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  1. McGough

    3 main turrets destroyed after TWO hits

    I'm not interested in the arguments over naming. It's semantics It's a bot/mod that assists by telling you where to aim. An aimbot as far as I am concerned. Does it automatically put your cursor to the correct place? No, but then this is not a fast paced FPS game so there isn't that urgent need to do that, the user has ample time to move his cursor over the "leading help indicator" and click. As you say, I understand that it was in early CAT versions. What then were the reasons for removing it? I realise entirely that this is nothing to do with you but if it's all the same with you I will refer to it as I see fit and not how the WG newspeak team wants it referred to.
  2. McGough


    "Bosun! Break out the oars!!"
  3. McGough

    3 main turrets destroyed after TWO hits

    Other than this one. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/10185-aiming-mod-exposed/ It may well be you're running into people running this "assistance" mod.
  4. McGough

    Carrier planes bug

    I'll play a couple games in my carrier tonight and see if I can reproduce.
  5. McGough

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Really hope not. My opinion is that a mod like this, in this particular game, should be restricted to the tutorial only to teach people how lead angles change depending upon relative headings/velocities
  6. McGough

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Maybe I didn't express myself clearly enough - I absolutely agree that someone only ever firing full salvoes is in no way suspicious in itself. Even having all those salvoes land very close or have some grazing shots from the very start I do not find suspicious as familiarity with your ships guns will result in that. The only thing I find suspicious is constant volleys landing midships at extreme ranges from the very first shot. If there was a volley (or two) that grazed first and then the next 2 or 3 volleys connected, I wouldn't consider that suspicious, I would just assume they are skilled players familiar with their guns. Hope that makes my position a bit clearer!
  7. McGough

    Will You play WoWS after Beta test

    if the aim-assist mod remains legal then no.
  8. McGough

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Yup, last 48 hours I have been running up against BBs that never do ranging shots (full volleys only) and never, ever miss (and their hits are largely crits). It's certainly no fun to have not even got up to full speed from spawn and you're already down to 50% health I know that was possible previously, but it was a very rare event (I even had one myself). When players are able to do this on almost every volley with no attempt at ranging when we are at 17-20km then I start getting suspicious. I've met good players who were able to get all their shells so close to me that with every volley one or two shells might glance off of the bow or stern, and then in amongst those they would adjust and get a good solid connection, but someone that can continually hit midships on full volleys with no attempt at rangefinding no matter what angle I am sailing at from 17k+......very suspicious. As it's not banned then my choices would appear to be: a) Download and install the mod and play World of click the indicator. b) Stop testing until the mod is banned.
  9. McGough

    Dive Bombers - How to use them?

    Me as well, which might be the problem. However, given the accuracy of them I would not like to see more damage done. I would, perhaps, go along with giving them a high chance to knock out modules (guns particularly).
  10. McGough

    Regarding Torpedo-Battleship Balance

    If it's sailing solo then I agree......but then you've already made a mistake, and as I said, I have spent matches spamming torps at BBs in just that scenario and they have dodged every. single. one. All game. If you are taking sensible measures of changing direction/speed regularly then by the time you notice the torps you are probably already in the scenario that many if not all of them are going to miss you because you are not heading the way you were when they were launched...because you are pre-emptively taking evasive maneuvers. *edit* If you are doing this regularly, chances are you altered course/speed shortly after they were launched, and it really only takes a relatively small change when the torps are 6-7km away to make them all miss. If you really insist that you should be able to sail blindly in a straight line and a constant speed and still be notified so far ahead that torpedoes are heading your way that you can still leisurely move to avoid them then it's you that is at fault and you really do need to change your playstyle to adapt to the game rather than insist the game is changed to fit your playstyle. My approach is that if the enemy still has destroyers up (a quick glance at the top of your screen will indicate what ships they have left), and if I do not know roughly where they are (mini-map awareness) then I am going to damn well assume that they are after me and act accordingly. Ideally I will have friendly CA/CL or DDs near me and they will happily take out any DD they see - and they also effectively increase the spotting range around my ship.
  11. McGough

