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  1. Yikez


    Got the same problem as above with the unable to connect to serve message. Mine seems to be connected to Aslains Mod pack as if I uninstall it the game connects and loads . No Mod though makes a dull boy!
  2. Yikez

    Known Issues

    Anyone getting a Port /Ship bug? Im getting frustrated with a bug that causes the ship selection not to work when I have left a battle to go start a new one. (i.e. ship destroyed and want to play another). I either have to restart the game or wait for the battle to end the battle to release all my Fleet? http://orig14.deviantart.net/02ea/f/2015/064/f/7/world_of_warships_beta_testers_animated_signture_1_by_charlescaw-d8kjwqm.png
  3. Yikez

    Where's our premium + doubloons?

    Wish my Murmansk was that fast? But was expecting a [edited]-up as the same things happened on the NA server too? Sent a ticket off after 3 days and still in the poxy clue??
  4. Yikez

    Buggy as Hell?

    Just playing this morning after an update to 0.4.0 and seems to have nothing but bugs in game-play and in the maps. Keep loosing the ability to fire guns and torps. Sometimes they come back on-line but usually get killed before that. Then all the enemy ships disapeer in another game and I loose my shooting ability briefly while hell rains down from invisible ships. Dead again. Last game had map bug. Could not select Map. Then all ships appeared to be in destroyed colours but not rendering on map and yep you guessed it hell rained down from semi invisible ships yet again and I lost the zoom to shoot ability to? Never mind Open Beta it Seems to be Sucking compared to Closed Beta? Hopefully Wg are aware as I do not have all the info they require to create a 'ticket' plus too pissed off now!
  5. Yikez

    Failed to connect to Server

    That's what I thought about the 04:00 outage! Thanks. And knock me down with a feather the reboot worked!
  6. Yikez

    Failed to connect to Server

    Hi All. I have been having a problem today and previously which seemed, until now to be sorted out by changing/redoing my pass word? I had the server drop me out around 04:00 this-morning And was shown the 'Failed to connect to server, please try again later'. I did a few minutes later but no change so off to bed. Its now much later at around 13:10hrs (London) and the same problem exists? Has anyone else been getting this problem or is it me? Any suggestions from you Captains will be great? Just going to try the old reboot it tec fix but???
  7. Yikez

    Premium Purchase Pack

    That is what I was thinking as WG do the same with WOT I can confirm that you do indeed get the value of an existing ship in gold when you purchase a premium pack containing 1 that you already own!
  8. Yikez

    Premium Purchase Pack

    Hi all I have a quick Question. I am wanting the Gremyashchiy and the Sims (Amongst others) however I already have the Yubari. Seems my best option is to buy the Trio Light Fleet Package? So if/when I do what would happen to the spare Yubari? The Light Fleet Package Here.
  9. Yikez

    Loss of fireing controls?

    That is a possibility but wouldn't the guns still fire? Also when I hit 3 for torps sometimes I can shift the pattern arc but not fire, other times I can have the shift pattern arc and fire them? I will definately try Hitting X next time. Seems to effect my Phoenix and Yubari but not DDs?
  10. Yikez

    Loss of fireing controls?

    I think it Could be chat sticking some how but I'm not sure?
  11. Yikez

    Server error and portal error

    Just got home and was unable to login. I reset my password and all seems good for the port,.
  12. Yikez

    Loss of fireing controls?

    Hey al,l I have started to have a problem in-game that could be a bug? Had it yesterday and just had it in my Yubari. Seem to suddenly loose the ability to zoom aim or aim/fire torps. guns fire but no aiming? Rather frustrating becoming a speedboat with AA guns which seem to work? I don't think its me but....... And just had similar happen in my Phoenix. Not able to target guns but they fired and torps worked? 13;28Hrs