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  1. MilkPowder

    How do you force people to do what you want?

    Legit strategy,
  2. MilkPowder

    Do u like the BB Meta?

    Yes, I enjoy the BB meta. I have no complaints tbh.
  3. MilkPowder

    How often do you check your stats?

    Never. I already know im better than most players
  4. MilkPowder

    ..aaand Hood first week official results are out...

    Im not sure the hood is particularly tank tbh... Ive only played against it though. Some people describe the warspite as tanky and it is anything but!
  5. I seem to remember that being a feature... It might be WoT im thinking of though, can someone clarify?
  6. MilkPowder

    Jingles has quit the EU WG CC Program

    This tbh. Its the only clever move for WG to make. Companies that alienate their customers don't last.
  7. MilkPowder

    Cyclones - Good or Bad?

    Love the cyclones! It forces ships to get closer and it cuts a team of 12 into smaller groups of 2's and 3's if you're lucky. Some are stranded out on their own with no idea where the enemy currently is, only their last known position and best guess at their likely heading. Its exciting stuff tbh
  8. MilkPowder

    A small change to encourage more aggressive BBs?

    Remove fires and flooding and give BB's the ability to stop torpedoes somehow... countermeasures or something. Then I will play more aggressively in my BB.
  9. MilkPowder

    Why are there holes under my boat?

    As I sat watching my ship sink due to flooding damage caused by enemy torps that I couldn't fix due to having to fix the flooding damage caused by friendly torps I noticed something... There are holes under my boat... They look like vents or something. Any explanation from the history/boat buffs? Why are there holes/vents under the Tirpitz?
  10. MilkPowder

    Thank you wargaming for the TIrpitz secondary buff

    No offence but as a 62% WR player your thoughts and opinions are largely invalid as you do not represent the majority of the playerbase
  11. It was sorely needed tbh. It would be cool to have hydro-acoustic search as well but that's probably asking too much. So thanks for making my Tirpitz worth playing again I look forward to taking it out of port tonight for a few games, I haven't played it in ages due to power creep.
  12. MilkPowder

    Put Imperator Nikolai on sale please wargaming.

    Yeah maybe but I still want one Im kinda hoping the Russian T4 BB will basically be like the Imperator. Kinda like how the panzer B2 and micro maus in tanks were OP as hell until the French tech tree came out. Then we basically got both tanks as unlockables i.e the B1 and H35 tanks.
  13. MilkPowder

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    This tbh.
  14. MilkPowder

    A plea to my fellow forumites

    If BB's are BBabies what are the terms for the other classes? BB - BBabies CV - ??? DD - No idea but there should be a term for the fact they are a one trick pony who launches walls of skill every 30 seconds CA/CL - Again no idea, holding down the button and looking at a target until it burns away is equally skill-less, why is there no term for cruisers?