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  1. Brynd

    A Very Fond Farewell

    Hi everyone! TLDR: I'm off! Good luck for the future. I'm "Brynd" aka Ash and I've been English CM for WG EU since 2013, the second English CM after Supercharge. I realise this is itself a revelation to those who won't recognise me as I've focused on a lot more behind-the-forum scene tasks (we have a lot!), contributor interaction (the contributors know me much better as I invited some of them to the program and needed to deal with them all closely, regularly), contributor stream chats, social media, and over the last year especially, team management and recruitment. I've met many great players at various events across Europe like the UK, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands - I was particularly interested in visiting places we don't very often (like when we visited an Italian Airforce Museum, or going to Hungary and meeting local streamers Cleverland... and Ph3lan who now works here!), but not always as able to actually achieve that, though in general the company is achieving this more and more over time. Anyhow, I'm leaving and I wanted you to know. The team I formed since I became team manager last year - MrConway, Ph3lan, and Cynd3r - I have utmost faith in. The recruitment process was not short! (And we're... they're still looking to expand the team!) We all know we need to strive to do better across all the games we support for the English language community in Europe and when my team and I have said that we've meant it wholeheartedly and strived to achieve it. I hope you will continue to treat them as well as you can (and generally do, may I add) as there's a really thin line between player and company that our team straddles daily, across many games. We absolutely understand player reactions and genuinely care and yet have to conduct ourselves within the professional confines, and those of time. I am genuinely sorry I wasn't more visible. My indoctrination into community management was different, though I took on the challenge of this role and tried to do good where and when I could, there was a general uncomfortable fit as in comparison to other games I've been CM for or designed (I was a game designer/developer for 10 years!), I tend to be into quite different games in general - including World of Warcraft which was what brought me to France to begin with, to work for Blizzard in the Community team. But you know, I have come very familiar with tanks, ships, and planes in particular, even if in general my game stats are inconsequential. Everyone I've met here in the forums, on contributor stream chats, forum PMs, Facebook, or at real world events, even those who have been furious in tone, I have connected with and absolutely understood and wanted to do my best to help. I believe strongly in listening to (and indeed acting on) feedback however harsh it is, since I am a mad passionate gamer myself. The community team diligently collects what you're telling us about the game and the changes and delivers it to those who need that feedback in the company, even if that isn't always visible to you. In regard to the contributors - the streamers, YouTubers, forum game gurus, and devoted website and blog owners. They're all good people trying to get by in life and play these great games. They get slack and I absolutely get it but they're decent folk and mean only the best for the community. In my opinion from our interactions they're all good folk and I like each one - no specific names mentioned for political reasons! I have confidence in the remaining English language team and they know I remain behind them in absence, and with some pride. Also, Wargaming Europe has good intentions for the community and I wish them well in the follow through, for your sake. To you all, I bid you a very fond farewell. Ash
  2. Brynd

    Wg already have an integraded Aim assist?

    Players are not alone here... Right; it had an intended use, the glitch is that it wasn't removed.
  3. Brynd

    Wg already have an integraded Aim assist?

    Thanks for raising this here. Our developers are aware of this issue, thanks to player reports, and they were able to identify it already. It is actually a remnant of old code back from Alpha that wasn't intended to be left there - the icon "flashes" whenever the system thinks that the "distance to impact" point radically changes in a short time frame. While it may appear to give positive results as an aim lead indicator initially, more thorough tests found that it triggers rather unreliably for accurate aim prediction. In many cases it does not trigger at all, in other cases it triggers in such blatantly wrong positions that it guarantees a miss (which can even be seen in the videos in the opening post). Using your skill instead of this "indicator" would be a more reliable path to success. This glitch should be fixed in Update 0.5.9.
  4. Noted, I'll look into it. Thanks for the extra info.
  5. OK, it seems there's some other reports from our other language communities. But just to be sure, you're reporting from the perspective of the victim of friendly fire?
  6. Unless you're on the receiving end of friendly fire, the notifications should be displayed with an interval of 60 seconds. Are you saying this isn't the case?
  7. This is the last feedback thread, promise! Please can you give us some feedback on these particular changes we included in 0.5.8, like: We have enhanced our Personal Offers mechanism. The changes will have a positive effect on the protection of the game client and allow for more diverse and interesting offers to players. Improved the logic of the "Situation awareness" skills operation. From now on, the detection indicator is displayed in all cases when the ship is visible to the enemy team, including the short interval (approximately 3 seconds long) which is set between the time of the last detection and the moment when the ship disappears from the location it was spotted. Added a friendly fire notification for the team members. The notification is displayed at an interval of at least 60 seconds.
  8. "For a better visual distinction between AP and HE shells, as well as between a player's own and other shells, the tracer colour scheme has been adjusted." Has this helped? Let us know!
  9. Brynd

    Updated Сruiser protection

    Cruiser class models were redefined - what are your thoughts on this?
  10. Brynd

    2.5x Captain XP Mission - Updated 07/07

    Hi all! Finally we have a substantial and hopefully positive update for you: The captain XP mission you unlocked with the Grand Naval Battles will finally occur during the weekend of 23 July. However, due to the issues with this mission and our communication of our progress with it, the mission will now be x3. Note, however, that due to technical reasons we have had to add a condition to the event: the mission will only become active after you have participated in any battle in which you acquire 10 ribbons - whether it is a victory or defeat.
  11. Brynd

    Sound changes

    Please provide feedback here relating to the changes to sounds - including the ability to choose the national Commander's voices.
  12. Brynd

    New Ribbons

    Please provide feedback about the new ribbons here.
  13. Brynd

    MatchMaker 2.0

    Please give us your feedback on MatchMaker 2.0.
  14. Brynd

    New Mode: Bastion

    Please give us your feedback on this new game mode. We'd like to hear it!
  15. Brynd

    New Maps

    Please use this thread to leave feedback on the new maps in 0.5.8 - Sea of Hope & Loop - which are active for Tiers VII to IX.