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  1. Mr_Tayto

    Insert click bait title here - Not a CV rant

    Bonus karma hit
  2. Mr_Tayto

    British heavy cruisers

    Depending on complimentary skills, could make an IFHE captain viable for Belfast too instead of having to have a unique one just for her.
  3. Mr_Tayto

    Port UI becoming unresponsive

    UI fixed camrade. Spreadsheet not broken!
  4. Mr_Tayto

    so i got this devonshire cruiser

    Ignore BeastofWar. He's fabricated a bunch of stats he "screenshotted" from "his" game already. If I was being generous, I'd say it was a kid playing his brother's or dad's account given he doesn't seem to know even basic info about how to play the game. The smug boasting about all the tier 10 ships he has to play, boasting about xp on a ship, the extreme defensiveness when people try to make suggestions or offer help, the denial of all stats as "elitist"... Classic beast. Ultrahyperunicum player who hides his stats and is genuinely afraid of other people looking at them
  5. Mr_Tayto

    so i got this devonshire cruiser

    Sorry, have to disagree about Gorizia, personally I think she's brilliant and an upgrade on Zara which itself isn't too bad. The Italian premiums are all massive improvements over their same tier silver counterparts (where applicable). Abruzzi being the best of three tier 7s at that.
  6. Mr_Tayto

    so i got this devonshire cruiser

    Have you considered you just might not be very good at playing cruisers? I'd look at your stats to offer some advice but they're hidden so I'll just have to make an assumption. On my side, I think Devonshire's great. Only six games in her so far but feels strong at tier 6. Of course the gun range is poor but if you play smart you can ambush and deal devastating volleys. Even at max range she's maneuvrable enough to dance round incoming while dealing big HE salvoes. Honestly, with a bit of patience and skill you'd see she's at least as strong as any other cruiser at her level.
  7. Mr_Tayto

    Pan Asian additions - any good?

    Bought 10 containers, no ships. So looks like I'm not getting them.
  8. Mr_Tayto

    Pan Asian additions - any good?

    This. Exhausted by the pace and frequency of premiums, and these seem bad (Silly might be ok). Pass.
  9. Mr_Tayto

    British heavy cruisers

    Spot on. Have had some really good games including a Confederate while bottom tier. The HE is brilliant - can't remember the last time I saw such numbers pop up from a volley - but the AP is phenomenal. Several higher tier cruisers and one tier 8 BB have fallen to a combination of citadels and full pen damage today. She's made of paper, but if the rest of the line is like Devonshire then I'm in love already.
  10. Mr_Tayto

    British heavy cruisers

    No good games in Belfast? Smoke AND radar?? PEBKAC
  11. Mr_Tayto

    If Kremlin is so OP

    I thought I recognised your style. Your "alt" you mentioned in another thread, is Nooby Skooby right? He's the only other person I can remember wanting to put spotter planes on EVERYTHING. I know this thing hardly exhibits the poor accuracy of the lower Soviet BBs, but Jesus Christ fella
  12. Mr_Tayto

    To give away: A CLAN!

    Best of luck, OP. Sorry to hear about your health problems, but I really hope there's something out there to get you better.
  13. Mr_Tayto

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    Bought the Gorizia to do the early directives and guarantee the 8,500 dub refund, but I would have bought her anyway as a straight up stronger Zara. Used some doubloons I had lying around for the other boosters, so I got PR with 4 or 5 days to spare. I found myself thinking "this isn't so bad", until I remembered that the majority of players would have tried for the Gorizia free (which was a reasonable grind in itself) and would have access to PR without either destroying their lives or paying through the nose. Never again.
  14. Mr_Tayto

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    OP, please let us know all of your small thoughts on literally everything. #subscribed