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  1. Blackhawkso

    Super slow loading times

    Well I had a fun one earlier where I finally got into the game but for some reason it wasn't displaying the ship models so I couldn't see other ships and didn't know that I was surrounded at the time and got slaughtered
  2. Blackhawkso

    Super slow loading times

    Has anyone else found the same thing happening to them at all?
  3. Blackhawkso

    Super slow loading times

    Since doing the patch that was released today 22/05/2015. Loading times to get into a match have become super long and slow to a point where the game has already started and I have affied to find half of the enemy team has died do know what is causing this as it didn't happen before.
  4. Blackhawkso

    TOG is love, TOG is life!

    I wish for an April fools they would make the TOG II into a ship and have a TOG v TOG game mode for a laugh. I know that I would play it.
  5. Blackhawkso

    Should the capture sound be changed?

    TBH I never have noticed the capture sound. I think also it isn't really 100% clear if you are capturing or not. Once I lost my bearings and thought I was just outside the cap but turned out that I was inside and captured the point which was a shock to me lol
  6. Blackhawkso

    Please increase XP

    I think that it rewards just around about the right amount of XP at the moment IMO
  7. Blackhawkso

    Aim assist in co-op mode for training

    I feel that it would be a good idea as a form of training about how much to lead a target that in co-op mode you can have the option to display a lead indicator so you can get used to where to aim your guns on different targets. I would only allow this option in co-op as I feel it would be wrong to have it in PvP mode. What does anyone else think?