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  1. NEW MEMBER SLOTS AVAILABLE!!! Hi to all! Looking for active players who would play with us in Clan Battles or random battles.The goal of this clan is to get 50 people to enjoy in Clan Battles. But also allow you to find people to play competitively with other clan mates in random battles, when you feel like it. If you want to you can post a presentation of yourself here in the thread. Or contact "anmargan" in game for a clan invitation. If you feel like it you can hang out in the chat program Discord with other clan members, but it will not be mandatory. Game play will be casual but competitive. We play to win, and do our best in every match. Requirement are: That you speak English, To be active player, Be friendly, Have a basic understanding of how the game works, At least 1000 games played, W/B 48% and more, D/B 35000 and more, _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Base upgrades so far: ALL FULL UPGREADED ONLY STEEL NEED LAST LVL Thank you all feel free to contact me.Fair winds and following seas!