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  1. renhanxue

    Whic ship to purchase for 1 million free exp?

    Friesland's HE shells do a lot of damage and it reloads extremely fast. It does like 20% more damage per minute than Kitakaze, which is the closest T9 DD to it in terms of gun DPM. Nothing else comes even remotely close, and especially not Jutland or the Russian DD's. Jutland and Udaloi both have 136k base HE DPM, while Friesland has 233k. That's about 70% more. Friesland absolutely obliterates every other T9 and lower DD other than Kitakaze in a gunfight. It wins against Kitakaze too but not by the same gigantic margin (reload boosted Mogador might also have a chance but I dunno). It also has 8% base fire chance so it's by far the best firestarting DD at T9. It really doesn't need torpedoes to do its thing because the guns do so much damage. Halland is also not a torp boat by the way, it's a hybrid, but few people play it that way. They don't seem to value the guns. Halland's guns are better than Gearing's and almost as good as Daring's, so not using them is a huge waste, but people just seem to think that if you aren't in smoke you can't use your guns or something. With that said, if you're not already really good at gunboat DD's then Friesland isn't for you and neither is Småland. Småland is hideously overpowered and one of the best DD's in the game right now but it's definitely not easy to play.
  2. renhanxue

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    This late in the season you gotta play ships that can hard carry every game if you want to get anywhere. Des Moines is a perfect example of such a ship since its survivability scales really well with situational awareness and it has the damage output to take on anything and win. Playing things like Stalingrad or Yamato and sitting around waiting for the enemy team to make a misplay doesn't really work anymore, you need to get in there and make an impact early, seize the advantage and hold on to it. Playing battleships now is just asking for trouble, they're way too team dependent - if your DD's die and your radar cruiser is mucking around in a corner doing god knows what then you can't push and you'll be farmed from smoke or island cover. You can save stars by kiting and farming but not clutch games to nearly the same extent. You need to play something self-reliant that works against all ship classes. Des Moines is again a perfect example but Småland probably also works still, if you're good at it. Early in the season the 5-1 bracket in particular is a lot more about playing safe and not making mistakes since it's full of unicums everywhere, but now it's hardcarry season all day long.
  3. renhanxue

    How to enjoy Skåne

    If you run full torpboat spec on these I can see why you'd think they're bad. Run gunboat spec, take AFT, learn when you can shoot things and when you can't. The guns are quite competitive at all tiers, especially if you spec into them, and they have amazing fire chance for how many shells they pump out. From Skåne and up the Swedish DD's generally outgun both USN and RN destroyers and are better fire starters (except Halland which is basically tied with Daring). Watch out for Akizuki/Kitakaze/Harugumo, Friesland, Daring and Småland, but everything else you can take. Not using this firepower is a huge waste. You basically need AFT to get it to work though, but if you do you end up with very good gunboats that have good-for-a-gunboat torpedoes. In fact, you should probably gunboat spec every destroyer to some degree, even the Japanese ones. Torps are not a DPM weapon and they're inconsistent at the best of times. When you need guns though you need all the DPM you can get.
  4. renhanxue

    When will you nerf Kitakaze WG??

    Kitakaze with BFT has ~90% of Seattle's HE DPM, with the same 30mm HE pen as Seattle, while starting more fires per minutes than Seattle does. It may come as a surprise to you, but having damage output that is very close to the highest HE DPM cruiser at T9 is, in fact, very much not average for T9 DD's. Having the second biggest DD HP pool at T9 isn't exactly average either, nor is having access to torpedo reload booster without having to give up anything for it. Incidentally, with that TRB comes a few other decidedly not average things at T9, such as by far the greatest torpedo alpha strike and the ability to launch more torpedoes at once than any other T9 DD (except Udaloi, if allowed to turn around and use the off-side launcher). Like, seriously guys, what? Kitakaze has been hideously overpowered for ages. It's incredibly obvious just by looking at the ship stats. Having a sorta big turning circle doesn't come even remotely close to balancing out its exceptional strengths.
  5. The wiki has a good explanation of how flak is spawned: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Anti-Aircraft_Fire#Flak Adding to what's written there, flak always spawns such that it'll take your planes about two seconds to reach the bubble, no matter how fast they're going. It always spawns in front of your planes, but can "miss" so it spawns further to the left or to the right of where your planes are going (so if they're going slower, the bubbles spawn further away, and vice versa). The exact locations of the bubbles is random but the way it spawns is deterministic. The key thing to understand here is the "flak spawns two seconds away from your planes" thing - it means that as long as you're changing your speed at the correct intervals, you will not be where the flak bubble is when it explodes.
  6. renhanxue

    the Fletcher or the Kitakaze ??

