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  1. stoev2606

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    More accessible? Are you delusional tier 8 is the most unbalanced tier in terms of the premium ships.. Kutuzow a litteral monster which you cant buy Atago insanely strong and one of the few cruisers with heal Cossack Kidd are insanely strong I want to see what fun high level games will be when both teams have 2-3 kutuzows per side spamming eachother I think this season is looking to be a total disaster
  2. stoev2606

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    This ranked season is nothing more than a DMG race. Any teamplay radar positioning flanking goes out of the picture because of the CVs, Before when i saw DMs or woosters go behind islands to radar the caps i thought to myself those people know what they are doing, now i just say to myself those people are dumb, since the haku/midway just comes and drops them for 27k, barely loses planes and does it again and again. There is no reason to pick any other cruiser than a HIV since that is the easyest way to save your star. The team that wins is the one who camps and is prepared to spend 20mins of their life to just sniping from affar, because the moment you get remotely close the whole enemy team and their CV focuses you down. The gameplay has become so stale the CVs restrict any kind of flanking play and basically all you do is sit [edited]in and farm dmg and hope your CV can finish off more targets than the enemy CV, and guess what 90% of the players dont have the patience to play a waiting game and they just rush in and die losing the game for their whole team and well what a surprise look who saved the STAR, the CV ofcourse because when your whole team dies everybody rushes your CV and they give them free plane kills and free dmg. In my opinion its too easy for a CV to save their star, compared to what a DD or a support Cruiser can pull off.. For me this has been the worst ranked battle season so far.
  3. Oh god damn bronies get back into your little hole, Mixing the highest of quality Lord of the Rings memes with the bronie stuff you all deserve to be purged
  4. After many long battles we finally did it, we won the KOTS, all the hard work paid off. Time to Party.Expecting many more new recruits in the upcoming months!! GG WP WGP2W