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  1. I had a battle with one of your members a while back where he complimented on my nice shot on an Alabama or was it a bismarck who know's .... Eventually i ram the Alabama to get the kill & eventually we stil won this round by points.... Main things is i'm tired playing solo, would love to get into an active group to play with, most recent fun game was with this chap from RNLDA so i'd thought why not give it a chance... Really looking for some teamplay & winning rounds like it should do... I have teamspeak installed here somewhere & i'll get it up & running sooner or later depending how quickly i get a solid group behind me... Grtz Zelus
  2. Was a bit too quick in posting my topic so i'm hoping any mod or admin could delete this one, posted another one in the (looking for a clan section) grtz Zelus,