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  1. I remember this being fun but absolutely solid difficult last year.
  2. Mr_Tayto

    Royal Navy event craps on casual players

    Nailed it. And as someone who spends a LOT of money in this game (paying for such 'casuals' as OP to enjoy for free), I don't see why there should be an issue for contributors to the game receiving special/additional/gated content? At the end of the day I bought Cossack for £30-something, while you'll get yours for £0.79. I don't have an issue with that, as long as I get my little 'reward'.
  3. Mr_Tayto

    Hopeless absurdity of it all.

    Every time I open a thread with 'MM' in the title, I don't bother reading the wall of text, I just look at the reactions. I high proportion of ZZZ or Funny usually means the OP just has to git gud.
  4. Mr_Tayto

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    Cossack is everything that's good about Jervis, but with more guns and concealment (and a speed boost). The single con is that she has fewer torpedoes. With Cossack I've topped tier X games without feeling like I was putting myself in 50/50 situations too often. Also, 8 of those guns can smack cruisers around with he surprisingly well if you can aim. Lightning is just a slightly better Jervis (with MUCH better concealment) in the same anti-DD role, but for my money is less effective in the 'diet akizuki' role that Cossack has.
  5. Mr_Tayto

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    You can choose not to fire them single fire, which I mostly don't unless I can almost guarantee a hit. The smoke is different, but has its uses. The main advantages Jervis has over Gadjah is the maneuverability and start/stop time and hydro; I don't think you can really compare the two ships as while they're externally and superficially similar, they have completely different roles.
  6. Mr_Tayto

    UK WOWS Event??

    Steady on, mate.
  7. Mr_Tayto

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    I hope they don't. The only advantage I can see over the Gadjha is the 360 degree rear turret traverse, and Jervis has worse/less effective (in their main role) torps, smoke (well, different smoke) and worse concealment (if I remember right).
  8. Mr_Tayto

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    I'm a big fan too. Haven't played it loads yet but it's a keeper when the rest of the line gets unlocked.
  9. Mr_Tayto

    Seatle downgrade...

    To be honest I like Seattle, having just unlocked her and played 5 or 6 games. Even stock I was doing fine in it. Her gun range is an issue, but they hit like a train when you get things in range (using reload mod now after a bad experience with range mod). My biggest issue with her is top tier maps. Although her concealment is good she's focused quickly when spotted, and there just aren't the hiding places of the lower tier maps. I like the ship, like her toolset and like the guns, but I'm finding I either get blapped or top the table, with very little in between.
  10. Mr_Tayto

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Boxes are gambling though, aren't they? Would you have preferred to pay money for a guaranteed chance at an RN DD - maybe £18 for a guaranteed Tier VIII? I get why people are upset, but WG already gave us a way to complete RN DD locked missions - Cossack in shop. It's also worth noting that RN DD locked missions don't have an influence on whether or not you complete a directive and get your Guinea... Which will eventually get you most of the value of a Cossack. Are a few more containers and sovereigns that important?
  11. Mr_Tayto

    Belfasts smoke

    Come on Pux, tell us where the nasty Belfast touched you As a smoke cruiser she's not OP. Kutuzov and Perth have HE too. With radar she's OP, I think we all agree. Take that away and she's just a paper-armoured, slow, large target that turns like a barge, which just happens to have HE shells. There's a reason most of us RN CL guys consider Fiji straight up better than Belfast.
  12. Mr_Tayto

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Don't you ever just spend money on things you enjoy? I go for meals, go to the pub... I have nothing to 'show' for those activities other than a sore head in the morning. I spend and will continue to spend money on this game because I find it fun. Not because I feel 'entitled' to some pixels with an RNG drop rate. What about the flags an sovs you get in the containers, they also mean something.
  13. Mr_Tayto

    Belfasts smoke

    No. She is an RN CL, and smoke is the RN CL thing. I wouldn't be desperately disappointed if the Radar was binned (which won't happen, as she's a premium) but she needs her smoke. Don't forget she and the rest of the smoke ships got a stealth nerf regarding firing visibility in smoke.
  14. Mr_Tayto

    Belfasts smoke

    Wut And what would you suggest instead?
  15. Mr_Tayto


    What's your DD experience up to now?