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    Team killing / Team damage penalties

    I highly disagree. Why should you run into friendly torps if you get a compensation just as high as your expenditures? You would end with zero profit, throwing away a game you probably could've rocked...plus you may lose your win of the day. That doesn't work out for me, sorry Please note the terms: Zerschmetterlink, on 25 July 2015 - 11:57 PM, said: [...] compensation system based on the loadout [...] if you killed a teammate and the damage exceeds 40% of his maximum healthpoints. This method will prevent people from turning in your torpedos with just 15% healthpoints left. So there's no profit in suiciding. Furthermore you report suiciders anyway. Remember: we look for a way to make teamkilling get appropriate penalized. That equals no more mindlessly launched torps in most cases. We want to get proper compensations, too.
  2. Zerschmetterlink

    No Cursor when playing Carriers

    Hey WasteOps, While hanging around at the WoWs forums I found a solution for your problem, if it's still present. !!! This will reset your whole settings, though. This concerns all your settings, graphic, controls, etc. You have to readjust them afterwards !!! If you are still experiencing this cursor problem you can browse your World_of_Warships folder and delete your Preferences.xml . Afterwards start your game, adjust your settings and you should have your cursor again. I do recommend to make a backup of your Preferences.xml, just in case ;) Regards Z.
  3. Zerschmetterlink

    Team killing / Team damage penalties

    I totally agree, therefore a/forgive (or shorter: /f ) command should be implemented, which frees the teamattacker from any penalties at all. It's okay to be killed by accident. That's a part of the game. Even more if I'm partially at fault or my teammate shows some kind of remorse. Nothing wrong with it, at least for me. However, I want to have a full compensation in case somebody is sending out his torps right from the beginning of the game. Or carelessly from the third array because he does not care about a "penalty" which isn't even punishing. Well, actually it is punishing in some way but for the teamkilled guy - not the teamkiller. I don't like the idea of swinging the (time)banhammer, though. People who absolutely abuse teamkilling should get a ban, yes. You should, albeit, get careless guys by short hairs: their credits. It's a form of operant conditioning and will allow those guys to learn how to play less reckless. Don't give up on them too early! Maybe there's a pearl of a player slumbering inside (some of) them Each individual deserves a chance to change. And each of us have some bad days, too. Those days where you tend to overreact Heaven forbid! That would encourage people even more to block your line of fire/ your already send out torps just to secure themselves a kill Excuse the wall of text and pardon the philosophic aftertaste Regards Z.
  4. Zerschmetterlink

    Maximum Acquisition Range: where to find that info?

    Hi OpInfo, this module does not increase your spotting range. It increases your maximum rendering distance. That's the distance on which enemy ships are appearing on your screen, shown ingame by a gray cone. The text on it is highly misleading. It's not really worth purchasing it. However, there are some DDs that have less rendering distance then torpedo range. Some people might want to install it on those ships. p.s. can't find the source right now. May have to hand it in later. Regards Z. Found the source - it's Tedster59, Supertest Coordinator.
  5. Zerschmetterlink

    No Cursor when playing Carriers

    Hi WasteOps, As soon as the battle starts press shift and you schould get to an aerial perspective. At this camera angle you should have your mousecursor shown up. If you press shift again you will get back to the 3rd person view. There's no cursor in 3rd person until you press and hold ctrl. If your cursor does not show up at the aerial perspective, Try to alt+ tab the game. If it still does not show up make a screenshot and contact the support. If it's not an user but a hardware problem: sorry! Please don't take it personal. There's so much elusive stuff at the forums......
  6. Zerschmetterlink

    [Suggestion] Show actual Credits earning after battle

    I like the idea to see your actual gain in credits in the post game stats. So it won't cost you much to click twice to see your earnings without the substractions
  7. Zerschmetterlink

    Team killers will cause an automatic loss?

    Hey guys, have a look at this topic: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/22983-team-killing-team-damage-penalties/ We're already discussing higher penalties over there. Feel free to join us. WG has to realize that there are plenty of us. We want higher punishments for teamkillers and intentional teamattackers. Arouse WG
  8. You can avoid a torpedobomber's run by turning into them. You have to react early enough, though. Especially with a BB. See a squad of torpedobombers? Press alt and look if they're heading towards you (distance will decrease if they're). If so, turn your bow into their direction. They will try to circle you at some point. Keep turning to give them an as bad angle as possible to drop their torps from. This way your AA may scare them off, looking for another target. Otherwise the CV will lose some planes and the spread of his torpedos will increase, which allows you to dodge his torp-salvo easier. You do NOT want to start turning if the bombers are in proximity. You want your bow already facing them at this point of the fight. It takes a bunch of experience with your ship to know when to start turning. Needless to say that all this turn'n'burn with the opposing planes drags your whole attention. You are pretty much a sitting duck whilst doing so, presenting broadside to other BBs and often times aren't even able to shoot back because your turrets can't turn fast enough. Therefore it's best to ask for cruiser or CVs fighter escorts.
  9. Zerschmetterlink

    Team killing / Team damage penalties

  10. Zerschmetterlink

    "Server busy - please try again later"?

    EU Servers are currently down.
  11. Zerschmetterlink

    Team killing / Team damage penalties

    I completely agree with the OP. The compensation and penalty is way too low! Let me give you an example to show you, that the penalty system is clearly not working at all. For all those not interested in it: skip the spoiler. I really BEG you, WG employees, make a compensation system which is based on the loadout the killed captain is using. At least, if you killed a teammate and the damage exceeds 40% of his maximum healthpoints. Yeah, it will mess up your whole battle, if you torped your teammate. Especially if it's his fault. And yeah, it willl pull out the fun of this particular battle. But Captains are creatures of habit, right? They will learn from it and think twice before sending out their torpedos from the third array. It will surely make placing your torpedos even more difficult - but hell! I didn't do a teamkill with torpedos for nearly 100 battles. I'm willing to take the beatings if I do, though. Trust in those captains out there. They will learn. Even faster the hard way. By the way: it was the third time I got teamkilled by unnecessary torpedos today. I'm really fed up with such scenarios. P.S. Please, dear Captains, do NEVER EVER shoot your torpedos from behind an ally! Especially not, if he's really close to you and will not be able to evade them. Especially especially not, if your torpedos have a reach of 5.5 km and the enemy is more than 13 km away from you. A note from Aunt Edit(h): I really love the idea of the OP. A forgive command which allows the teamkilled captain to waive the teamkillers penalty. That's such a wonderful idea, that I'm forced to give the writer an upvote. I'm really forced to