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  1. Bartex_CZ

    Bonusové kódy zdarma

    Dík moc... jsem slepej, fakt že jo
  2. Bartex_CZ

    Bonusové kódy zdarma

    Asi jsem slepej, ale nevidím nikde nic, kde bych se mohl přidat do komunity... a na tom jsem zaseknutý..
  3. Bartex_CZ

    Gold from other WG Titles?

    Yes, they told so...and no, its not cause they need more money before they will make it available here. So... go f*** yourself, customer :-) We changed the rules and you can only cry on forum which one we ignore and dont answer questions that we dont like :-) Your customer support
  4. Bartex_CZ

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    You are right... I shouldnt have be so rude. Sorry for that... Still i dont understand why you answer only not important things and avoid answering staff that actually matters? You wrote long article about stream - so many wasted time... what about answer 5 short replies for crucial things and make everything clear?
  5. Bartex_CZ

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    Thanks for ignoring all that crucial staff we wrote... typical. Nah..why am i still surprised :-) You simply dont give a f*ck :-)
  6. Bartex_CZ

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    Ectar, can you, please, tell us if anyone in WG atm is even considering that you f**ked up hard this time? Do they care about hundreds of disappointed people on forums/reddit/everywhere? Or you think that we r gonna just cry for a few days on forum and everything will be fine? I am rly curious what you have in your minds right now... I simply cant believe that after SO MANY FAILS IN WOT is your attitude still the same! I am still thinking bout how MUCH [edited]**NG MONEY you can beat out of this and you are losing it cause of your total ignorance of people who brings you money! Its unfu**ingbelieveable that you still dont get it! WHY?! Can you simply ask somebody who rly do bussiness? You have money cause of a GREAT concept. And thats it. If you would not have AWESOME concept, you would have 10 players tops at primetime and 5 bucks. Its like you are selling watter-you will sell it always even if you are a d*ck. But if you can treat your customers better you can sell gallons and people will smile at you and say THANK YOU. But you spit in their faces and you r happy with attitude like that? I am sorry for my unperfect english.. i am not native and i am pretty pissed right now so I wont even read it again or search something in vocabulary. Pls apologize :-)
  7. Bartex_CZ

    Doubloons event on Reddit - you have 30minutes

    Yeah, seems so.. Where will they move it? Any tips?
  8. Bartex_CZ

    Zpětná vazba na hodnocené bitvy

    Tak jsem si dal druhou hodnocenou bitvu a ám druhou prohru kvůli 6ti ignorantním hovádkům, které ani nečtou chat... je mi na zvracení, když vidím tu bezmoc a vypláchnuté mozky... kdy nám capují 2 ze tří základen a oni kempí na kraji mapy a čekají...že nevím, co se přihodí :-)
  9. Bartex_CZ

    Zpětná vazba na hodnocené bitvy

    Proč teda není hodnocen individuální výkon ale výhra týmu, který je tvořen mnou a 6ti ignoranty?
  10. Bartex_CZ

    Zpětná vazba na hodnocené bitvy

    Rekl bych, ze system tymovek z wot by byl dostacujici...utvor si tym o 7 lidech a hrej... Vsichni jsou happY...
  11. Bartex_CZ

    Do NOT Buy the "Special Offer".

    I simply cant believe that after so many WG fails in WOT they r gonna keep failing here... Try to hire 5 monkeys in your marketing department and i bet that after one month everybody is going to be happy... Cause monkeys learn... You obviously do not. OR! Its some kind of messed up experiment...
  12. Bartex_CZ

    250 godlů/dublonů za vyplnění dotazníku

    Opět se ukazuje, že na EU se kálí... už mě to začíná iritovat :-)
  13. Bartex_CZ

    Šílenost jménem Furutaka.

    Tak ja ji mel tedy docela rad... Predevcirem jsem koupil Aobu :-) mel jsem s ni par opravdu epickych her...predevsim torpeda zauradovala. Jsem spise na close fight, takze jsem jel proti DD, ty clovek povypina a pak volnym prostorem na BB :-) dela otaceji pomalu, o tom zadna, ale dava slupky jako kjava :-)
  14. Bartex_CZ

    Citadela... Pro mne tabu. Pomozte! :-)

    Protože zabíjíš spojence :-D
  15. Bartex_CZ

    Citadela... Pro mne tabu. Pomozte! :-)

    A to zase jo :-) To máš pravdu... to mám :-)