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  1. ReaperChief

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    Most likely the same tier with better stats.. Just like the Bismarck is to the Tirpitz..
  2. ReaperChief

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    I totally agree with this. I won't buy this premium, but I will happily wait for the Strasbourg in about a year from now. My feeling is that this ship will get people ready for possibly French cruisers at the end of the year just as the Tirpitz came just around when the German cruisers came. Taking that into account and that the British cruisers are coming this fall, it might happen.
  3. ReaperChief

    Other Changes

    Yup, agree completely, the pink ramming messages in chat are completely useless by flooding the chat..
  4. ReaperChief

    USS Arizona 4K - very detailed screenshots.

    Will be sweet to see the next US Battleship tech tree in the future.. So many ships are out there! Pennsylvania class, Nevada class, Tennessee class are just some of the tier 5-7 BBs that can be added..
  5. ReaperChief

    German Starting Battleship (Proposal)

    It will be interesting to see if they offer a choice between the 280mm guns and the 380mm guns. Having to opt between a cruiser killer and a battleship brawler will be interesting for the Gneisenau class..
  6. ReaperChief

    PROPOSAL: Full German Capital Ships Line (BB/BC)

    As I have said on another post, the best 100 year event would have been to bring the British and German BB lines.. It would have eliminated any bias and would have made everyone happy
  7. ReaperChief

    WG and the Jutland event (or lack thereof one)

    Would have been glorious if they introduced the German and the British BB lines.. That would be the proper celebration..
  8. ReaperChief

    All maps should have storms

    I wonder what kind of ships you guys play. I mostly play BBs and for me some of the best and exciting games were on stormy maps. Probably for the cruisers and the DDs I've massacred it wasn't a great experience.
  9. ReaperChief

    All maps should have storms

    Well, it's supposed to be random. I adds an element of surprise and depending on where you are on the map, you are either in big trouble or not. And the fact that you can only see what you spot is perfectly reasonable. In reality, storms impact comms and sensors on the ships and that is be reflected in the game.
  10. ReaperChief

    All maps should have storms

    Just as the title says. I can't wait for the next updates to introduce more stormy maps as I think equalize matches between ships. You can fight a DD as BB due to 7km visibility and it's so fricking cool. I also like the music during these occurences.
  11. ReaperChief

    Yamato Vs Moskva

    Probably just bad luck.. I've seen some people just demolish it with a few well placed AP shells..
  12. ReaperChief

    Finally the perfect match

    After crying yesterday from a bad round of games in the North Carolina, I have finally had the perfect game (in my opinion) and my best game in this ship so far. Oh and the 3x bonus was brilliant. Have a looksee: Thanks for your tips yesterday, they helped in some way..
  13. ReaperChief

    Disaster at every corner

    I usually plan ahead but I take my team into consideration and rely too much on their support. I am not afraid of CVs in my NC because if they get close their planes die. My worries are getting outnumbered or flanked by DDs or torpedo cruisers because the team doesn't support me.. When I have allied support, nothing stops me and I can take on anything.. My post was mostly about the reliance of big battleships at tiers 8 and up on the team..
  14. ReaperChief

    Disaster at every corner

    You're lucky.. If I had a Fletcher and another ship by my side, I would be albe win any fight whether there are 2-3 DDs or 2 BBs or 3 cruisers in the enemy force..
  15. ReaperChief

    Disaster at every corner

    In the North Carolina and the Iowa when you point the front at the enemy and go at 1/4 speed nothing can damage you. Fire damage is all about how many people are concentrating firepower on you instead of your allies. I've never died because of this strategy. The only times I die from this strategy is when I get pinned by 3 ships and 2-3 plane squadrons which is mostly the fault of my CV and the allied team for not helping me. A Battleship is supposed to sustain heavy weapons fire while the rest of the team deals with the aggressors..