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  1. Mr_Tayto

    Will you be acquiring Gorizia this event?

    I bought it, but I would have bought a premium Zara anyway, as it's a nice looking ship and the addition of hydro makes the ITA ships less pointless; like the Ducas. Eff this event in the A, though. Don't care any more.
  2. Mr_Tayto

    Are you going for the Alaska+ (AKA PR)

    Thank you for this dose of reality. I will continue to play as normal until I get bored - which I think will not be long, based on the standard of play I've seen tonight (but also for the last three months). These directives are onerous. Whoever looked at them before release and thought "this will energise the playbase to play" is on something strong. I really like Alaska and wanted PR but I don't want to be so clearly milked for it. S_O's comment about "1% of players" feels like a MASSIVE [edited]you to everyone but the whaliest of whales (of which I was one, but not any more), and I think you all should vote with your wallets and JUST SAY NO. Thanks for the memories, WG, but even with the sunk cost fallacy pressing on my mind, I've spent my last pound.
  3. Mr_Tayto

    BB’s. JUST. DO. YOUR. JOB.

    I'll never understand this... Two and a half thousand posts... And less than 400 battles?
  4. Been banned three times now, all in quick succession. Nothing until maybe September, after playing since just after beta finished. In my defence the more the playerbase descends into uselessness, the more I let my natural Scottishness come up out. Any who knows Scottish people will know that c***, f***, thunderc***, clusterf*** etc. are just how we talk.
  5. You've got some cheek boy. "Bye"
  6. Mr_Tayto

    unnatural enemy aim

    H4x confirmed
  7. Mr_Tayto

    Cruiser Conundrum

    Yeah agree with this. Not sure I'd call Bayard "specialist", she's pretty much a Cleveland-type but with different tools. As Newman says, all light cruisers have the same drawbacks.
  8. Mr_Tayto

    Cruiser Conundrum

    I almost agree with you.... Abruzzi is far, far better than d'Aosta for its tier. Fast, great maneuverability, the heal and really good guns. One of the more interesting cruisers at tier 7 Indi is a bit better than 5/10 thanks to guns and radar, but requires a really experienced (especially at upper tier) US CA hand. Wichita is actually the ship that's most like (old) Pensacola; good guns and should be played in open water as you have the rudder for it. Cleveland hull and armour make her a bit weak for anchoring caps by islands, and the reload does you no favours - Des Moines it ain't. Special mention to HuangHe. One of the most underestimated ships in the whole game. Unique playstyle rewards patience and aggression (at the right times).
  9. Mr_Tayto

    How much XP does Lion cost ?

    RB allowed me to play the Monarch this time around, after fxping her very early during the original grind. This time, I actually really enjoyed her. I think the difference was in having (very) low expectations and a feeling of freedom. Also, players underestimate her because of her terrible press. She's the first in the line to get superheal so you can get close mid-late game and brawl, which is great fun in a ship most expect to be dead early game.
  10. Mr_Tayto

    Ridiculous ...

    I think the point people try to make in the forum is that, if you don't know or at least consider the quoted mechanics as reasons why you might be getting outplayed, don't bother coming here complaining about getting outplayed. Literally the essence of L2P
  11. Mr_Tayto

    How does a Shimakaze deal with a CV attack?

    Same way a Shimakaze deals with everything, in every random game. As it was, is and ever shall be. It goes to the most open flank, on its own, ignoring cap circles, radar ranges and its own team, fires 15 long range torps at nothing and then dies alone. All before 5 minutes have passed.
  12. Mr_Tayto

    Ridiculous ...

    That's the spirit!
  13. Mr_Tayto

    (Permanently) Disabled Turrets

    Was that me? Because that's happened to me. Just as well I play manly full sec build
  14. French BBs taught me to love AB-turret type, secondary focused ships. Bring it on.
  15. Mr_Tayto

    Unable to EXIT the game

    Same here