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  1. CaptainPugwashed

    [WG PSA] Asymmetric Battles: feedback and changes

    But it pays in xp and credits the same as randoms. Easy money.
  2. CaptainPugwashed

    [WG PSA] Asymmetric Battles: feedback and changes

    Oh I am feeling very hungry today, all the flags are going on my Kidd !! Torps away
  3. CaptainPugwashed

    How do you skip the container opening animation?

    Download Aslains wows mod pack there is a mod that stops the animation
  4. CaptainPugwashed

    [WG PSA] Asymmetric Battles: feedback and changes

    This is hilarious, another idea that has not gone to plan for WG. People getting paid and getting xp like normal but for basically PVE. 2 Crates to be the one non-bot on the top tier team.............lol no thanks I am enjoying taking my tier 8 premiums out and getting a lot of credits. Cheers WG!!!!
  5. CaptainPugwashed

    Tier 8 BB uptiered: tier X subs, CVs, DDs en Cruisers

    BB pushing, perish the thought, get back to border humping there's a good chap........sarcasm off.
  6. CaptainPugwashed

    TL;DR: 0.10.9 Patch Notes — Leave your Feedback Here

    Funny, no mention of Subs in the feedback survey for this patch....are they sticking their heads in the sand again?
  7. CaptainPugwashed

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I pressed the logout button, achievement scale, epic
  8. CaptainPugwashed

    anyone else does 100% campaigns?

    Yep, I enjoy them, gives something to aim for and the fact you can do them at your leisure and not be time gated is a relief.
  9. CaptainPugwashed

    Is this the worst state of the game ever?

    Suffice to say its not the best at the moment, and I claim my prize for understatement of the year!
  10. CaptainPugwashed

    Will you buy the Marco Polo?

    Considering dead eye is apparently being re-worked/removed, and not before time I should add.Not sure spending my stash of coal on a shotgun is worth it tbh. Seems that skill is the only thing that makes the dispersion and accuracy bearable.
  11. CaptainPugwashed


    You must of missed the memo, WR is everything on here don't you know? I mean you can't even have an opinion most of the time if you aint above 50% WR. Come on please keep up, its a jealously guarded stat.
  12. CaptainPugwashed

    When will manual secondary get a buff?

    Purple helmet wouldnt know what a secondary was if it smacked him in the face. His top BBs are Thunderer and Mushashi. He likes to hug the back of the map. When not hugging the map border, he is a DD main so ofc he hates secondaries.
  13. CaptainPugwashed

    Guess Musashi's average winrate in 2 week?

    German BBs both bottom....now why am I not shocked.
  14. CaptainPugwashed

    How are you doing in ranked today?

    Back to rank 5......1 fecking star from rank 1 then straight back to rank 5...is everyone drunk?
  15. CaptainPugwashed

    How are you doing in ranked today?

    1 star away from Rank 1 then loss after loss after loss and back to rank 4..................