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  1. Wolfsgrimm

    0.9.7 - General Feedback

    Hello YabbaCoe, thank you very much for the clarification and the reason behind it. Best regards
  2. Wolfsgrimm

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.9.7

    @Sehales, um meine Beobachtung visuell zu untermauern, habe ich im Übraum Video-Clips aufgenommen, um das unterschiedliche Verhalten der AP-Raketen-Schlachtflieger (am Beispiel der Loewenhardt) und der HE-Raketen-Schlachtflieger (am Beispiel der Graf Zeppelin und der Implacable) zu verdeutlichen. Wenngleich ich die Loewenhardt als Beispiel gewählt habe, so verhalten sich die Fadenkreuzer aller neuen deutschen Träger genauso. Da MOV-Dat Dateien nicht hochgeladen werden dürfen, habe ich die Video-Dateien als ZIP-Format hochgeladen. Sollte es diesbezüglich Problme geben, könnte ich die Dateien auch via Dropbox teilen. Zudem muss ich meine ursprüngliche Aussage revidieren, dass das ein Problem aller deutschen Schlachtflieger sei. Die Schlachtflieger der Graf Zeppelin verhalten sich "normal". Für eine Klarstellung, ob es sich hierbei um einen Fehler oder um gewolltes Verhalten geht, wäre ich sehr dankbar. Gruß Graf Zeppelin-HD 720p.zip Implacable-HD 720p.zip Loewenhardt-HD 720p.zip
  3. Wolfsgrimm

    0.9.7 - General Feedback

    @YabbaCoe, @Crysantos, to underline my observation I have added some video clips from the training room, showing the different behaviour of the AP attack aircrafts (at the example of the Loewenhardt) and the HE attack aircrafts (at the example of Graf Zeppelin and Implacable). Although I have used Loewnhardt as example, the strange behaviour of the reticle is common to all the new German CVs. As MOV-dat files are not accepted for upload, I have uses zip-files. In the case of problems I could also share them via Dropbox. I have to correct the statement from my fist post: It's not a issue of the German attack aircrafts (as Graf Zeppelin attack aircrafts behave "normal") but of the AP rockets attack aircrafts. Might I ask you for a clarification if this is intended or not? Thank you very much. Best regards. Graf Zeppelin-HD 720p.zip Implacable-HD 720p.zip Loewenhardt-HD 720p.zip
  4. Wolfsgrimm

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.9.7

    Ich habe eine Frage bezüglich des Fadenkreuzes der deutschen Schlachtflieger. Warum verhalten diese sich sich im Vergleich zu den Fadenkreuzen der Schlachtflieger anderer Nationen anders? Wenn ich mit deutschen Schlachtfliegern über einen Hügel anfliege, um mich gedeckt anzunäher, "springt" das Fadenkreuz beim überfliegen des Hügels meilenweit voraus. Daher ist es fast unmöglich auf Schiffe, die sich unmittelbar hinter Hügeln befinden, anzufliegen. Im Gegensatz dazu "springt" das Fadenkreuz der Schlachtflieger anderer Nationen nicht, sondern "gleitet" geschmeidig über den Hügel und ist sofort für den Angriff in der richtigen Position. Ist das Verhalten des deutschen Fadenkreuze ein Fehler (der behoben werden wird) oder eine "Feature" um die deutschen Schlachtflieger "fordernder" zu macht ("it's not a bug but a feature")? Für eine Klarstellung/Antwort zu diesem Thema wäre ich sehr danken. Gruß
  5. Wolfsgrimm

    0.9.7 - General Feedback

    I have a question concerning the reticle of the German attack aircrafts. Why do they behave differently compaired to the reticle of attack aircrafts of other nations? If I approach with German attack aircrafts over a hill to cover my approach, the reticle "jumps" miles ahead. Therefore it is almost impossible to aim on ships close to the hill. In opposit to this, the reticle of the attack aircrafts of other nations don't "jump" but glide smothly over the hill and is immediatly in place for the attack. So, is the behaviour of the German reticle a bug (which will be fixed) or a feature to make the German attack aircrafts more "challenging" to play? I would thank you very much for a clarification on this topic. Best regards
  6. Wolfsgrimm

    German Carriers: Part 2

    Who knows, maybe WG surprises us with a last minute buff instead of the usual last minute nerf ...
  7. I'm really happy that we will be able to freely change the consumables soon! Great change. Now as you are using a modified German imperial flag for your collection and in the Hamburg port, can we hope to see the option to choose this flag also on our imperial SMS ships, like Nassau, Kaiser, König, etc.? That would be nice. Also, I really had hoped that Günther Lütjens would be obtainable by fulfilling the collection. If I'm not mistaken, he is the only captain of the "big", named special captains which is only acquirable by coal.
  8. Wolfsgrimm

    ST 0.9.6, new ships

    You might like to consider to change the coat of arms of cruiser München. Currently it shows the one of the state of Bavarian. You might want to use the coat of arms of the city of München (showing the Münchner Kindl) instead (as you have done with cruiser Mainz, which bears the coat of arms of the city of Mainz and not the one of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate).
  9. @principat121, sind die Ergebnisse noch mit dem "alten" HP-Pool und der kurzen AP-Zündzeit?
  10. Wolfsgrimm

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Have I really hope for a last minute change of Odin's HP pool? Something like: The Spreadsheet has shown that the low HP pool for a brawler has proven insufficient, especally if she gets up-tiered.
  11. Wolfsgrimm

    ST, Hamburg dockyard

    First things first, the directives look quite ok and seem doable. But ... Is this event now the retrospectively justification for all the hard nerfs Odin suffered (HP and AP fuse time nerf)? Because a (almost) free give away ship is not supposed to be too strong? If I remember correctly, this was the same reasoing with Prinz Eitel. On the contrary, other ships are made really powerful (Stalingrad, Smolensk, Somers, Bourgogne, Neustrashimy) and the justification is because they are hidden behing a steel or coal wall. Honestly, then I would have prefered to see Odin with its original parameters in the Arsenal for coal or steel.
  12. Wolfsgrimm

    Armada: Mainz

    "It was decided to build two ships, with their designs being as similar as possible to the third ship in the series—Prinz Eugen. [...] The resulting warships were to be considered as light cruisers, despite them having the water displacement and armor characteristics of heavy cruisers." It's really a pitty that Mainz didn't received the in-game armour scheme of Prinz Eugen. Little White Mouse, from the US forum, made a (as usual) very detailed and (in my opinion) outstanding ship review in which she addressed this point quite clearly.
  13. Wolfsgrimm

    Launch Day Calendar: April

    If I'm not mistaken, there is a Tirpitz flag in the game for approximatley 1 year. But I have never seen any occasion to acquire/earn it. I have the Tirpitz since she was released back in 2016. Would be nice if there would be a chance to get hand of this flag for "owne of the first hour".
  14. Wolfsgrimm

    ST - changes to test ships

    I have hope again for Odin. Maybe they realize that a tier 8 brawler BB with just 52.000 HP will not work, too.
  15. Wolfsgrimm

    Changes to IFHE and plating

    To be more precise, tier 8-9 CA will become - as already addressed by some previous posts - not generally more resistant to battleship fire but just against fire from BB with 380 mm guns relying on AP. If I'm not mistaken, CA will not be more resistant against Russian, Japanese and US BB, as these BB ships have at these tiers <400 mm guns. The British BB will not be affected so much either as they mainly use HE in most cases. Instead this will mean that French BB, Roma and especially German BB (due to their bad HE) will be at the short end of the stick.