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  1. Can we get an option to opt out of Epicenter?

    I won Krispy Kreme in a container a few weeks ago, What's not to like about all those 130mm guns!
  2. Can't win

    My mistake - I didn't see the stats were just for DM.
  3. Can't win

  4. Khabarovsk - Skills and upgrades

    Yeah, I decided to play a few games last night and did really well. I think, based on the one game I had before I complained, it must have been the map or the fact the enemy team all ran to the map border from the start. I played three or four last night and by the fourth was starting to feel like the grim reaper of DDs. Never before in high tier have I looked at a team line-up and though "oh good, 5 DDs on the enemy team" until now. Also the usual food of German and Japanese BBs from 8-10 is still as succulent
  5. <3 waifubots <3

  6. Khabarovsk - Skills and upgrades

    Sorry for sort-of necrosis, but I need help. Thoroughly enjoyed the Tashkent but finding Khabarovsk a disappointment mainly due to gun range. Running bft/aft and double rudder. I find you have to go in the danger zone to even get shots away and the Tashkent tactic of powerkiting is useless as you're almost immediately out of range and still in the danger zone. I'm not in game right now but am I missing a module or something? 13.5km makes me want to sell and buy Tashkent again as I could regularly post 90k+ games in it.
  7. Ah yes, I remember. I was in the enemy cap at the end. That was a tough, close but fun game. I don't blame you, we were just unlucky. That mogami was a pain in my arse all game. I was thinking of another game where a Shima made a stupid mistake at the ebd, leaving me alone with no way to win thanks to a points defect of about 10 and too far away from two BBs with seconds to go. That Shima should be apologising
  8. That was a frustrating game for many reasons. We were in a difficult position at the end, and so close to the win. It would have been better had our team not died so readily leaving us to try to rescue it. I finished on three caps, three (i think) kills and I believe something like 1600 xp. It's a pattern I have in Tashkent for some reason, personally I do very well but my windage is poor. Sometime I'm going to explore this further, but not tonight as I've had the same again all night Good to play with you o7
  9. Can we get an option to opt out of Epicenter?

    Standard battle is the one I hate. Encourages potatoes to disperse around the maps instead of fighting for positions or objectives.
  10. Fletcher v Gearing - Help

    Following. I loved Fletcher, just got Gearing and while I'm capable of posting big games with her I do find her more difficult to play.
  11. Can we get an option to opt out of Epicenter?

    I like it. Anything that brings ships closer together is a good thing IMO. My experience is also very different from yours, in that you can have very tense and exciting battles in Epicenter. Also I think allowing the playerbase to 'opt out' is divisive and will lead to massive wait times in the queue.
  12. Wow, and I mean that. I LOVE collecting ships, but even I'm not this desperate... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/t-time/ For three days only, depending on the number of Doubloons you spend in-game, you will receive tiered rewards. Spend enough Doubloons and you will get VI T-61 in your port this Friday 10 August, along with her special flag!
  13. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Disagree. Belfast could have survived without one of it's three consumables, sure, but both it and Kutuzov are real life museum ships. It would be daft not to make them. Kutuzov is fine, I almost never see them any more due to the radar/o-sight meta.
  14. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    I'll go and look back. I missed your opinion on those. I bought Belfast (as a British person, of course I would) and I got Kutuzov in a Christmas container. Both are great ships, if you know how to play them. If not, they are weak. IMO Kutuzov is considerably harder to play that Belfast, though (although neither are an automatic 'I win').
  15. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Some have done that out of frustration, yes. But it's not elitism to point out that the reason you don't make credits is that you're in an artificial position for your skill level (tier X) and it shows.