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  1. If a CV is in game; DD can use 1 fighter cover consumable - to protect from CV CA/CL can use 1 short (10 sec) smoke cover - to get out of a sticky situation BB can call 1 spotting plane to circle the ship - to look for near dd, circle the BB at 6km Just thinking out loud - might make people hate CV less if they get something out of it
  2. _not_so_nice_

    0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Just played a few games in the T4 Rhein feels like a baby mashing the blocks in the wrong holes Rockets vs destroyers cruisers Torpedoes vs battleships destroyers Bombers vs cruisers battleships I know the above isn't the case for all existing CVs but hopefully you get my point Currently looking for a CV line to grind and I don't think it will be this one
  3. I love it, so easy to troll but I'm bored now. Also love it how it's "not a problem" that when w.g. releases a patch that puts 14 radar HE spamming ships into every match no one has a problem. But, instead picks out every tiny error in a forum post. Think I'm going to do something else now, maybe I'll go outside for a bit. Enjoy!
  4. Sorry Mr 13,539 games and 24,132 posts. I'll go and study up now to match your great achievement... or not
  5. Lol So 7 ships on each side radaring with 12.5km radars and shooting from the safety of an island isn't a problem? Sorry that it doesn't fit your definition of stealth radar
  6. OP never said anything about stealth radar If you havent been on today - game after game of 5 mosk, 6 al nev plus des moin and smol up to 7 radar ships all shooting long range HE is game breaking imo which is why I said:
  7. Yeah struggling with kremlin atm, only got both of those yesterday and now radars and fires are taking all of the fun away :(
  8. Still better stats that you! 😂😂😂 and I've played almost 15000 less games
  9. _not_so_nice_

    Update 0.9.5

    Horrible - try playing t10 - 6 or 7 fire spamming radar ships on each team
  10. _not_so_nice_

    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    Totally agree with the OP - games are so often decided by the first idiot to yolo in and die
  11. Al Nevsky has just destroyed the game How long do I have to wait before this calms down and I can play BBs and DDs again?
  12. _not_so_nice_


    While your team burns and your DDs get radared to death
  13. _not_so_nice_

    Stuck at rank 3

    In the top league you are expected to know what to do so people dont chat much. I always try to get people taking/working together with a little 'gl' and 'ac?' or something at the start. Teamwork is the biggest part and always expect the game to last the full time, play endurance. This is my first season of ranked but I'm almost at 4 with the jervis and nelson. The difference between the second and the first league is huge. P.s. the most radar normally does win which I dont like since they cost real money or simply unavailable. P.p.s. clicked on a few players after the game and top league players seem to have a win rate between 56 and 60%. With between 5 and 10k games (from a small sample size). Seems to be a good measure of how far you will get.
  14. That's 20k damage and a double flood from 7 out of 8 torps... and the rockets if interested