    Friesland outguns Fletcher by an enormous margin. Östergötland also outguns it but by a much smaller margin (like 10% higher DPM, significantly better fire chance, better ballistics, has a heal). Like, Fletcher isn't bad or anything but Kitakaze is just monstrously overpowered. They don't really play in the same league.
  7. renhanxue

    TIer 10 D/D Advice - Shima vs Khaba

    If they shoot you back they will miss because you're like 14 km away and you should be juking their shots. I've had games where I've gotten 4 million potential damage in the Udaloi because people keep shooting at me and I keep dodging them. Also, while Venezia is sort of dangerous if it surprises you, Petropavlovsk is an absolute joke. You can easily win a duel with a Petro because the Petro does absolutely no damage to you. It's got incredibly shitty HE DPM and the dispersion is terrible at long range. It's one of the least threatening T10 cruisers to an Udaloi.
  8. renhanxue

    TIer 10 D/D Advice - Shima vs Khaba

    Udaloi is amazing and it doesn't matter what concealment it has, because when you're playing it you will always be spotted because you should always be shooting at things with it. In fact don't run Concealment Expert on it at all, run Advanced Firing Training so you can shoot even more. And for the love of god don't go anywhere near cap circles with it in the first, like, ten minutes of the game or something. Try this build and watch some Yuro videos about the Tashkent or something for advice if you need it.
  9. renhanxue

    How 2 spend 2 million free xp ?

    If you have the Ägir I'm not sure if the Siegfried would add that much, it's basically the same ship but with bigger, more accurate guns (that you get fewer of and which reload slower). Still, I'd say this is actually the pick that you're most likely to enjoy - T9 is a lot more forgiving than T10, and you already know you like the Ägir a lot. Ohio is a very solid pick, but it is a T10 battleship and T10 battleships are sorta boring - you have to play them pretty passively unless you have truly excellent situational awareness, or you'll get HE spammed to death pretty quickly. For me personally though Småland is the obvious choice. It's a very unique ship that does things no other ship can, and it scales incredibly well with your situational awareness and general skill level. I played mostly Småland in ranked and reached rank 1 yesterday with a pretty staggering 77% win rate in it, that's how crazy strong it is. There's a big but here though: getting the most out of Småland is very, very difficult. Småland has Marceau's damage output, but to actually use it effectively requires quite a bit more effort than it does in Marceau. Since it's such an expensive ship, I wouldn't get it unless you're really, really sure that you will play it a lot and and enjoy it. If you play Marceau a lot and find that you enjoy it, then I can strongly recommend Småland - it's like the love child of a Marceau and a radar Minotaur.
  10. renhanxue

    Tear of the DDs.

    But do you actually do damage there?
  11. renhanxue

    Tear of the DDs.

    In the previous paragraph that you left out of your quote it's quite clear I've segued to talk about domination, not epicenter.
  12. renhanxue

    Tear of the DDs.

    Epicenter is pretty boring but it's a lot less frustrating to play once you realize that the center cap is a noob trap and you should never go there in a DD in like the first 10 minutes of the game (unless it's exceptional circumstances like you're in a Z52 and there's no radar on the enemy team or something). Just go flank and sink ships instead and worry about flipping the cap later. Same thing applies to caps in domination too, although to a lesser extent. Simply don't go into a cap at the start of the game unless you really really want to run face first into an enemy DD and probably a radar. Do it later or not at all. Focus on sinking ships instead and you'll get the cap for free once the flank is won. Flipping a cap ticks points very slowly - you get 36 points per minute for holding a cap. Meanwhile, killing a destroyer grants your team 30 points and loses the enemy team 45 points, meaning a single destroyer kill is worth holding a cap for over two minutes. Other ship classes are worth more. Playing very risky to get a cap early on is absolutely not worth it. Play for the kills instead.
  13. renhanxue

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    Arms Race is freaking amazing and I wish it was always available. So much fun. Also helps that it's basically the perfect game mode for some of my favorite ships (like Småland and Des Moines for example).
  14. renhanxue

    Ranked 18 Experiences

    All ranked out in 71 games. Småland carries harder than anything I've ever seen. It's not good at saving stars but it doesn't matter when you just win all the time anyway. Good times were had.
  15. renhanxue

    PetroP AA?

    Flak is autoaimed by the computer at the spot where it thinks you will be in a few seconds. It's like secondaries. All you need to do to dodge flak is to not fly in a straight line, and maybe press W/S a bit to slow down and speed up every few seconds. Don't try to react to flak bubbles, that doesn't work very well, not least because the black clouds are not a very reliable indicator of where the danger actually is (the hitboxes are really weird, in other words). Ignore the black clouds and just approach the target in a curve instead and you'll be fine.