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    Upgrades are to over priced

    Hello, Since the 0.4.0 update the other day I have noticed that upgrades to ships is very overpriced and not worth getting, 3 million credits to buy a upgrade for main guns when the ship only costs 300,000? From my point of view all this is a marketing trick to get gamers to by lots of gold and credits and line the pockets of War Gaming. Also the price of the ships is absurd and I can buy two tier ten tanks for the cost of one tier ten ship, the time it takes to research a tier 2 ship I could have researched a tier 4 tank or plane. This game is very unbalanced and needs lots of work before open beta. . Last but not least is the x1.5 daily when tanks and planes is x2 daily. If these are not addressed soon this game will loose a lot of players like planes did. Is War Gaming in it for the enjoyment of the gamer or the money? I would choose the latter of the two! Steel_Ranger4 TAW World of Tanks Div. Commander