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  1. The_Joker_1

    Recommended Captain builds for higher tier UK DD's?

    Thanks for all the replies! Helped me out a great deal
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if people have some solid suggestions for a higher tier UK DD build. I'm currently at tier 7, got a 12 point captain now (10 points specced, pretty standard - PT, LS, SE, CE, 2 points left open for now). I'll be looking to move the captain up the tiers, so I'm basically asking for the optimal tier 9/10 build, unless those significantly differ from the tier 7 and 8. In terms of playstyle, I have personally been using UK DD's to contest caps, hunt DD's then look for other targets later on. Seems to be the best way to play this line, if you have any other suggestions I'd be interested in hearing them.
  3. The_Joker_1

    CV Rework Discussion

    The reason they don't survive as much as other ships is partially due to the existence of CV's - a class which can spot anywhere on the map in mere seconds, and kill DD's and low HP cruisers & BB's with incredible ease. No skill involved, even. A CV will render a DD in the late game completely useless, whereas normally that should be the time where the DD is the most powerful and influential. If the CV player has a brain he will figure out where you are, keep you spotted so you get shot by everyone and their mother, or kill you with the most skill-based mechanic in the game: rocket planes.
  4. Would you say the Boise is worth getting?
  5. Haha. That's what I was hoping together with the rest of the WoT community for a long time. Look where that got us. I quit WoT because WG's [edited] didn't stop, it only got worse and worse. All I can say is that even though I wish I could get the money back, it was kinda good while it lasted. I wouldn't count on WG putting an end to their weird practices and inexplicably poor decisions balance and gameplay-wise. They do not have a good track record in that regard, whatsoever.
  6. Would anyone recommend buying this "surprise mechanic" bundle of "fun"? I personally don't own any tier VIII premiums yet, just a pair of tier VI premium DD's (Aigle & T-61) and then some lower tiers such as Gremyashchy from the Closed Beta. Have recently started playing again, only coming up to about 1000 battles so far. Mostly enjoy playing destroyers and cruisers, starting to get a taste for BB's however. Was wondering if anyone has some advice in this regard, as I'm kind of on the fence about it.