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  1. Fizzy_Odin

    Very basics of Ranked

    Because of 'remember it's just a game' statement - it would be very good if WG put a admission fee of let say 5 milion cred. just to be sure that payers who enter ranked are here for competitve game not just sailing for fun because 'remember it's just a game' - you have co-op and random for that..
  2. Man, I was playing every day, 3 cont. every day for like 8 month, player rank to rank 1, played test server, spend about 400 eur and than take a break for more than 6 month - and what did I get when I get back - 0 I didn't even get 30 days of premium for returning ..
  3. So you want to tell me that my rig have problem and is in short of ram with 8gig on GTX1080 +16gb DDR4 and with game that never fall under 75fps and with always 22-35ms connection ??? and of game installed on Samsung EVO 850 SSD
  4. Fizzy_Odin

    Skill based teams now please

    The problem is that most of forum members are good with non-skill MM because they care about WR and not about game, for them it is good when they win a retarded 7 min game with 10:0 ships advantage because win is a win, they are afraid that skill MM would hurt there WR because they would play in the same league with the players of there skills and not seal clubbing players that have av dam of 25k with his T10 BB... You all want a argument - well Clan battles had skill league system, if your team was good you could go to in top league and stay there if not you would fall in league below and than after some time you would be in always league that you deserve with the clans that are same or close to your in skill ------ what is wrong with that ?????? There had been never better system than this season clan battles in this game, the best experience, competitiveness, great gameplay since game get out !!!!
  5. Fizzy_Odin

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    For Rank 1 you will got 50 camo and 5 Hydra flags - wtf 5 flags !?!?!?!? for rank 1 !??!? you got 5 of each best flags just for playing few games on test server each patch, I just don't understand reward system for ranked ??? 5 hydra flags - I don't know if I should laugh or cry :(
  6. Fizzy_Odin

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Yup until Chapy shows behind island with a big smile :)
  7. I don't think that texture are problem - I can see smoke of the enemy ship but ship is shown with like 2-3 sec after !?!?!? in that time he will shoot on me, i will see shells flying toward me and than after 2-3 sec ship will show ???
  8. I have same problem and I thought that I was going crazy, I have GTX1080 so I don't know what is the problem with hardware ?? Maybe "remove fog" from Aslain mod or something from his mods ?? Andrej do you have any mod installed ?? - it is a big advantage/disadvantage bug and probelm :(
  9. Fizzy_Odin

    Clan wars, thank you Wargaming

    Clan Wars was great, first big step in the right way/direction --- great job who ever/what ever team did that, give them a job to do a proper MM in random games ...
  10. Fizzy_Odin

    WG's biggest lie.

    JohanPaul - you will not found happiness here on forum because 70% of user here are that border/26km sniping/behind island players and they will never want skill MM or skill league system like in all normal good games have..., for them it is so great when T10 fight ends in 7:52 min total time and wining team got top 1100xp this is so good and you feel so happy when 7 ships shoot at you because your team of at least 8 potato players died in first 4 min or are at the A1 line going into another map portal ... I don't know why there is not more base map instead of cap maps because with playerbase like we have atm you can relay on caps and make a point base game win/lose - I'am sorry to say but playerbase are just not intelligent enough for that system --- with base system at least you will have a good chance of normal to good fight, ship vs ship not you against points and time ...
  11. Fizzy_Odin

    Ranked Season T8 Ships

    hmmmm Z-23 with Hydro and 155mm could be a nice beast in T8 only :)))
  12. Fizzy_Odin

    Collection of ultimate bad battles

    just now from 0:00 to now 2:00 5 battles 5 lost in row, in division of 2 and T10 battles - in all 4 of 5 I was in top 3 and my friend in all 5, first game gone lost in 7:45 min total ( T10 ), all others we lost with 60% of my team was players that tops at 500xp at the end of the battle in T10 fight, i had like 4 games with av.dam 120.000 and my friend had like sam or maybe even more in last he even had 220k and I had 168k and ofc we lost.... So just one question to WG staff and that's it from me because I will never give any cent in this retarded game ( and I spend around 500€ until now in 2y ) - why don't you introduce league by skill of the players ?????? we have league in clan wars and it is working great ( so if you are total r aka bad player you will be in lowest league and you will be playing with players same caliber as you ) if you are better you got 4 more league's to play into WITH THE PLAYER OF SAME SKILL LIKE YOU - this is gone beyond repair, MM is gone of by like 70%, you got problems with balance ( USA CV, Conqurer, Gajah Mada, Belfast, Kamikaze R, Orion ), WG it is time to repair your and our game NOT for a new premium ship, NOT a new line BUT for to repair MM and make this game competitive like clan wars, this now ATM game is sorry but UTTER crap :(
  13. Fizzy_Odin

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hey guys! I would like to participate in the raffle.! Prize #1: Tirpitz Prize #2: Warspite Prize #3: Doubloons Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Hmmmm one Idea just came up upon me just by seeing this maps and great position in it and ect... what do you say if WG introduce shrinking zone like the one i PUBG ;) that would solve a lot of the problems - it don't have to go in circle it can be square, but it should shrink by time and it should make damage by time spend in it ....