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  1. So i got a mail i have some nice gifts waiting for me, i dont get it how come they give all this for free? is this to all players or ? Your gifts: 150,000 Free XP. That’s enough to upgrade any Tier VII ship! 12,000,000 credits. Buy anything you want: ships, mods, etc. Commander with 10 skill points. His skills will be a great help to your future victories. 100x: Zulu, Zulu Hotel, Papa Papa, India Bravo Terrathree, Equal Speed Charlie London. Get maximum profit with little effort. Premium Tier VII battleship Ashataka and Tier VI cruiser Huanghe. They have everything needed to become your new favourites!
  2. mortuus82

    What Do You Do About Kill Stealers

    how can u steal a kill ? i dont see how this could be a problem as long as the enemy goes down its good no ?
  3. It keeps reseting at delete unused files, it does that then resumes or whatever then i get that again.. i have plenty of space almost 200gb free on the partition its installed and same amount of c:/ what a slow update of only 3gb.. feels like its installing 30 gb today....
  4. mortuus82

    Alanta buffs ?

    stronger turrets maybe? it seems one or two hits and puff a turret gets disabled.. total BS.
  5. mortuus82

    Atlanta and her position in the game

    i find the range of the guns biggest problem
  6. but for a ship like atlanta with that many guns u will destroy any smaller ship easy even tho the chance of fire is only 5%...
  7. mortuus82

    Murmansk Credit Income (stealth-)nerfed?

    It doesnt matter this ship will still produce tons of money and xp and ucan play this all day long good teams or bad u will earn more money in then what goes to repairs etc...
  8. mortuus82

    Atago too high repair costs

    Anyone else thinking that Atago for a premium ship has way too high repair costs? since i 80% of most games so far end up on loser teams i dont gain much more money and xp compared to my Murmansk which is amazing doing that, i thought a tier 8 prem ship would give u a little more credits and xp even if u lose and dont win ? in world of tanks my tier 8 prem tanks i rarely go minus after repairs etc... this is different even if i do 40 hits or more i gain maybe 30 000 credits after repairs if i lose thats pretty bad if u ask me compared to Murmansk i can almost gain 100 000 credits since the ship only costs 14300 to repair and ammo also is cheap..
  9. mortuus82

    We want lower repair costs too!

    what are the repair costs on tier 10 ships ? doesnt it equal out if u dish out some damage u should get a little more in then out or ? atleast in world of tanks when i play tier 10 i can more or less get a little more in then out after repair costs but bad games u get maybe just for the repair costs.. excluding ammo..
  10. mortuus82

    Does the Cleveland need a buff?

    nothing wrong with this ship really has many guns good AA and decent armor for its tier..
  11. mortuus82

    Cleveland: out of reach....?

    I unlocked this ship a few days ago i was reading the wiki and so far it performs more or less as expected, the AA guns are amazing 5km reach on the 127mm guns the 6 guns on each side is very effective if shooting HE shells and so on i so far dont regret i bought this. Pros Excellent rate of fire with 4x3 turrets causing insane fire damage with HE. Fantastic AA defense causes havoc for all Aircraft Carriers and is a great battleship escort. Very durable for a light cruiser. Effective against destroyers and other light cruisers. Ship versatility can enable you to react as needed. Decent torpedo belt can endure roughly 3 torpedoes
  12. mortuus82

    What temp is your cpu when playing WoWS

    play the game in energysaving mode if u want lower temps.. it willl still perform good.
  13. mortuus82

    t10 is unplayable

    clearly its pay for premium to play the highest tier to not lose money.. thats really bad
  14. mortuus82

    When German Battleships come?

    how about a premium battleship will they add anyhting nearest future or ?
  15. mortuus82

    T10 - Costs !

    what are the repair costs and shells refill for a tier 10 ship ?