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  1. I for one think they do a great job of balancing the ship types, all of the classes offer something, and I seem to be able to get solid if average results playing them all. That said they do have a problem balancing the path up the tiers. There are to many drop offs in play experience from T6 to T7 ships. I have elited the Cleveland and Minekaze and close with the Fuso and have no incentive to buy the T7 ship. However unlike some this wont stop me playing as I enjoy captaining those ships.
  2. Eh? Cleveland is one of the best ships in the game.
  3. CptDavey

    Battleships...the Arty of WOWS

    Some people are not getting the problem. The Problem: You can play perfectly, hit a target exactly on the citadel with numerous shells, and due to RNG not get cit hits as even if you hit the cit there is still a roll to see if you get a cit penetration. If you only get limited shots a game this is very frustrating. The only solution I can think off is to decrease accuracy but increase odds of penetrations. If I was just straight up missing it would not be as frustrating, what is frustrating is getting a great shot in on target and then it all over penning. This would make damage more skill dependent.
  4. CptDavey

    >>What Game needs before release<<

    Dealman, on 23 July 2015 - 11:22 PM, said: , because we're slow and usually engage targets over greater distances, and that makes it easy to play? Unlike DD's we actually have to lead our target, and predict his movement in order to get a hit. This a weird sentence from someone who has not actually played any games in a BB. One thing I see time and time again is BB captains failing to dodge torps properly. Instead of turning into the spread of torps, and trying to get bow on they turn away which results in the broadside of the BB being presented to the torps.
  5. CptDavey

    >>What Game needs before release<<

    One element that is being ignored is how easily Cruisers wreck DDs. You can spam HE against them and if you are ever hit by a torp in a cruiser you have done it really wrong. If any ship is OP its cruisers, the only thing stopping this being apparent is how badly they are played. With HE you can wreck a DD, switch to AP and you can kill another cruiser with 2 or 3 salvos if you are able to keep guns on target, even if you miss the rapid fire rate makes acquiring the right solution much easier. Lots of cruisers have torps. I dont think they are OP as all this is just about balanced by the fact they just cant absorb that much punishment. Just. That and the fact that one on one, they are rarely ever going to put down a BB. The problem with BB is that they are the ship most at the mercy of RNG. You only get so many shots a game so if you run bad on your hits you just wont rack up that much damage. Its annoying putting lots of hits on to citadel areas but not getting Cit hits. On the other hand its sweet when you run good. Two games ago I practically one shotted an enemy BB for 42K damage in one salvo. I finished that game with 8 cit hits and 129K of pure AP damage, no fire or flooding or secondary. You should fear that imo.
  6. CptDavey

    Minekaze - Torps & Tactics?

    Yea, I only used 10KM in the CBT, so effectively I am playing a completely different game as the skill level has tanked off a cliff in OBT and in CBT you would often be in higher tier matches. In CBT it was very difficult to hit anyone at maximum range of 10KM, it was basically a complete hail mary. That said only 7% HR in OBT shows it is still pretty difficult, would be interested to see what % of the 7% were actually fired at maximum range.
  7. CptDavey

    Minekaze - Torps & Tactics?

    Cmon son, you have a 7% Hit rate, cant be that hard to count. You might want to curtail the claim making when we can all look up the objective data.
  8. CptDavey

    Minekaze - Torps & Tactics?

    7KM Torps are clearly better. Its a choice between actively targeting ships or just torping space and crossing your fingers. If you actively target a ship from 10KM the chances of hitting that ship are virtually nil, so you are just hoping someone blunders into a torp. I therefore suspect those that prefer 10KM torps dont actually have the skill or maybe just the manly grrrrrrrr to get in close, hit targets and survive.
  9. CptDavey

    Minekaze - Torps & Tactics?

    This is mathematically just not true. The larger the sample size the greater the trend towards the mean. You might be able to win a some games doing nothing over a small sample size (small amount of games), but as you play more games it will even out as you will be distributed equally among teams of all skill levels. As you play more matches a player who contributes will see there win rate increase over a player who does nothing as the "luck" of which teams you are in will even out between the two players. Its a trick of the mind, people will notice and give a great deal of importance to extraordinary results that happen in the short term,but wont notice how these results are evened out over a longer time horizon. You can lose 10 games in a row because of a bad team, you wont lose a 1000. If you flipped a perfectly normal coin ten times and it came heads every time, you would think the coin was rigged to come heads, as you keep flipping the results will trend closer and closer to 50% tails 50% heads.
  10. CptDavey

    Team battle tactics - Lemming trains everywhere

    Better gunnery and torp avoidance will do more to help your team win than collective tactics, as really any collective tactics that happen will happen purely by accident and same goes for the other team. Ultimately better individual tactical decisions+skill (across the team) win the game. You have to avoid the big tactic fails, fails I see all the time: 1: Fleet sails off, CV stays at edge of map with an obvious open flank through which an enemy DD will appear very soon. CV only moves when its far to late. CVs should be map aware at all times and make sure they are positioned on the map in such a way that any enemy DD will be spotted/intercepted well before its hitting you with HE and lining a lethal torp spread. 2 Bb sails round edge of map staying at maximum gunnery range, whole team is destroyed, BB is still on full health, and has hardly caused any damage, see this all the time. Often its the highest tier BB. 3 Bb sails in to the most narrow confined place on the map often alone, gets torped dies. There are also a number of tactic fails that are map dependent. Cant remember the name of the map, but there is a massive open space at A and D is isolated behind a long island. See BBs sail off on there own to cap D all the time, its suicide. Any collective tactic has to be extremely KISS. Having two groups that can effectively support each other whilst DDs solo, spot and attempt infiltration onto enemy CV is the best you can really hope for.
  11. CptDavey

    class-skill-battle results ratio.

    Sample size way too small, its perfectly feasible that he ran good in those 16 games, which seems evinced by the 75% WR.
  12. Meh. In a lot of multi class team games, if not probably the majority, not all classes have the same raw damage output, but contribute to victory in other ways. There are lots of ways of satisfying players through varied class based game play mechanics, looking at raw damage done is an ultra shallow mechanism for determining player fulfillment. The problem at the moment is that XP is so damage related, needs to be some work making XP deeper and broader in how its earned. However in terms of game play mechanics, I think they are not far wrong, DDs probably need a small buff to make torps more deadly in narrows and island areas, but they are still intrinsically more fun to play than BBs imo.
  13. CptDavey

    What happened to DD's?

    Ill concede that I have not tried new behaviour with BBs out of habit. Still when I see a BB head into traditional death zones, they more often than not still die horribly.
  14. CptDavey

    What happened to DD's?

  15. CptDavey

    What happened to DD's?

    One thing I would like to see in the game with BBs is incremental instead of binary damage. I think it would lead to some emergent gameplay if BB performance such as speed and turning degraded over time as it became more damaged. Mabye give jap torps more chance to cause mag explosions, or bring in a citadel hit version for torps that Japs are more likely to do would seem the best way to me to balance out the whole IJN DD v BB v US DD issue.