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  1. FluffyCheeks

    CV- JPN AP Bombs (CV Players)

    Oh looky another CV thread.... shouldn't this be in the pinned, dustbin thread for CV's? Hey ADMINS why are you not consistent?
  2. FluffyCheeks

    premium carriers are here

    Oh looky another CV thread.... shouldn't this be in the pinned, dustbin thread for CV's? Hey ADMINS why are you not consistent?
  3. FluffyCheeks

    Will there be CV nerfing agian ?

    Oh looky another CV thread.... shouldn't this be in the pinned, dustbin thread for CV's? Hey ADMINS why are you not consistent?
  4. FluffyCheeks

    What carrier should I get

    Oh looky another CV thread.... shouldn't this be in the pinned, dustbin thread for CV's? Hey ADMINS why are you not consistent?
  5. FluffyCheeks

    Premium Carriers - Best setups?

    Oh looky another CV thread.... shouldn't this be in the pinned, dustbin thread for CV's? Hey ADMINS why are you not consistent?
  6. FluffyCheeks

    CV Rework Discussion

    Seems there are a lot of people who are long term customers, who now spend a lot less time playing this game than they did before... our clans have seen a drastic reduction in player 'stick' times..... friday evening used to be a long session for me.... I logged on played a few games each one had 2 CV each team.... each game was bottom tier pinata for said CV's.... bailed out and went to watch Netflix.... this is a regular occurrence now.... just a bit miffed that WG 'conned' me into buying a 1 year premium package... weeks before this abortion of a rework..... As a prolific premium ship collector and a 100% premium time buyer.... surely they must know from a financial perspective that they are driving away a chunk of their hardcore, long term customers and this will bite them in the backside further down the line. One sensible option and a very solid 'straw poll' would be to BETA a one month patch that gives the option to play in a CV / Non CV battle.... the stats gained would answer once and for all the perenial question of whether their customers prefer to play a WARSHIPS game with or without Aircraft Carriers...... Dunno maybe I will get banned for mentioning it... funny that boris has been conspicuous in his absence since dumping all the CV stuff here to die and banning nay sayers......
  7. FluffyCheeks

    Poll: Will you keep playing the game after v.8.0 goes live?

    We had our first casualty from BAD-A last night, nice message from a veteran player, he has sold his ships, dismissed captains and will be playing something other than WoWs until, either CV's are removed or an option to choose CV/non CV game is implemented... we have several more Vets, who will be taking extended (2 to 3 month) breaks from the game, having let their premium run down, until there is a change to CV format... So you guys can laugh all you like but there is going to be a larger casualty rate (certainly among more experienced players) than any of you nay sayers believe... If even OMNI are struggling to find decent players then there is indeed something inherently broken with the game in its current and proposed states.
  8. FluffyCheeks

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    Noooooo Sealclubbing never happens on the EU server we are much too nice for that Because it's fun and an excellent way of farming Elite Captain XP !
  9. FluffyCheeks

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Doesn't seem too bad to me TBH
  10. FluffyCheeks

    Stabbed in the back!

    So lets get this straight? So cherry got a 14 day ban for suggesting that the OP in this thread is an entitled brat? WTF really? 14 days when you lot can't be bothered to deal with the constant racism and anti Semitism that is rife in your game and your forums.... nice one dudes nice! This place is like poison now anyway he is probably better off on Reddit !
  11. FluffyCheeks

    BAD-Armada BAD-A Recruiting Now !

    To All BAD-Armada members, as discussed ... due to our hosting being pulled we are now migrating to Discord over the next 28 days here is the link for joining up https://discord.gg/TYV225W Hopefully we shan't need to move again, its a shame as we had our old TS since 2015... but it seems TS is on the way out now...
  12. FluffyCheeks

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Seeing an awful lot of very different specs of machines both AMD/Intel and AMD/nVidia...... tells me its a coding issue.... anyone tried disabling the new water effects?
  13. BAD-Armada, are actively recruiting for World of Warships, we are a UK based 'mature' group consisting of 3 clan blocks, BAD-A, BAD-F and BAD-B. Any players, age 21+ who wish to join a fun, English speaking (though multinational) community, of over 100players, come to our Discord https://discord.gg/TYV225W channel, it is a vibrant friendly place to find like minded friends to play with. We DO NOT look at your 'Stats' or what ships you have, our group is a family and we are all friends FIRST and FOREMOST, all are welcome no matter your Nationalilty or background. As long as you can communicate in English, are looking for like minded people to play this game with and have a great sense of humour, then you will be welcomed! Oh, and did we say that a sense of humour is a MUST ! We currently have around 100+ members in warships, all active from a variety of countries, here a some of them -----> England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Bulgaria and Croatia. We also have several Americans and a couple of South Africans and an Australian.. (but we forgive them as they live in Europe now Just an update... after a full clan meeting we now have several simple stipulations for membership of this fine community of over 100 players..... BAD-A 50 Slots (Wish it was 100) BAD-F 40 Slots (Close to 50) BAD-B 30 Slots (Close to 40) 1) Be over 21 2)Speak Engrish 3)Install Discord https://discord.gg/TYV225W 3a) Own a Microphone ! 4)Join our Discord https://discord.gg/TYV225W 5)Have a sense of Humour and an ability to have a laugh. 6) If you are wishing to take part in Clan Battles then you will need to give a Field Commander an idea of your availability! So come on join the friendliest, and one of the oldest English speaking communities in the game ! What are you waiting for ! friendly × comm Feel free to drop into our Teamspeak and have a chat with the guys, speak to a recruiter or just give us a trial ! Youtube channel including Live Streams and replays: http://www.playwarships.co.uk Google+ Page for BAD-Armada: https://plus.google.com/110587119212500320861/posts Discord Invite linky: https://discord.gg/TYV225W We look forward to welcoming you aboard the good ship Armada !!
  14. FluffyCheeks

    British are best

    Is it me or does that look like someone struggling with a case of intestinal Gas?
  15. FluffyCheeks

    British are best

    mmmm yeah 2:0 isn't it?