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  1. brainfear1

    Game will die

    there is a difference with stats that suck and stats that basicly state that your either a bot or afk..... warships today rating: 687 average damage: 18 702 and that is out of 1887. oh and he has over 2000 coop battles. it's players like you that are probably that are probably the main reason peepz think the game is dying....
  2. brainfear1

    it was not a good idea to do a BB special WE...

    cause they already had those....
  3. brainfear1

    What is a point of WG in this game?

    They give you a game that is fun to play, obviouy since you have over 1500 matches played
  4. brainfear1

    Sailing ships, what's your rig?

    motherboard: gigabyte z87-HD3 memory: 16gb ddr3 cpu: i5-4670k gpu: msi GTX 1080 hdd: 1x 1tb hdd and 1 230gb ssd
  5. brainfear1

    Remove US BB line from game

    with your rating of 676 and average dmg of 12,929 you might was wel want to remove yourself from the game ;)
  6. brainfear1

    4k resolution impossible to play on

    playing on a 28" 4k screen here no problems at all. The minimap is scaleable having no troubles on this end.
  7. brainfear1

    Best Type/Ship/Line for Newcomer?

    Also a quick note german battleships are mostly good to go from stock onward, while jap and some usn have some serious trouble when in stock configuration
  8. brainfear1


    i found the gneisenau a amazing ship to play with sure the guns have some derpy moments but her armor and cqb capabilities more then make up for it.
  9. brainfear1

    Pick your votes for the sexiest ship ingame!

    Warspite, Iowa and Baltimore are in my opinion the best looking ships.
  10. brainfear1

    Gneisenau - Einschlag ! Quick Impression

    before those secondaries do some serious dmg those torps will have sunk or severly dmged the target. The secondaries are nice but not good enough for a secondarie build
  11. it hasn't been a week since we got the scharnhorst wouldn't it be far to soon to release her on the eu server?
  12. brainfear1

    Gneisenau - am I missing something?

    Own both the nagato and the gneisenau and love the gneis more then the nagato. Better armor very fast, guns are okayish, good secondaries with 7km range with aft, torps. I tend to sail around the frontline lobbing shels and looking for a way inonce you get close the fun really begins with secondaries setting the target on fore and the main guns finish the job
  13. brainfear1

    German BBs free xp

    free xped up to the gneisenau and playing her to unlock the bismarck so far really like the ship. Took some time getting used to her but now it feels like a new love
  14. brainfear1

    Tiers 7 German BB's - Gneisenau Vs Scharnhorst

    Have both but prefer the Gneisenau mainly due to the biggers guns and better aa. Up close and personal is where she wants to be and those secondaries and torps sure help with that
  15. brainfear1

    WG bring back direct download of updates

    had a 9 mb/s download had the patch downloaded in no time.