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  1. Oh man,you go waaayy back to 2015 days. Great,i feel so old now...
  2. Jeez, so much radar these days... I sincerely hope it wont pass the testing phase or the game has to be renamed "World of (Premium) Radars"
  3. Jeez,long time away,i'm really starting to forgetting names. But i remember a few ones, Met Cro_pwr today. I died fast cause idiocy. He did good.
  4. -Excessive salt values that are caused by the RNCL state of release, a stupid cat and poop on clothes by passing bird- Edit: Whiskey
  5. Saw Free-Exped Minotaurs already. These guys must be crying for their money....
  6. Thing is though this acceleration reminds me of American Muscle Cars: Acceleration is godlike Everything else sucks butt badly
  7. Btw, RN CL can get citadelled by HE. To anyone who plays against them,don't even bother changing ammo, both ammo types can finish the job.
  8. 0.5.13

    Complete dissapointment Edit: Brandy
  9. LOL! You made my salt a bit smoother with that one...
  10. Tequila
  11. The summary of the RN CL in a nutshell.... How is this fun? I don't know....
  12. Edited version: Grapa
  13. I'm here just clapping.
  14. Ouzo
  15. Beer