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  1. HMS Hood in the shop - but which camo?

    I knew as soon as I typed that it was wrong I really hope that's the case. I'm a bit of a whale in this game you see, spending fairly freely on the game (which I love) and I never regret it. I certainly don't regret the £92 on Hood because she's given me more hours - and a lot more joy - than the equivalent value of 4 matches of my frankly rubbish football team, or one night out on the lash. I will be extremely disappointed if the 'exclusive' camo is now part of a package that's less than half price, however.
  2. HMS Hood in the shop - but which camo?

    The hood top package came with two camos, the 'Hood' admiralty grey and the two tone one which was of her sister ship. Every package except for the £92 top package was two tone. You could ONLY get the admiralty grey camo buy purchasing the most expensive package. I remember the furore on the forum on release day. Many collectors and history buffs were entaged by this fact.
  3. So I see Hood is back in the shop. Great ship, fantastic example of swashbuckling, aggressive, BC-like gameplay. Possibly my favourite ship in the game (tied with Gneis). But which camo is this £40 version of Hood wearing? I see it has the flag, and the associated trinkets you normally get now. But when I bought Hood on release day for £92 (ninety-two pounds) for the top package, this was supposed to be the one and only way to get the historically accurate, admiralty grey paint job. Not the two-tone one, the one-colour paint job. In the pictures on the store page, she is wearing this 'one-off' paint job. Can someone ( @MrConway maybe?) confirm which paint job this version of Hood gets, please?
  4. do jap torpedo boats do anything useful?

    "quite good in Asashio" guy is free xping a LOT of his DDs 4 battles in Gnevny but has a Minsk?
  5. WG... can we please stop this.....

    Agree with Beau's point, but particularly this bolded part. All tier 8 ships see more than their fare share of tier 10s, but Edinburgh is actually fine. I actually preferred it in tier 10 battles to Neptune, for some reason. Also, if you can hold your own in tier 10 with Edi, grind for that Mino now. Mino + experienced RNCL player = EZ mode.
  6. Best destroyer at Tier 7?

    Had my first game in stock Minsk last night...
  7. Cleveland - Tier 8

    I liked both Yorck (eventually) and Roon (immediately).
  8. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    I was absolutely terrible at this game (inb4 lol, was?) two years ago - with T7 premiums and max tier 5 silver ships - and took a long break, frustrated that I wasn't having fun. When I came back, my divmate who had played the whole time and had learned the game pointed me in the direction of CCs, guides, took me out and let me learn from him. It's been a slog but I got to 56/7% in the last year and am now comfortable with how good I am, but still striving to be better. The trick is to learn. If you're happy boom boom failing up to Yamato and stinking up T10 games, you're always going to get grief in chat from those who are naturally good or have learned. Be a contributor to the team, not a liability.
  9. Is doubloon more expensive than bitcoin?

    This. If you want to make money from WoWs, get a YouTube channel and become a CC. Otherwise, it's a game. Played for fun, by most at least. Personally, I play to unwind from a real-life stressful job, wife, kids, paying bills.
  10. Cleveland - Tier 8

    I'm just happy for more CLs. Mogami 155, Chapayev and the RN line are all great fun. Seat of the pants, endgame fun. I swear everyone wants a bunch of OP flamethrowers with no downsides.
  11. Gascogne is not "crap"

    Agree with op. Bought her drunk one night and HATED the first ten (sober) games. After that I got the feel of her and she makes a sturdy BC even with trolly guns. Secondaries are awesome too and I haven't even specced the captain for them yet. Prefer gascogne to Richelieu (so far)
  12. BULL crap

  13. Collectors club

    I'd like to join please! There are very few premiums I don't own. I have a bit of a problem with pixel ships. One I don't have is Kidd, missed out the first time. Anyone know if it's due to come back?
  14. Port Pop-Ups

    I thought this was going to be about the ridiculous division interface, but I agree anyway. I wouldn't even mind if the pop up had useful info, like that the shop had a new ship in it or something. And fix the division/chat interface please!!
  15. Would an HE-only cruiser be effective?

    I don't see it as a limitation of choice, I see it as a unique playstyle which rewards bravery and map awareness. And we both know that, given the choice of distance and AP, most potatoes would sit at the back spamming HE. We even see this in BBs now. What would be the reward matching the risk of getting within 10km of a BB if that was the case?