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  1. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    @Runegrem you seem to have identical experiences to me, even down to Omaha/Murmansk. I actually won a Marblehead at Christmas and I was delighted
  2. RN Cruisers - jump from T7 to T8

    It won't be, trust me :) Edinburgh is a good ship a bad spot. Minotaur is god-like even among peers
  3. Invisible ships

    Go easy, op has less than 300 battles. The likelyhood is, given you're tier 5 and you got hit by 6 torps, it was a minekaze/kamikaze/fujin which all have concealment just over 5km. Edit: it's not OP, it's the game mechanics. Learn them or be frustrated.
  4. I'm a useless DD captain, but there are two ships I always have fun in (for different reasons). Fujin - when I started playing this game (just after Beta finished), IJN DDs were king. I got past the Minekaze very quickly but then regretted it from Fubuki onwards as my DD-rubbishness was laid bare at the higher tiers and against BBs who knew how to WSAD. I bought Fujin when it came and continue to have fun (and finish tier 5+ torpedo missions). Okhotnik - got this in a Christmas container in December and, knowing I was rubbish in DDs, hadn't a clue what to do with it. Decided to go out and have fun, and what fun! As a cruiser main (and an RN one at that), I just used that skill set with the occasional 40kt YOLO torp run. She MURDERS enemy DDs in her tier spread and burns BBs too. So much fun. Of these two, I'd say only Fujin is 'conventional', at least in a stealth-torping way. Bought Aigle the other day and use it like a light cruiser and have fun with that too.
  5. The best cruiser at Tier 7 ?

    I have to agree with the previous posters about Pensacola. She'll always have a special place in my heart as my first heavy cruiser. My much more experienced friend and divmate fxp'ed her because he had swallowed the accepted wisdom that she was a floating citadel (well, she is but you can choose not to be shot), and I was dreading her. Following on from the Cleve which I hated at the time, because I was a scrub who didn't know how the game worked, she showed me how powerful a well-played CA can be. I feel like a bloody hero because I can play this much maligned 'tin can' well. I'd hate to think that they'd gimp her because she was the first ship I trained a new captain for and bought prem camo. On topic, Fiji is the best tier 7 cruiser. Belfast is good but easier to play, without even counting the radar, and feels a bit cheap. I do like playing Belfast but it was Leander/Fiji before I felt like I understood what was required from a CL, and it's not all about HE. As much fun as it is to spam HE, chunking broadside BBs with sAP (and murdering DDs) is much more satisfying.
  6. What CA/CL line to grind next

    Fair enough @deadly_if_swallowed. In early game, for me at least, Mino is about analysing where the enemy is (and will be in a few minutes), and setting up. Unless there's a really favourable situation like a lone DD without support, or a lone BB which is spotted by someone else, I won't fire. Mid game I'll be in position and rain-of-skill anything spotted within 12km for the full length of my smoke. If I'm really on the ball I will have positioned somewhere I can put a wall of torps out that the enemy can't escape due to islands, or proximity. Where I struggled with Neptune (pre smoke firing nerf), was the set-up. The guns are consistent through the line, only weight of fire changes really. Mino can reposition and has a sliver of chance to escape a trap/bad situation, whereas I felt Neptune just died. Maybe it's just me.

    Following. Dis gon' be gud
  8. RN Cruisers - jump from T7 to T8

    I was moaned at while in a Roon last night, because I didn't immediately fire on a DD radared in a cap that: Was 15km away I couldn't see because of islands in the way. The person moaning was doing the radaring, from safely behind an island which he didn't leave until more than 10 minutes in. He later complimented me after I finished top having carried the game. I got the DD a few minutes later, when the situation was in my favour. Moral of the story, play the game you know you can, keep an eye on your team but try to make the best tactical decisions. Ignore the nonsense. If someone's really vehemently having a go, check their stats and have a good laugh.
  9. What CA/CL line to grind next

    Care to explain why? I HATED Neptune!
  10. Emerald ~ How am I supposed to play it?

    Except that RN sAP is absolutely devastating to DDs. RN CLs don't need HE. Emerald is a grind, but what you learn about engagement distances and cover helps a lot from tier 6 up. Leander, Fiji, Edinburgh and Minotaur are well worth the momentary pain of Emerald.
  11. Strangely enough, this is the thought I had. He's complaining about being forced to engage a close range in a Bismarck? I suppose you'd rather be laying down fire from 19km, OP?
  12. Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm struggling with it too, despite enjoying KGV a lot. My winrate is pathetic in it, and I seem to get focused every game regardless of team makeup or position (confirmation bias probably). I find it easier to kill things with the KGV/DOY/Hood/Nelson.
  13. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    I struggled with the torping until I remembered I had a Fujin. Took me three games to get the remaining 14 torp hits, plus DD numbers weren't as crazy at tier 5. It was only after that I fancied a game of Okhotnik, could've done it in two with that!
  14. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    Is this comment directed at me? If so, not only did you not get my point but I think you may have assumed I meant he opposite. I agree with you, if you'll read the very next line in the post you've quoted this from.
  15. When will happen next Free XP conversion?

    Have you had a look at what ships are in his port? Who made you the gatekeeper of who gets to play what?