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  1. Oh god damn bronies get back into your little hole, Mixing the highest of quality Lord of the Rings memes with the bronie stuff you all deserve to be purged
  2. After many long battles we finally did it, we won the KOTS, all the hard work paid off. Time to Party.Expecting many more new recruits in the upcoming months!! GG WP WGP2W
  3. After the hami aimhack scandal will paradox and masaru be the next victims, find out next time on WGP2W!!!
  4. Final bump from the USA revenge will be mine maciejo, you will feel my wrath soon
  5. We should pay more people to comment how great we are on our recruitment page
  6. stoev2606

    PRAVDA Kai - Open Now! [KancollexGuP Community]

    ravioli ravioli don't commie the dragon loli