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  1. i'm a cruiser player, albeit a shitty one since i'm rather new to the game, and i do agree with the rest of your post about landslides and more DDs/BBs in each game but i don't necessarily agree that cruisers are obsolete. i'm not experienced enough to talk about carry potential, and skill cap, but one thing's for sure. cruisers are fun. BBs camp the edges of the map while DDs scramble 4v4 in close quarters knife fighting often ending dead within the first minutes. no fun in that. at least not for me.
  2. DiMtopia

    an assortment of noobish questions

    thanks K82J and Verblonde. I've not even started the us cruisers line, but you two just game me excellent reasons to do it. can't wait for the weekend :)
  3. DiMtopia

    an assortment of noobish questions

    i just noticed that this week's operation is for tier 6 and i checked other operations and there are only a few for tier 7+ so i guess i'll be fine sticking to tier 6 for a while. as for playing time, i'm sort of a weekend warrior. during week-days between the job and doing homework with my kid i don't have much time for video games so weekend it is. the 6 players per team battle happened at about 7 am yesterday morning so i guess most of the EU was still asleep, hence the low number of online players. and once you factor in that i was playing tier 3-4 it's obvious why the matchmaker had some hiccups.
  4. DiMtopia

    an assortment of noobish questions

    thank you very much for your kind words. i was reticent in installing a mod pack cause it's easy to go overboard and clutter the screen with tonnes of info without actually knowing how to put that info to good use. but i'll give aslain's a shot.
  5. DiMtopia

    an assortment of noobish questions

    thank you all for your answers. i've got 2 more questions. 10. as i said in the first post i don't want to rush the tiers because i'll probably get to tier 8 unprepared, get my [edited]kicked and not only dislike it but also ruing games for others. however in doing so i'm missing on operations, ranked battles, clan battles and a whole range of missions and challenges. that seems like quite a lot of content i'm deliberately not accessing. ranked battles and clan battles i'm assuming are mostly for very good players so even if i had higher tier ships i probably wouldn't play those. the missions and challenges for tier 8+ seem quite difficult (might be wrong) so i'm not too concerned about those and assuming they don't expire i'll probably get to doing them at some point. however the operations thing does seem very appealing. from watching youtube vids i see that they're really interesting co-op scenarios that also have very nice rewards in terms of xp and credits. 11. the number of ships per team seems to vary quite a lot. i think the minimum i got was 6 and the max was 12. is this random? how's it calculated? isn't 6 too low of a number? get 2 afks in a 6 ship team and you're doomed. heck, even with 1 afk it would be an uphill struggle.
  6. DiMtopia

    an assortment of noobish questions

    first of all, thanks a lot for the answers. 1. i was afraid it might all come down to simply memorizing stats and armament details. i guess it's normal and while i won't bother to start memorizing i guess given enough time i'll start to know at least the most common ships by simply meeting them in battle and observing stuff. 6. life saver. i'll promptly start disabling the weird stuff.
  7. 1. is there a way of knowing when the enemy torpedoes will stop and sink? i've been in the situation where torpedoes are coming my way, i scramble to evade them only to see them die off before getting to me. obviously it's a fortunate situation but i'd also like to know it beforehand in order to avoid browning my shorts and sweating profusely. :) 2. is there anything i can do vs enemy airplanes if i'm alone? obviously i should stick with my mates cause there's strength in numbers, but occasionally i find myself in the end game stranded alone trying to find the enemy carriers only to be pounded by airplanes with bombs and torpedoes with not a lot of chance to outmanoeuvre them. yes, my AA guns are turned on, but apparently can't shoot much 3. are there any plans on making the matchmaker give teams equal number of ship types? i might be completely wrong here but i find destroyers to be very important as they can be sneaky and give vision. in most games one team has more destroyers than the other and quite often i see teams without a destroyer while the other has 1. i've never seen a difference of more than 1, but that's a huge difference when the other team has none. 4. also on the subject of the matchmaker, is it normal to have tier differences between teams? i mean if one team has 3 tier 7 ships the other should have the same, right down to the sip types. i have a tier 7 destroyer, you have one too. i have 2 tier 6 battleships, same for the other team. 5. people not moving for a long time at start of battle. in quite a few games there are 1-2 people that don't move at all sometimes for up to 3 minutes at the start of the battle. since i'm new i avoid going full speed ahead towards the enemy so i try to wait and see where people go and follow them. but it takes 30 seconds at most to see where everybody is going. waiting for up to 3 minutes before moving seems like a real waste. am i missing something? is there more to this? are they strategizing something? 6. weird camo schemes. obviously personal taste can't be judged but i've seen today some garish camo schemes with neon bright colours that honestly look bad and are quite distracting. is there any way to turn that off and have the ships display like normal? are those some sort of special ships? 7. is there a stats site where i can track my progress? i'm obviously crap right now, but i'm hopefully going to improve and i'd like to monitor this improvement if possible. 8. i'm planning on getting to tier 6 on several ship lines and stopping there until i feel comfortable with the game mechanics. i feel like this should be the right move as i assume more experienced players will be found at tiers 7 and above and i'll suck too much to play at that level. is this a good thing or am i unnecessarily hindering my progress and missing out on a lot of learning opportunities which can be found only at higher tiers? 9. any way of practising aiming with different ships? of course aside from the obvious way of playing more and more. i mean like a training room where i have moving targets and i can use whatever ship i want.
  8. the mission was done on several occasions, not just that one. sadly i did pick the wrong screenshot and i didn't bother to screenshot the other battles. i'm new to the game and didn't realised my omission. i also think the game realises the mission was done because every time i fulfilled the conditions the mission was resetting to stage 1. so something was changing. for the battles with under 50k nothing was changing and it was displaying stage 3. but each time i did 50k it went back to stage 1. since i've played just for 3 days i've got no higher tier ships, but it's no problem. i'm sure i'll get more 50k battles in the weekend and i'll screenshot the correct screen. thanks for pointing that out.
  9. then shouldn't i receive the reward? it was a flag and 2 loot boxes but i've received nothing. i read somewhere that the 3 daily lootboxes sometimes do not appear but they're given after midnight when the game date changes. naturally i assumed this might happen with this mission as well but 2 days passed and i've received nothing.
  10. for me it's the same as before. mission is stuck on stage 3 and there's no way to complete it. i mean even if i fulfil the wining conditions (50k damage + 1 kill) the mission resets to stage 1. then after i play a battle or relog into the game it's back at stage 3. and this scenario repeats itself over and over. in my eyes it's a clear bug so i'd like to kindly ask a mod to move this thread to the bug report section. i can't really see a bug report section anywhere. maybe because i'm new to the forums and i need more than X posts to access it... or should i file this through a ticket?
  11. mate, i already wrote in the first post i relogged several times and the bug still persists.
  12. i just started playing the game and i've never finished this mission before. finished it today several times though. but got no rewards and the mission is still active.
  13. DiMtopia

    initial thoughts and asking for suggestions

    what does RN CL mean? and yeah, i read that the british cruisers aren't your regular cup of tea so i put them on hold and started with the japanese cruisers. thanks for everything else.