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  1. Mr_Tayto

    *RANT* about moving from Lightening to Jutland

    This thread has been fantastic, I'd like to thank the OP in particular for the lols. You're allowed not to understand the game, you're allowed to be confused by the mechanics, but for Christs' sake screaming nonsense into a tornado of truth is just going that extra mile to be a potato.
  2. Mr_Tayto

    [Leaked infos] Next rework..

    Good to see you back and continuing to fight the good fight
  3. Mr_Tayto

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Maybe it's Scotsmen who get all the luck (as we did with our place of birth) I got Gremy, Nikolai, Missouri, Musashi, Ashitaka, Roma, Huanghe from 25 Mega and 20 Big boxes. In fairness I did have all other premiums so I was loading the odds in my favour.
  4. Mr_Tayto

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    You've just described Harekaze, surely?
  5. Mr_Tayto

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    OP is a troll post, yeah? So many thousand battles, so many thousand posts on this forum and hasn't yet figured out how to Bismarck. Go watch some YouTube FFS
  6. Mr_Tayto

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    You're playing it wrong. Looking at how others played it, when I first got her, I tried to do the bowtank/shoot from range thing with Richelieu too, and ended up absolutely miserable, on fire and dead. Then I played her the way I play Iowa/Miss, as an early game gun platform and then a cruiser supporting flanker. The trick with Richelieu (and Alsace I found) is not staying still but moving, going in and out of stealth and catching unaware BBs and CAs in crossfires, by flanking. Since the penny dropped I love her and Alsace, love her enough that I'm scrambling to get the coal to get JB.
  7. Mr_Tayto

    Question about German DD shells

    Following. I'm up to tier 8 and I absolutely suck in them
  8. Mr_Tayto

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    It's just this. I used to play airsoft and spent thousands on it. Before that, football and a long long time ago it was Warhammer 40k (GW pricing...). I'm lucky enough to have a bit of disposable income as an old sweat, and WoWs is my 'team' sport now; I play with friends almost every night, the benefit is that I can drink while I do it
  9. Mr_Tayto

    Were the buffs to Hipper and Eugen enough?

    It's a cruiser, so normal cruiser rules apply. I'm not talking about pinning my hopes on tanking loads of damage, but you have a better chance than some at tier 8. Btw if that's your battle UI... It's giving me the yips
  10. Mr_Tayto

    Were the buffs to Hipper and Eugen enough?

    Agree with @El2aZeR, and would add that late game assuming they're alive, both can be aggressive against entrenched cruisers and occupied BBs. Hydro, torps and armour profiles make them good for close quarters but only when the crossfire potential has thinned out. PE is probably better for this given the staying power the heal gives.
  11. Mr_Tayto

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Well I just bought 20x Big containers, and that's the LAST I will buy (I promise)... So to add to: Musashi Ashitaka Gremyaschy Huanghe Missouri Roma ...won in the previous 25 Megas, I got (in the first two boxes): Nikolai Krohnstadt Now I really want WV41. Was Jean Bart in the containers?
  12. Mr_Tayto

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    My laughing reaction was down to this line, not your bad luck. Hoping you get some ships in the next load
  13. Mr_Tayto

    Winning Camo Design Contest - Błyskawica

    I usually HATE non-historical camo ( @Bear_Necessities ) but that is really smart. Well done to the winner.
  14. Really enjoying this thread, keep it up!
  15. Mr_Tayto

    Some personal thoughts

    Close thread, nailed it.