    Carrier planes bug

    Have you reported it as a bug?
  12. McGough

    Regarding Torpedo-Battleship Balance

    I've made these comments in another thread, but I will repeat them here. I am predominantly a cruiser and battleship player, 115 CA matches and 84 BB matches. When I first started playing, yes I found I was being killed by destroyers more than I would like. I decided the best thing I could do was to go and play the destroyer lines and try and get an idea of how a destroyer has to play his ship - that would then help me avoid destroyers in my main ships. To date I have only played 61 matches in a destroyer, enough to get me to tier V in the IJN DD line and tier IV in the USN line (the two lines do actually play differently). In tier 2, 3 and perhaps 4 the DD is a very powerful machine - especially if an experienced player has gone back to the low tiers to play one. Just like meeting a fully kitted out T18 in World of Tanks for a beginner is certain death. This is primarily due, in my opinion, to the extremely fast reload of the torps and the inexperience of the opponents with regard to what to look for. However, one only plays a handful of matches in those tiers before you are into tier 4 and 5. In my tier V destroyer, I can be seen if I am closer then 5.9km to a ship (and I think 3 or 4km from an aircraft) and my stock torpedoes have a max range of 7km (10km once upgraded, however they are considerably slower). With this ship I am virtually guaranteed to miss any volley I fire from 6km to 10km away from my target if I am just firing them down the lead indicator line unless they target is totally focused on someone else and continues to sail in a straight line at the same speed. I have spent entire games shooting torp volley after torp volley from 6km to 7km distance at Fuso's (and god help me, Kongo's) and watch them easily dodge each and every torp. If you don't believe me fee free to go and try it yourself, I may just be extremely unlucky. I really am not trying to be nasty but if you are unable to dodge a torp volley from 6km away then you have made a mistake somewhere - either by positioning yourself in a narrow channel where you cannot maneuver, sailing around a headland blindly, not running away from that smoke bank etc etc. Or indeed by pushing yourself ahead of your fleet therefore isolating yourself and then not paying attention to your warning indicators and deciding that changing speed+course is not worth doing. You don't have to start zig-zagging from spawn in, but from when engagements start - and as a BB, to be frank, you should not be in the vanguard of your fleet - your DDs should be so that enemy DDs are spotted before they get in firing range of you. If you're fleet is moving too slowly for your liking or going the wrong way in your opinion, then it's no good sailing off alone and then blaming your fleet for not backing you up - you were the one who decided to sail away from your support. It's a lesson I still need to teach myself as I am just as guilty of that as everyone else.
  13. McGough

    Regarding Torpedo-Battleship Balance

    I find your claim that 90% or more of your damage received in a BB comes from torpedoes to be very hard to believe. When I am in my BB by far and away the most damage I receive comes from other BBs....I have no idea what you're doing if you're always getting wrecked by DDs unless it's sailing around on the very edge of the map until all your team are dead and the only things fast enough to sail around to find you are torp bombers and DDs... As for "going evasive 24/7", that's *exactly* what I do from the very first volley that I fire - because it's not just good against DDs, but also throws of the aim of other BBs. I am constantly changing speed and heading. Why wouldn't you? Sarcasm aside, you really ought to rethink your playstyle - yes I occasionally get taken out by a DD or a torp bomber run, but it's by far and away not the most common way I get killed. That's normally at the hands of an enemy BB or a CL/CA after a BB has wrecked my health, Go play DDs some more to understand how they work (your 5 games to date don't really count for much) and you will find that after tier 4, spamming torps along the lead indicator will mean you miss with 99% of your shots and end up with little to no XP and credits at the end of a match.
  14. McGough

    DD Smokescreen

    If this is the same guy then he has played some, 44 matches. http://worldofwarships.eu/cbt/accounts/516817810-/ Up to tier V in both USN and IJN. I disagree with him about the use of the smokescreen though - I think it is pretty much balanced as it is. If you drop it when you are in visible range of the enemy then you are already close enough that he has had chance to see you and know you are there and even if he hadn't noticed you due to being distracted he will definitely know you are there when a big smoke bank pops up. Now I don't now about you, but unless I am in another destroyer, I sail *away* from smoke banks. Besides which if he is in secondary gun range then dropping smoke will lessen their fire, but not stop it entirely (I believe, I need to go specifically test that tonight to confirm)
  15. McGough

    Destroyer influence on game

    You get very limited ammo as well then. For primary and secondary weapons.