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  1. Wolfsgrimm

    General feedback

    Could it be that the in-game picture (if you go to the ship you have assigned him) of the new German captain Friedrich Bonte is indeed the picture of the new British captain Horace Hood?
  2. Wolfsgrimm

    ST, French arc, new map, balance changes

    Really nice to see that the German BBs get some attention. Maybe WG could consider to give back the German hydro to Bismarck. If I remember correctly, the hydro was nerfed years ago with the justification that Bismarck would have been to effective in a tier 8 ranked season. In my opinion it is not a good basis to take some specific game modes, like ranked or clan battles, to balance ships as this game modes are in some ways quite special. Best regards
  3. Wolfsgrimm

    ST, changes to Graf Zeppelin

    Thank you for the information and that you had a look into the worse GZ performance. When can we expect this changes to go life? Would really appreciate such a fast hotfix as you did when you nerved the torpedoes in May (in the morning announced and the fix went life the same day at 1400) Best regards
  4. Wolfsgrimm

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hello, four weeks ago I have reported in this thread that the max. speed marker mod in the mod package is not working correctly since the update 8.2. Instead of the ship's name just white boxes are displayed during the battle. Now I have seen that this mod is working as intended in the Hakabase Modpack. Please, would it be possible to update the Modstation with the latest version of this mod? Thank you very much for your effort. Best regards
  5. Wolfsgrimm

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi, I'm using the max. speed marker mod from the mod pack. Since the update to 8.2 I have the problem that the ship names, both own and enemy one, are no longer displayed but just white boxes for each letter (alternative interface mode on full). If I remove this mod the ship names are displayed normaly. Best regards