of 6 cleveland`s since i at least feel that i take more casualties in that situation. so if anyone can confirm or deny this that would have been great So to round up: Dont forget your carrier wile you are going for that juicy enemy flat top Move! you lazy ****! Bait your enemy, let him make that mistake, not you. dont fight fair, 10 to 1 is a better odds than 1 to 1. And lastly, win air superiority, the enemy Carriers becomes useless and must react to you from then on!. Hope this one helps and happy hunting to you all!
  6. Stingern

    planes with torpedoes

    if you are a good tin can skipper, secondary armament on CV are basicly just range markers for you. and just some self promotion, but read my post "confession of a carrier player" it will explain alot for those who just see them selfs as CV snacks. And i think people in general have become much better torpedo dodgers, so much that i begin to think that everyone becides CV are OP
  7. Stingern

    confession of a carrier player

    sry m8, dont know how i remove this "spoiler thing" mtm78, on 14 March 2015 - 04:48 PM, said: So you're the guy who been bashing us new players with your arty I mean carrier... well done m8 have a +1 for the informative post thx, and we all want some competition, seal clubbing is just fun for a limited time and the last thing this community needs is a new "arty class" from Wot. (in this players opinion) And beside, the sooner everyone screams "BB`s are OP!!!!" the sooner WG leaves my OP carrier alone happy carrier hunting guys!
  8. Stingern

    confession of a carrier player

    Well, i havent seen so much seal clubbing since the early alpha and i want to try to even the playing field a bit and by that try to help all the other players who just see them self as a big torpedo pinata for all the carriers out there. What i am looking for as a carrier sailor: Well, everyone who is alone, sail together! well now you are saying, but AA is underpowered, no they are not, 2-3 ships together with ok AA shoots down 1-3 to half of my squadron and if that happens two or three times, two things happens. nr 1: less weapons on target nr 2: i will bleed my airgroups so what do i do, i will go and hunt for a easier target off course. think that a good carrier sailor as a "mistake shark", every time you make one, ill take a big bite out of you "so now i am in a group with my friends, now i must be safe". Well no, you are safer.... now you are a target in a target rich enviroment. And what will i do? my intent is to disperse youre group, make everyone fight for them self, fire a torp spread in youre mist, everyone sails in different direction and then pounce that poor Captain who is still alone or havent managed to get back in a group. So now you are that poor captain, i am doomed!! well.. you dont need to be, let me explain. If you are target fixated so yes, sails in a line with youre broadside showing, i will take that giant bite out of you. What to do? well try to open youre eyes, try to spot does torpedo airgroups in time, and when you do, flank speed towards more allies or a friendly fighter group, chat with youre team, let friendly carriers know that you need fighter cover. Now ill see that, and you are suddenly not that easy target i am looking for. So i will take casualties and probably (not always) go for a easier target because i dont fight fair if i can choose not to. "But i am all alone and they are heading towards me?" well, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" to quote Admiral Farragut. flank speed either away or straight towards my airgroups, when you see i start to micromanage my airgroups for that perfect torpedo run, start sig-sagging, always try to show your stern or bow towards my planes, and always try to sig-sag! and if you do this right, i will make a mistake like either launch my torpedoes to close so they dont get armed, launch so you can sail between my torpedoes, launch so i only hit with one or two (yes you are a big sailor so you can handle it" or the best mistake is when the airgroup becomes "committed" to a run, you will see it happen when the planes start to fly like drunks, back and forth and then will most certanly miss and you can smile knowing that somewhere in the world someone will throw his keybord to the floor. "Okey, now i have survived a torpedo run or two and i now have you filty scum eating carrier right in my sights, FIRE!!" well, NO!!!! (or if you are a BB or CA with speed lower than to carrier and are detected then yes) Here is what i almost always see, a DD or CL who finaly sees me in a distance of 18 km from my stern just fire away because, reasons, thats why. What ill do then is just go flank speed and then focus on you!, and on that distance you will miss and i will not most of the time, and my toys are bigger than yours, Wait, dont fire, in most instances i will just sail in 1/2 speed and be target locked and seal clubb some Myogi`s on the other side of the map. Turn off AA to be sure, get so close you can. If you do this right, that will not be before my secondary guns fire and then, as Jingles put it, i must prepare for some surprise Butt ***!!!! So remember: Speed is life. Situational awarness. Sig-sag. Smallest target towards enemy. Be a target in a target rich enviroment. make it hard for the enemy. And if you see me, dont make it easy for me to see you too soon, get inside that personal space as fast as you can! And with that i hope that this will help and "Lykke til (good luck) and happy hunting" and please let me know if this was helpfull. (sorry for some mispelling, same country as IK, if that is an excuse)