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  1. We’ve done the same as you by purchasing the 10% buying discounts on T5+T6 because they were cheap and it benefits players who are moving up. Now we are saving for 10% discount on repairs for battleships and then cruisers. The rational is that it helps in every single game and also makes high tier play more sustainable.
  2. To OP - join a clan. They will get your oil, you will get discounts and XP boosts. You don’t need to be on teamspeak or doing clan wars, just having that tag as part of your name is enough.
  3. Divisions won’t change anytime soon so if you can’t beat them, join them. Solo 53.55% (999 battles) 2 man 54.55% (66 battles) 3 man 60.93% (215 battles) I think my 3 man is higher because one of the people I platoon with is a significantly better player than me. That and the fact we are voice comms and communicate/co-ordinate
  4. Thanks for the update
  5. I had the issue described by the OP. Currently checking and repairing game integrity...
  6. Colorado is terrible in my opinion. Far too slow to be any fun.
  7. The only real thing that annoys me in chat is that people don't respond. I realise that English isn't everyone's first language but I suspect some people haven't even worked out how to use chat. "We are in a ranked battle - why do 4 of you not have any camo?" Nothing "A or B?" Nothing "Carrier - why did you just let his torps and dive bombers attack me whilst your fighters sat 5km back not moving?" Nothing "Sorry team our other carrier didn't launch any planes for 5 minutes, I've lost most of my planes and the game is lost. Please report him" Nothing "Two of us have just engaged 8 enemies at C. How the f*%# have you managed to let the enemy cap A+B?!" Nothing
  8. It probably depends on the cruiser. The Emerald at T5 could do with some help but the Leander at T6 is fine.
  9. Just to echo I've really enjoyed this campaign. Some effort required but not too difficult or grindy, with a pretty great reward at the end of it. (I've just got to kill 2 more German battleships and I'm on the final mission.)
  10. I'm undecided
  11. I think you have got that wrong. The 9,350 doubloons is listed under "What's inside?" rather than the price of the bundle.
  12. It is never my fault so can't you just fine whoever collides with me?
  13. Are there any mods like XVM* for WoWS? I would like an idea in game of which ships I might be able to rely on and who is likely to be useless. *for those that don't know XVM is from World of Tanks and shows in game the relative skill of players based on a colour scale from red (tomato) to unicum (purple)
  14. Same as the one for World of Tanks. You sign into it with your WG credentials. It gives you detailed information about your stats, ships,database of warships, news announcements, lookup for other players.
  15. Oops just created another topic on this. It doesn't matter what is available in game, you only ever use it when the game isn't available. I use the WoT one to quickly check recent progress after almost every session, to check random stats over time and compare myself to other players. I can also check the database of tanks for info and my progress for personal missions. There would be little effort in creating a basic one for someone like WarGaming.